2022 Predictions – Expanding the Center Written Form

Predictions and trends for 2022 culture, finance, style and psychology from psychic intuitive and modern day philosopher Jill Renee Feeler.

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Hello.  My name is Jill Renee Feeler. I am a Psychic intuitive and I am also an MBA and have a background in strategic planning. Unusual combination I acknowledge.  

In the video form of this message, I have no makeup on, my hair is not done and I have a baseball hat on.

But, I felt led to share a free podcast for you.  I have my premium member’s call on January 1st.  Today is December 30th, 2021.  

I haven’t done an annual predictions sort of message in quite a while but I felt led to offer one for 2022. 

I want to encourage you to join me in taking a couple my deep breaths together.  Even just a couple deep breaths helps to reset one’s operating system and it is almost as if it resets us to be more centered and more aware.  

By the way, rather than trying to be present in the moment, as per Eckhart Tolle, I instead encourage you to be present in your self.  The power isn’t in the moment.  The power is in self.  The power, the choices, the true benefits come from being present in you and your ability to be a wider range of you and an even better version of you no matter what the present or the moment is offering. Two deep breaths please.  

Great, ok.  I have a little mini whiteboard here and I do have a marker unfortunately it’s a brown marker that’s not very pretty.  I need the visual for today.   

I’m going to draw something here.  Some of you may know what this is.  Some of you may not.  [draws a bell curve, a normal distribution curve with a nice wide center and little tails on each end of the curve. It looks like a single hump on a camel. This is a normal distribution curve and with most sample data or survey, the majority of the outcomes of the data points fit here in the center and then out here are the tails of the data.  This center (the hump of a single hump camel) is the majority and the minority is in the tails of both ends. In public opinion, the tails are where we can find extreme views. .  

What I predict  for 2022 (and I hope it’s not just wishful thinking but given my my demonstrated abilities and intuition I don’t think it is): 

Over the past 4 to 7 years prior to 2022 modern society has been sort of overwhelmed, even dominated, possibly even impressed by these tails.   These extreme views, the extremists are individuals with opinions and beliefs and philosophies that are in these tails, outside the center. They get a lot of attention because they sound unusual, interesting, extreme. They make those in the center go “Wow” so they get a lot of attention.  They’re not boring.  

A lot of ideas that are in the center aren’t very interesting. Centrist ideas make most of us respond with “I already knew that.”  They don’t get our blood boiling.  They aren’t extreme enough to capture our interest nor attention.  So in a media-based society that’s based on clicks, views, and advertising dollars then these tails on either side, on all sides, get a lot of attention.  So these tails and the views in those tails of the normal distribution curve have been garnering a lot of extra time, mental space, public conversations, fear on any topic.  

What I predict for 2022 and going forward is that the majority of us, which are in the center of all of this (the centrists, the moderates, the majority) starts acting like the majority that we are. You might feel a big sigh of relief at this prediction. It probably feels to so many of us like, “Dear God, please let this be true.”  

The voice of the majority (which I count myself within and given the data, your probably are, too) can hear the minority tails.  We hear these extremist views and sense “Hmmm, that isn’t me. I don’t think that way.”  We can feel that distinction for all sides of these extreme ideas.  I can understand that there are tails but I don’t feel aligned with them. The majority has a more balanced view point.  The majority view can be more reasoned and rational and I would even offer more intelligence in its actions, in its belief system, its core philosophy, its expectations in general of each other, of self and of expectations of the world in general. 

But this majority has acted like a silent majority because we don’t have the microphone stuck in our face asking “what do you think about this?”  The microphones tend to be handed to or grabbed by those in the tails.  So these tails have sounded like the majority voice because they get so much attention.  But there’s all of this reason and logic and sense of calm, sense of self-discipline and sense of personal authority that happens in the middle.  

Now those of us in the middle can seem boring.  We are definitely less inflammatory.  We don’t get somebody’s heart racing.  We don’t get somebody’s blood boiling.  But the more that those of us in the majority act like the majority we are, then the more reasoned and rational and practical everything in life can become.  

