Important Tool for Spiritual Seekers and Truth Seekers

Tips for addressing the inevitable errors with philosophers, channelers and spiritual teachers explanations of this world and what is going on.

A youtube commenter on Jan 3 mentioned his concern about various global events and public policy, mentioning that everything felt very suspicious.
I was led to reply. He has commented before, I recognized his name and appreciated his politeness. As I replied to his comment, it ended up being quite thorough. I will share it here, in case what came through is helpful.

“Hi Mark, great to see you here and thank you for sharing your views respectfully and politely. I agree there are reasons to be suspicious of what is going on with covid. 

I would caution, however, in how the suspiciousness is interpreted.  

I’ve noticed many unfortunate and ungraceful explanations about events that can be explained, with just as much logic and reason, in a completely different, non-nefarious way. 

The main problem I see with so many world events is charismatic, influential and I presume well-meaning beings misinterpreting events and experiences, offering flawed meaning and irrational intentions to observable outcomes. That is where I observe the most failures of imagination, and of intuitive abilities. 

Compounding that problem is extremist world views.  

– Ideas that there is a nefarious global elite that is trying to depopulate Earth tends to have some repetitive interpretation errors for various world events and personal experiences.  

– Ideas that humans were created as a slave race for off planet forces to manage and abuse will definitely affect one’s interpretation… of everything.  

– Ideas that Earth is a school where souls come to learn, grow and evolve offers a very limited view of the actual potential of all life. 

– Ideas that souls incarnate to awaken and that humanity is in the process of a global awakening tends to skew one’s views of self, loved ones, relationships with fellow humans as well as global events and policy. 

I appreciate that these ideas came about because humans desire to explain themselves, others, this reality and what is going on here. 

But they are *all* simply theories.  The world’s religions offer explanations, which are theories. The New Age and Spirituality offers explanations, which are theories. Philosophers, Science and Thought Leaders offer explanations, which, if beyond provability, are theories. I offer this and over the past several years have become more honest with myself that I can’t prove I’m right either.  Of course just because something is unprovable with our five human senses doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Therefore all theories are just that, theories ~ attempts to explain what is observable and *offer* meaning to one’s experiences and opportunities. 

It is not ideal for any human to confuse theories with facts or unprovable channeled information (including mine!) from provable theories/scientific discovery. 

Unfortunately many humans hear such theories and they sound so big, so Godly, so profound in some way that they (humans) regularly forget to question them and leave room for doubt, no longer being open to new, better theories.  They forget that they can, and maybe should, doubt and question unprovable ideas.  At a minimum leaving space for better explanations!  When the theories are offered by authoritative-sounding beings, perhaps in authoritative feeling surroundings, the human is even more likely to believe without question.  

Interestingly, many groups of belief erect of walls of separation between their theories and other theories with tremendous confidence that they are correct and everyone else is wrong.  

Part of my gifts are naturally having an explanation to those big existential questions. 

I don’t come to these explanations from study or research. I actually am not someone who asked existential questions. I was never a seeker, looking for meaning nor purpose. That’s just not me. And there is nothing wrong or less than for those who are seekers or are looking for meaning and/or purpose.  But, those individuals are more susceptible to sketchy shit that can cause a lot of problems in their life, all from their world view!  What we perceive as the true nature of this reality affects so much of our lives. When I chose to share my gifts in my late 30s while having a family and a successful career, is when I came across these very unusual world views and they made me pause. 

I tried on the world view that humanity is awakening, that Earth is a school where souls come to learn lessons and evolve, that our spirit guides and God could only understand what we thought in the affirmative, and others. As I tried these ideas on, I began to notice that it didn’t explain this world well at all. I began to be open to other explanations, within myself… using my gifts, my logic, my reason and my intelligence. I know some seem to get annoyed that I don’t have the context of the various core teachings most use in metaphysical and consciousness topics. I’d offer that it is useful that I don’t have that background, because I’m not hesitant to disagree, with anything. I don’t hold some certain teacher or prophet as closer to God or closer to truth than we can be. I appreciate all the work anyone has done to try and explain this reality, humanity and the cosmos. I just disagree with most of what I’ve heard as truth in spirituality, consciousness and religion. And I have a different sense, of all of those answers. I like the interpretations and answers I get (within myself, beyond my brain) so much better… and those clients and audience members alongside me do, too. The answers I get offer so much more access to the soulful layers we are, and that all life is. The answers I get can explain the nonsense and bullshit that can and do happen in this reality and within certain humans, without making them out to be some agent of Satan.  There are better answers. It would unconscionable to not offer them.  I don’t view it as my job to convince anyone I am right. I am not threatened when someone says I’m wrong. I am not bothered that other peers in consciousness and philosophy disagree. I am thrilled that humans can think for themselves and decide what makes the most sense, and what possibly rings true for themselves, deep within their own soulful layers.  

Do I think I am right and everyone else’s theories are wrong?  Yes.  I sense everyone who holds theories and philosophies as true could say the same thing. After all, who would hold within their sense of self a theory they knew was false and/or highly flawed, irrational, ridiculous, nonsensical?  What makes theories so complicated is that they are not proven, and maybe even be unprovable within this reality, from just the five human senses. So I can hold mine and think you are wrong, and feel confident I am right.

When I began to realize I might be wrong, too, that was a huge upgrade. Because it allowed me to make space for what feels the most soulful, intelligent, rational answers to the biggest questions, while also holding space for better answers. 

In a course I taught this summer called Updating Humanity the last lesson was what if we’re wrong, what is theory, how can we make space of holding what we each sense to be the best theories, while making room for possibly being wrong, so that we can be open to any better answer that my arise.  This to me is effective philosophy and upgraded consciousness leadership. I’m honored to be a part of it.  And hope other teachers and modern day philosophers do the same, by being more honest with themselves, and then their audience.  It is such an upgrade to a) know you have soulful access to offer and b) being intellectually honest that if it isn’t provable then there is room for error. Our audiences and clients deserve this and so does humanity.  It has to start somewhere.  

Sorry for this exceedingly long answer. But, I appreciated you and your comment offer enough to provide another interpretation, respecting you and your ability to decide what feels right.  Because we all get to decide what we believe.  But we don’t get to decide what is true.  

With love,