JRF Podcast #244 Divergence & Perpetually Ascended Timelines

Convergence and the Great Awakening are a Myth.  A helpful, liberating explanation for why even consciousness communities are viewing things like the covid vaccination differently, and may never agree. There are better explanations for what is happening and why. Strategies for wholeness and well-being are offered.

Related Insights:

The notion that humanity, or at least “higher vibrational” beings, were coming closer and closer together in a synchronized energy frequency offers a narrow set of expectations of what source energy is.  It is in my view/our* view   suppressive and not in alignment with source creator energy patterns. (it agrees, is narrow and limiting in choices). 

Convergence theory was an attempt by religious, spiritual and/or consciousness theorists (who often don’t acknowledge their role as theorists) to explain how humanity would evolve, ascend and improve itself. 

Convergence requires agreement, on what is “right”, what is progressive and what is “the way” forward. Convergence does not account for a key tenet of source creator energy: curiosity. Curiosity is what led creator source (Creator of Origin) to create spacetime… a sphere of contained (but expansive and retractive) energy in which all of space and all of time resides. 

What is beyond spacetime? What is beyond spacetime is the range of energy that resides beyond the structures of space (where, here, there, up, down) and beyond the structures of time (when, before, after).  That one can get be a mind bender if your human processing hasn’t yet connected that wiring. 

Watch for teachings whose ideas include making certain places (“there’s”) seem better/higher frequency/more evolved than (here) for their concept of evolution and ascension is very much an outward journey and experience. It naturally points the human further outside itself, which is fine for curiosity and exploring, but unhelpful and distracting if one is authentically interested in further realizing, living and connecting as their source energy/Creator of Origin frequency range. 

Similarly watch for teachings that convey certain times, cycles and eras as purer than others. My own theories were in that limiting bubble until recently ~ the liberation has felt amazing and is evident in my work since ~2019 when I more clearly concluding that that too is suppressive, lacks reason, and hinders one’s connection to their Creator of Origin layers, which are within, not dependent on time, 

nor one’s vaccination status. 

Ascension is an individual’s rising up of one’s source energy layers from within, to the surface of one’s human awareness, consciousness and access. It is not on a clock, a cycle nor calendar. It is independent of one’s:



amount of lifetimes, 

outcome of lifetimes, 



vaccination status,

daily routines,

political preferences,

commitment to a certain faith/belief/theory

demonstrated goodness nor readiness.

All beings, of all forms of life are perpetually ascended. It need not re-ascend and it cannot descend. One cannot not be ascended. But you are operating at a range of self that is only within spacetime.  And spacetime allows one to feel and sense that this isn’t true. Most and possibly all religion, spirituality and consciousness teachings are actually theoretical pursuits to rejoin one’s sense of ascended nature… which can only be done individually and by “going” within, transcending one’s spacetime layers which can be likened to the visible and invisible spectrum of light, part of which is beyond visible/beyond spacetime. Still there but doesn’t seem to be.

More on the nature of this reality is available, reach me if you’d like to know more. Most of our consciousness teachings are available via online courses. 

Wishing everyone well in their exploring their consciousness and source creator energy 

from within this often disorienting and regularly confusing 

but still quite beautiful 

realm of spacetime, on Earth, within the human bodysuit.



*the use of we instead me is considered at https://jillreneefeeler.com/whatismyteam/

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