Webinars include powerful meditations, special topics and sometimes Q&A portions. Not as deep as the Re-Membering Workshops and Online classes but still very valuable information for many on their spiritual experiencing and self-improvement process.

Q&A Conversation with Jill #19

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Topics included how to forgive the Roman Catholic Church, clearing unpleasant/aggressive energy from a home, the team's take on the Corona Virus vaccines (asked by a health care professional), why our team's love Earth so much and what is special to them about this strange reality. And more.

Humility in Science JRF Podcast #239

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Scientists could benefit greatly from an increased degree of humility. They are not closer to truth than non-scientists, just as religious leaders are not closer to God. This isn't about God, or religion. This is about truth. Truth is the ultimate intersection between science and religion.

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