I have been already seeing signs of this towards the end of 2021. I look at multiple news sources.  I started noticing in November when I look at CNN and when I look at Fox News they actually have reporting (actual reporting) at least by a few reporters that are analyzing things in a way that feels more balanced, more nuanced, and understanding the complexities.  And that’s what the majority does.  The majority is able to see all sides and come to a logical viewpoint.  In data, in a population that is normally distributed, that can be 80 to 90% of people!  The majority is able to understand complexity, isn’t trying to polarize, isn’t trying to oversimplify something with rhetoric and propaganda.  CNN had three journalists who offered analysis on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict (I posted the link on my Facebook page). This article, in my opinion, did a great job explaining how the jury could have come to the verdict of not guilty.  This was a pleasant surprise to me.  I thought it did a really good job of explaining the facts and what really happened in that trial versus what I think the majority of biased and inflammatory reporting was by the rest of CNN on that trial.  On the Fox News side, I don’t have a specific example.  But when I look at that information I also feel that I can find some nuanced, balanced perspective and that it isn’t just propaganda for the far right or the extreme right. 

9:34  Maybe the tide is turning and balancing out so that it’s not so volatile, not so cranked up, not so blood boiling.  That would be wonderful.  I am an American so my examples are related to my home nation.  Maybe you are seeing similar balancing in your area.  And maybe my country has had more of this emphasis on the tails, the extremes than those of you that live in other areas.  

This coming back to a center, this ability for us to see the sides of things, and acknowledging that there are extremist views, that are none nuanced, that are over simplified views that are available on all sides, on any side, of any issue.  And then there’s the center.  And those of us that feel like we are in the center or allow ourselves to consider the Centrist view, the moderate view, we are able to acknowledge that there are differences of opinion.  We are able to acknowledge that both tails might be overly dramatic and overly simplified.  We know there is more to the story, there is more going on than extremists can ever explain or even hold within itself.  

Some of you may have found yourself in these extremist views at times in your life.  And then all of a sudden you sort of let go kind of like letting go of a rubber band.  When you let the tension go and then find yourself almost like gravitating naturally towards the center you can look at the tails and think “I remember thinking that extremist view was right.  I’m now aware of the tails, on both sides and I can feel centered and balanced, in the center.  

The extremes are not a fun place to be.  It’s just really limited.  It’s a biased view.  It’s often a misinformed view, on both sides.  There’s tremendous misinformation in those tails.  When you let yourself gravitate naturally away from those extremist views you can then take a breath and contemplate.  You can more readily respect yourself by thinking nuanced thoughts.  You can let yourself think for yourself.  

In the tails there are a lot of leaders and loud voices and captivating figures that do the thinking for you.  I find it really condescending.  I see it in spirituality, in consciousness, in politics and policy and in activism.  I see it in all forms.  

Why will this happen?  I predict this will happen because this present situation of extremist views pretending they are the majority is unsustainable.  This pretending that a minority view is the majority is unsustainable because it’s not true.  Whenever there is false logic it is only temporarily available, it’s unsustainable. Eventually there will be a pendulum swing. Now, I hope to God that the pendulum swings softly in the center, and doesn’t continue to swing from one extreme to the other extreme.  That is exhausting, perhaps especially to any of us in the center, feeling yanked around by these highly overcharged polarized views.  

If the majority can let itself think more like the majority then I feel like we’ll have more balanced perspective, more intelligent policy, and intelligent rational reactions to real events that are actually going on.  Intelligent focus on real problems that need actual solutions, not rhetoric, not propaganda.  

Another prediction related to this is an increased sense of boredom.  A move towards the center acting like the majority it is, will feel more boring.  If this prediction is correct then life will feel more boring.  But, the news headlines will continue to be more extreme, in order to sell papers, get clicks, generate buzz and ad revenue. So that won’t change. But those of us in the center will notice it more readily and not engage, not respond, not get sucked in. We’ll notice the crazy ideas easily and we’ll be looking to ourselves for balance, for inner calm and non ratcheted up, blood boiling experiences.  We will probably feel boring, even to ourselves.  If you hate to be bored then you’ll want to stay on watch for this. Because if you dislike boredom then you’ve probably been more susceptible to the tail ends of those extremist views. 

14:48  We will no longer be looking for oversimplified answers.  We will be more willing to acknowledge that there are challenges in life that are not fixed with a vitamin or a pill or policy.   There are problems that are bigger than that, deeper than that. 

I don’t know if this next part is a prediction or wishful thinking but: Individuals become more honest with themselves so that when anyone on any side of an issue is pretending that there are good guys and bad guys and that there are villainous beings and heroic figures that we can realize this right away.  We can notice that they are oversimplifying.  Because there is no one that’s pure hero and there’s no one that’s pure villain, ever in any situation.  It is interesting how that might be a part of our psyche.  Many seem to want to pretend that that’s true.  The more that we can acknowledge this for our own self, the more readily we can spot it.  When someone with a microphone is trying to tell us that someone is pure evil or pure Angel, we can feel the lightbulb turn on in our own awareness. We can remember that that’s not true, that’s never true.  We can then be open to more information.  We can look for additional meaning, using our instincts, using our intuition, our gut, our sixth sense which we all have.  Self honesty.  Being honest with yourself.  

