Jill’s Show Replay – Special Equinox Gift for You

On the March Equinox we experienced a Jill’s show that I am led to share in its wholeness. I hope you enjoy it and find it uniquely enlightening.

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Reviews from this show:

“An Absolutely wonderful experience!!! Even though I did not request a mini reading, I had answers to questions I didn’t know I have!! It was truly unique for me to sit back and enjoy the session AS IS and just BE. Thank you to everyone in the group for sharing their personal experiences!!” – Serina

“This was my first opportunity to be part of Jill’s Show, but it will not be my last! What a wonderful experience with like minded individuals. It was fascinating to see how all the questions/ responses were so interconnected, supporting the group. Thank you Jill!” – Karen R

The premise of Jill’s Show is that when we take part in someone sharing their transcendental gifts, it provides an energetic lift to all involved. Additionally, it helps the subconscious layers of our psyche feel more confident and stable in our light-based layers.

Maybe then we can be less concerned about who else believes…
and more focused on living the light we are.

We have a show this weekend that you may find thrilling, inspiring, validating and even comforting. Taking part in the love, the guidance, the compassion that we want to see more of in this world.

Tickets available right up until show time at http://bit.ly/jills_show More details at link, to help you decide if this feels like a fit to you.

Hope to see you at the next show!

With love,
A psychic intuitive, Jill Renee Feeler helps us better understand and appreciate ourselves, this world and why we are here.

chat with registrants during live show:

00:29:04 Tom.: So important to be aware of what you just said., Jill.
00:29:34 Mary: I agree!
01:03:23 Karen: I was really nervous thank you everyone!
01:28:15 Tom: Yes, very important question. Thanks for asking, Miriam. There’s troublesome evidence that the new experimental vaccine will inhibit one’s ability to relate spiritually to their soul awareness.
01:30:49 Anne.: i am vaccinated as well…
01:34:47 Rose: medical aspect is my concern – my doctor advised against it due to my autoimmune disease. prayerful that the vaccine works successfully for all that can.
01:35:47 Tom: Many doctors do not advise us to takeit, based on their research, which is being censored.
01:35:54 Mary: Great questions and conversation. Traditionally I’m not big on vaccines and I’ve addressed some fears I’ve had surrounded with it. When the vaccine was offered to me something shifted. In that moment, I was fully present and aware and was guided by my own Knowing with a yes. I received the Moderna, both doses and I have not experienced any side effects. My connections to my inner Knowing, the Light that I am, have deepened. I respect everyone’s decision and honor that we all have choice.
01:43:07 Nathalie: Thank you very much Jill!
01:43:09 Beverly: I Luv & respect You & Thank You!
01:43:12 Mary: Thank you

Join us for an Upcoming Show
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