Webinars include powerful meditations, special topics and sometimes Q&A portions. Not as deep as the Re-Membering Workshops and Online classes but still very valuable information for many on their spiritual experiencing and self-improvement process.

Are you losing You in a collective crisis? JRF Podcast #232

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Amidst times of uncertainty, stress, anxiety we can lose ourselves, making a hard time, even harder. This podcast is offered to 1) assist you in reconnecting with yourself, 2) remind you there are many choices in who and what you are, even during a crisis, 3) there is a bigger perspective to consider, 4) are you getting caught up in it and then losing yourself in the process.

Ask Me Anything Event #8 Member’s Event

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World renowned intuitive, philosopher Jill Renee Feeler invites members to ask her anything, leading to mind-blowing revelations and heart expansive liberation that will help you feel more ~personally~ connected to the truest, most glorious layers of self and of what I call God. Stop chasing. Start finding. The infinite glory of Source energy.

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