One example of being willing to be honest with ourselves is fundraisers and charities. I have lost loved ones and clients to cancer. I have loved ones and clients that are battling cancer.  We can deceive ourselves that if groups that raise money for cancer research (Susan G Komen etc.) then we can cure cancer.  There’s just a lot of ways that we pretend there’s a solution in that if we just had all the money we needed then that problem would be solved.  And that is not true. If we took all the money in the world and put it toward cancer research that does not mean we will have a cure for cancer.  Notice how you respond at all levels of yourself when I say that.  Are you mad?  Are you angry?  Are you mad at me for saying it?  I mean this isn’t Harry Potter.  I didn’t just say Voldemort.  I pointed out that the problem with cancer is not a lack of funding or lack of research.  The problem is cancer.  It sucks.  That is humbling, isn’t it?  

I think as humans that we want to act like Godlike beings that can fix everything with just the right policy or just the right funding.  We are deluding ourselves.  We are pretending, in a very irresponsible, reckless way.  Research is great and cancer research is great and discoveries have been made that have improved treatments and evolution.  A lot of progress has been made.  But that doesn’t mean we’ll ever cure cancer and I wish we could cure cancer but I I don’t think that’s reasonable. 

19:49    I think cancer is bigger than that.  This doesn’t mean that we don’t try to solve some of these problems.  It means that it would be better if we were more honest with ourselves, more realistic, about what we are facing and the magnitude of it.  It would be better to have the humility that we may be able to make progress but it may not be the magic outcome that we all wish would happen.   

Another prediction for 2022 is related to finances.  These tails alongside the majority also are related to financial conversations and economic conversations.  Because when it comes to personal finance, corporate finance, and an economy, many have wanted to pretend that the problem is a certain thing.  Those with microphones in the extremes oversimplify the problems.  This leads to silly policies that don’t actually address anything.  On the topic of inequity of income tax structures and related ideas we are supposed to blame the villains of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.  We are told by noisy beings in the tails that if these billionaires would just pay their taxes, then everything would be fine.  But, not really.  Not really.  I don’t know what is the real solution.  I’m not an expert in that. I have an economics degree but taxation fairness is a complex topic. So this is another example of oversimplifying a problem and an example of demonizing certain individuals.  It’s laid out by extremist, non-moderate, non-balanced views that those individuals, those guys are the problem, that they are the villains.  That’s not true.  Those mischaracterizations of the problems and the roles being played in those problems don’t solve anything and they can make problems even worse.  

I predict in 2022 that we will be more personally honest about our personal finances.  If someone is having a hard time with their finances then it probably isn’t because of Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk.  Anyone having difficulty with their personal finances could gain more improvement with measures that they can take themselves, and not from tax law in Congress or Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders.  

I have my own ideas about what is possibly more fair and just with regard to taxation policy. And it will probably never happen so it isn’t a prediction. I can’t say it will fix the issue but I sense it would be an improvement.  I think it would be fairer if we taxed consumption not income.  I think it would be a huge improvement if everybody got taxed for what they consume, not what they earn/receive.  What that looks like is a national sales tax.  A national consumption tax would be fairer, would be easier for the payer and easier to police.  There wouldn’t be this game of trying to figure out all your revenue and income, and whether you hid any. It would be simpler to tax everyone based on what they took out of society (purchases) vs what they put into society (labor, services, revenue-producing activities).  Period. This would be so much easier to prove and enforce.  I don’t think it will ever happen because there’s so much tied into the income tax structure on corporations and individuals and all the games and loopholes there.  Those that benefit from those loopholes would not want a tax basis of consumption and those folks seem to be the ones that get elected and determine policy so that is why I’m pessimistic on that.  

It would be a lot better to do personal finances, coming back more to the center, the center view of themselves, with more rational, logical, more personally empowered and less looking for an outer demon or an outer hero approach.  I would be an improvement if someone having financial challenges would say “Honey, I think we are spending more than we are making.  I think we need to be more realistic about how much we make and what we can afford.  Let’s make a plan, and really look at what we are spending our money on.  Maybe we can’t afford that new house. Maybe we should look at moving into a more affordable area.  Maybe our income isn’t enough to live in this expensive area.  Maybe we don’t need these fancier cars that make it look like we are more successful than we are.  

