2022 Predictions – Expanding the Center

JRF Podcast #249

Predictions and trends for 2022 culture, finance, style and psychology from psychic intuitive and modern day philosopher Jill Renee Feeler.

Written version of 2022 Predictions is HERE

Prediction messages are very popular at the beginning of each calendar year. Who wouldn’t want to know where things are headed, what to watch out for and what to look forward to.

In my earlier years in this unusual profession, my prediction messages were requested and published by the Sedona Journal of Emergence. It felt a little strange to offer my prediction messages there. I was never a consumer of their journal, before or after realizing my spiritual gifts for intuition, prophecy and creating new philosophies for improved living and improved understanding of self, others and this world.

My operating system and philosophy is that the future has not yet been created.  I don’t subscribe to the theory that we have a set fate or destiny.  It feels clear to me that the biggest determinant of any future you will experience is you, your actions, your choices and your sense of self, not outside events or forces.  Evidence for this philosophy is available when considering these past couple “Covid years.”  I have clients and friends that have had the best years of their lives, personally and some professionally. I have other clients and friends that have had the hardest most challenging years of their lives. It was the same pandemic, and some of these individuals live in the same area, even in the same household, with one having a great year and one having their worst year ever.  Our experience is always highly individual.

Contributing my unique views of what will happen is almost lumped together with the more standard psychic approach to fortune telling and palm reading, implying that one thing is going to happen and it will affect you more than you affect you. In some ways my original views leads me to not want to offer my predictions and insights alongside those other views.  And in other ways I want anyone looking for such insight and information to be able to consider our original, empowering, self-authoritative approach. I know how dramatically different it feels to be told something is going to happen to you as compared to something is happening and you always have choices for what you are within that event or experience.

After not having shared predictions for several years, I am led to chime in for 2022. It was originally shared as a self-recorded video podcast, offered on youtube Dec 30 2021. My usual approach then leads to the audio version of the podcast offered to the various podcast streaming services. For this one, I also felt led to provide a text version, which is here. Since the podcast initiated as an unscripted video, please note that the text version doesn’t read as well as something that first initiated as a writing. Some audience members may not realize that so many podcasters that offer monologue type messages or channeled messages first write them, then read them for a video or audio sharing. I acknowledge that those who write it out first can result in a clearer set of words, since they it is not coming through live, unrehearsed and unedited. Thank you for your grace in considering that part regarding any critique.

With love and also hopes for a blessed 2022 for everyone,