Messages of love, light, and connection

Mini Readings Offering Clarity and Insight

A wonderful support for the light that you are ~ readings for 5-6 individuals who raise their hands in a large group entertainment style online setting ~ the love, wisdom, support and compassion shared with all.

Jill’s show demonstrates how we see, support and inspire one’s perpetual light, without separating them from it, without spiritual levels and without spiritual quests/seeking/mission distractions.

For fellow spiritual practitioners and for anyone new to our work the show is also a great way to observe our work, how we do it, what is so dramatically different about it. 

You can even raise your hand and possibly be chosen for a reading, hearing what we have to offer from your team or to answer a specific question you are pondering.

We do things very differently, all for the purpose of helping you connect to, feel, know, trust and live the light you are.

Living your light is easier than you thought.

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~ the upgrades to liberate the light you are ~