24:40  There’s just so many choices that can be made on a personal level to dramatically improve personal finances.  And you won’t hear that from those noisy tails that want to pretend that they can solve your problems for you.  Congress and tax laws and politicians can’t make as big of an impact on your personal finances as you can.  Right? The tails make no sense, if you really think about it.  Does Congress and tax law make a difference?  Yes, but there’s a lot of other knobs to turn it that are all within your control that you don’t need Congressional approval for and that can have immediate effects, like in the next month, on your financial well being.  

Think of all the extremist views there are.  Consider the extremist view that if you just had the right supplements then you could lose weight or avoid covid or get over covid or cure cancer.  Extremists, outside the center, are convinced of ridiculous things.  Or maybe it’s just that they want us to be convinced of it, because that is what they are selling.  But we don’t have to buy what they are selling, especially when it makes no sense.  There are so many other choices that are made on an everyday basis that have nothing to do with expensive supplements that affect our health. Move our bodies.  Eat our vegetables.  Cut down on the sugar, eat healthy proteins and less manufactured frankenfood.  I’ll admit that I not perfect at this and that I go in waves of treating myself healthfully and not. I am addicted to carbs and sugar and I love fast food. And I know it affects my health.  But that is on me.  

But these noisy tails and people with the microphone at their mouths will not tell you the biggest effect you can have on your health which is related to movement, stress and what you eat versus what you don’t eat. Those changes do not require any congressional action.  Those improvements aren’t forcing anyone else to change their behavior except yourself.  It’s easy to forget this logic when you are pulled into the thinking and delusion of the tails, and out of your center.  It is easy to hear this logic and feel “Why didn’t I think of that?!”  The tails are incredibly good at deception and distortion and confused, illogical thinking.  It’s scary when you really consider it.  The centrist, majority view, the reasonable you is better able to make wise choices, that make sense.  But, again, there’s just all this noise and all these people with microphones with these inflammatory sounding ideas such as “Of course you’re not healthy.  You’ve got McDonald’s down the street from you. You were raised in a high school or junior high that had soda in the vending machines and only expensive water to choose from. It’s not your fault if you aren’t healthy.”  Now, those things didn’t help.  But who ate them?  Who chose them?  Who said yes to those choices?  I’m raising my hand that I did and I have and based on McDonald’s and CocaCola revenues and market share, some of you did, too.  We can’t go back.  But we can be present in ourselves, and feel more authority and responsibility and authenticity to think for ourselves, with everything. We can make choices today that is authentically in support of our well being, that is not based on expensive supplements, or extreme views of magic in a bottle. Nope.  I admit that I take supplements, daily.  I just don’t pretend that they are some effing unicorn that’s going to solve all these things nor that they can take the place of eating well and moving and taking measures to not stress about bullshit.  And if I were diagnosed with cancer, I wouldn’t expect that an essential oil or magnesium or some other you know colloidal silver or something could heal me.  That sounds extreme, and silly.  It might be a part of a solution, but it isn’t The solution.  Let’s be realistic here.  Realistic thinking.  Yes.  These tails appeal to emotional immaturity.  These extreme views appeal to weakness and limited thinking.  It appeals to feeling disempowered.  And it just fills that gap with bullshit, on both sides.  

29:00 Another prediction then is what happens to these peddlers and profiters of the extreme views they promote?  They will start to either quiet down, they’ll just disappear by doing something else.  Maybe they’ll join the majority.  Maybe they will get a real job, that isn’t based on offering nonsensical, extremist views. If they no longer have the microphone, then it will be even easier to hear yourself, your own inner voice. Until then, you’ll want to take measures to make room for that balanced inner voice, and ask more questions when something sounds like it is coming from the tails.  

It is most likely coming from the tails when it: 

  • Oversimplifies a problem
  • Pretends to have a solution
  • Creates a villain to blame for you having the problem
  • Pretends they are the hero to fix your problem for you
  • Is noisy
  • Claims the others sides have no point, no merit, no value
  • Ignores the more balanced, nuanced perspective
  • Is dishonest with themselves
  • Lacks humility that they may be wrong

So another prediction as a theme for 2022 and going forward is related to Mental Health.  I predict that we will be better able to create an overall sense of well-being that can lead one to better address root problems with actual solutions versus wishful thinking and over-hyped ideas that don’t address the problems.  

