Transcendent Progress

Insights and access for transcendent personal giftedness and inner greatness

Every human has the capacity for greatness. Each of us are a rare collection of divine energy that is unique, original to each one.

What a fabulous pathway for personal growth and human evolution.

Your greatness is what you Are as a divine being. Not as one thing, or one gift, but rather as a glorious collection of you-ness.

Inner greatness need not come at the expense of anyone or anything. It can be right alongside challenges, even suffering, and not be diminished.

We can foster and support our own versions of greatness.
Not finding it. After all, it isn’t outside of you. Rather allowing it.
Through curiosity and exploration of yourself. And expecting to find something special, amazing! No longer clinging to what is broken, mining pain for lessons as if it is the only route for growth. It is the allowance for what is amazing as self, and delightfully whole, on its own,
and unbreakable.

In this refreshing approach to growth, expansion and personal development, you don’t need to have “done your work” before you feel worthwhile, valuable, whole, lovable and complete. Your life matters, you matter whether you’ve “done your work” or not. Inherent value of self.

This 21st Century Enlightenment includes a healthy, logical focus on personal responsibility (which is just responding to one’s ability). It encourages being curious, loving, dedicated about self, while also being interested in contributing something unique and special to this world. Not out of obligation, but of delight. Not after you are “done with your work”… now, always, at all ages.

Uncomfortable yet?

There is a fascinating sub-conscious resistance to transcendent personal giftedness or greatness.

Want to know why?

We have created a world in which we have glorified one’s suffering, one’s limitations. We are totally ok talking publicly about our challenges or our children’s challenges. But there are serious stigmas about owning what one is amazingly, naturally good at…

In our time it seems to have been decided that suffering brings us closer to God.

But greatness doesn’t.

Culturally, this is incredibly problematic. “Here, world, look at my pain!!!! But I promise to follow the rules and hide (even from myself) my divine gifts for unconditional love, or problem solving, or inventiveness, or forgiveness, or mechanics and how things work, or ingenuity, or music, or movement, or critical thinking, or compassion, or grace, or motivation, or intuition, etc.”

Some even attribute such natural greatness to the suffering they’ve endured, vs. that it could be a supernatural ability they wired themselves for, for this life… regardless of any potential painful experiences occurring or not.

We could, of course, let everything let us feel closer to God, personally. From the inside out, even better.

But we seem to have blocked off direct pathways to Source, completely unnecessarily.

Most people seem to believe they get closest to God | Source at death.

As if being alive makes us unreachable by God.

Those who have had near death experiences are often viewed as closer to God.

Fascinating, isn’t it, when you really let yourself question these presumptions.

What would one’s life look like if they allowed for transcendent greatness that requires no payment or suffering?

The inner, unexplainable greatness in all life is what sets our Divinity free, soaring to new heights. It helps move humanity forward, individually and as a race of life. Whether it came with personal sacrifice or none.

Pain is not payment for greatness.

Pain can be put to use. But that’s optional.

Pain wasn’t required for being useful, as divine energy in human form.

Re-thinking what’s possible, what we are and what amazingness we can be

I celebrate Your greatness, appreciating that it’s not something you found; it’s something you Made, as the eternal creator energy you are
and that is beyond a “here”.

With love,
Jill Renee Feeler

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