Another prediction for 2022 is less attention and energy by the majority paid towards over the top ideas. Those in the center will be more balanced in their behaviors, attitudes and purchases in alignment with their present state of income, present state of influence, or lack thereof and more connected to their actual lives and actual loved ones.  In the center, there isn’t the extreme wealth and there isn’t the extreme financial hardship.  But because of those noisy tails with all the attention they get, many of us in the center have been trying to act and behave like the wealthy.  I’m referring to over the top kids birthday parties, wedding proposals, asking someone to prom.  All of those events have become extreme.  So many things have pulled us into those tails.  It is very possible that as all of this momentum towards the center leads to a more realistic and more balanced approach to a child’s birthday party or to a wedding proposal or to a birth announcement or a gender reveal that cost nothing, that is not shared on social media, that is instead kept as a private family affair with people that that you really know and actually care about you.  We can then detach from the impersonal audience and views that are only watching because you’re making it overly dramatic and overly showy, with 10,000 pink balloons or whatever – those seeking and feeding on the extreme, that is only available in the tails. No pink tutus in sight.  Maybe it is just me but I don’t want to keep up with the Kardashians.  I never wanted to.  I’m not them.  I’m not.  I don’t have their income.  I don’t have their lifestyle.  I don’t have their ad revenue.  I don’t have any of that so I’ve never looked at them as a model or as something I’d want to compete with or even aspire to.  I don’t want to chase viral moments on social media.  That psychology of chasing viral moments and checking relentlessly on views and likes has permeated into the psychology of those of us in the center and it is not for the better in my estimation.  The tails have set the bar unrealistically high for those of us in the majority.  We don’t have the financial resources.  We don’t have the means to make something instagram-worthy when it’s a personal affair such as simply inviting someone to prom. It’s become so over the top, everything.  

34:14  Even those getting divorced can feel an extreme sucking them in.  Not everyone is Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love, getting divorced, and able to travel around the world for self-discovery.  Maybe it’s more centered and even useful to get one or two sessions with somebody like me, or do centering meditations or find a great, balanced book (that doesn’t pull you into extremist views).  Maybe after a horrible break up you just let yourself be real, and sad and just say to yourself “Ok, that didn’t go like I thought it would. That’s too bad.  That sucks. Let me just be real for a moment and let myself be sad.  I do not need to make anyone a hero or anyone a villain. It just sucks,” and breathe, and walk, and get sunshine and clean the house and eat vegetables and drink tea and some magnesium and reach out to people that care about you.  No plane tickets. No scrubbing toilets at an ashram in India. 

That wholesome, homey, real, no cost approach to life events, big and small is easier, right?  It is more sustainable and it requires far less energy.  It’s far less stressful.  It’s not going to be perfect.  That birthday party, that proposal, that wedding, that break up – none of it is going to be perfect, or ideal.  It was never going to be perfect.  So, you try to do the best you can with what you know and what you have, without venturing into those tails of extremes. If you need a car, let it be one you can afford that suits your preferences and best meets your needs. Don’t even look at the car that some extremist showed their followers was the one you need to be seen as successful or whatever that can be borrowed (not even owned) over 3 years at some ridiculous percentage of your income.  I mean, if you can afford the Tesla then go for it. But if you can’t, then be realistic. It will save you so much stress and unnecessary anxiety by being true to your personal situation.  

Unrealistic expectations in general are part of that extremism as well.  One silly example is how some people are pulled to treat their new venture into podcasting as some professional, perfect production with an expensive ring light, a movie set type of green screen and the pro’s favorite microphone.  They don’t even have any listeners yet.  Maybe it’s more productive to start off treating it like a hobby, and focus on content, not trying to pretend you are a pro or that you will be the next top rated podcaster, climbing to the top easily and quickly. I’ve had a podcast for over 10 years.  I’ve had a podcast since before they were called podcasts.  I didn’t have a ring light.  I didn’t have a fancy microphone.  I still don’t use a fancy microphone. I have a ring light on here, but I don’t even need it because I chose to set up my area by this window.  

There’s nothing fancy going on here, but you are here anyway.  

I don’t have any fancy, contoured make up that takes hours to do going on today.  I don’t even know how to do that.  Today I actually have zero make up on my face, even though I’m filming this (myself of course).  I’m not on television.  I don’t have and am not a professional makeup artist.  But I think makeup and personal style is another sort of extremist thing that happened.  There is so much over done makeup and looks and sense of falseness that is unsustainable.  

This point is especially relevant for those that are single and looking for their life partner. If you’re single and want to be with someone and you have this whole artistic production going on with your face, if it works out, you’re going to wake up next to them and eventually you’re going to have your makeup off, right?  I’m guessing you’re far more beautiful than you see.  If you’re looking for real love then let them fall in love with the way you actually look, without any makeup or any contouring or thousands of dollars worth of stuff from Ulta or Sephora or Kylie’s lip kit or whatever.  Just strip all the falseness off and let yourself be real about what is naturally beautiful about you.  And, you know what? Yes, you could be better.  So what?  Right? Do you know what’s a hundred percent beautiful about everybody?  

37:50  Everybody’s eyes are gorgeous!  So, I know your eyes are beautiful.  And there’s probably other beautiful parts of you and real sustainable Love is falling in love with you for the things that you don’t even think are beautiful.  My husband of all these years definitely finds things about me beautiful that I do not.  Thank God.  We started dating when I was eighteen and he was 19 in 1988.  We got married in 1993. Be you, your best and let others in to that – to you being you, not an extreme or idealized version of you. 

I’m definitely in the center.   Now, my current work as a psychic intuitive sounds crazy, and extreme. But I am not so I make an unusual profession, normal, sane, rational and intelligent. And my clients and audience reflect this – lucky me! I do this in a Centrist way. I didn’t stop being my intelligent, rational self when I realized my natural gifts in this area. I added to that version of me, with more of me to enjoy, share and be. I enjoy making this work balanced and reasonable and still intelligent and all the ways I knew myself.   

I feel some of you thinking, “I thought we were talking about predictions?  I don’t want to hear about Jill.”  I understand. 

Okay so the theme for 2022 is back to reality, back to basics, back to normal, back to sustainable. No longer over producing.  No longer creating and trying to fulfill unrealistic expectations.  Just think, for your, how much of your time, money and energy has possibly been spent trying to kind of chase an ideal, an extremist version of perfection or extremist version of success?  Extremist version of income, that you keep trying to force your way into these extreme tails of perfection or idealism.  And there’s just reality, that keeps snapping you back and you thinking maybe you are just not doing it right.  Really? Maybe you’re doing it actually wonderfully, for you, being in the center, being real and moderate and real life.  The real you without the contouring without the photoshopping without the filters correcting and enhancing.  

I just imagined some of you saying “but that’s so boring!” Yeah, I know I know.  But it’s also real and therefore it’s sustainable.  And maybe that’s what we’re actually craving.  Maybe what we really want isn’t perfection.  Maybe what we’re really craving most is integrity with all its lumps and all its bumps and all its wrinkles.  And we could still use some contouring and filters, for sure.  But it feels so good to embrace the natural beauty, the natural Harmony and the natural calm and wellness that is not in any bottle, including supplements, that isn’t promoted on Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow.  It’s not $200 face creams.  It’s $8 Oil of Olay.  Doesn’t that just feel good?  

I think that’s it.  You may be led to experience this again, maybe more than twice. There are a lot of layers to this.  You might have new aha moments and new insights every time you experience.  

And if you enjoyed this then thanks for liking and following and giving it a heart or a thumbs up.  Thank you for commenting and letting me know that you liked it.  Those actions helps all those screwed up algorithm that keep turning us towards those extremes. Thank you for the subscribes and thanks for the follows.  

I’ll stay here in the center, trying to be real and authentic and hopefully my best version of Jill, knowing I’m not perfect and not trying to be.  

42:39  I’m just trying to be real and doing that in a way that is loving, compassionate and can see the extremist views and send them love and compassion and not trying to demonize anybody.   I’m just acknowledging that “Hey this is a weird place and it can lead to some screwed-up life experiences.  But we don’t have to feel screwed up.  We don’t have to lose ourselves in the the nonsense, in the b******* and the extremism… of everything.  We can let ourselves snap back like a rubber band.  Snapping back to self, to you, your present and your self.  You can make the best of your situation, in your home, and in your own matters of life.  And with every item that you’re thinking “I need someone else to fix this for me” that you instead let yourself come back to Center and say “Okay what is that problem and what can I do now with what I have to make this as good as I can given that that person or that institution may never solve that for me?” Okay? 

I love you guys.  I do.  I haven’t met most of you and I love you.  I hope this is helpful.  My website is jillreneefeeler.com  I love you I hope you love yourself even more after this experience!