Jill’s full written messages are often shared globally, recognized as very powerful, relevant information for those seeking self-enlightenment and more joy and purpose in their lives. Many full written messages have been published in journals such as the Sedona Journal of Emergence and many online publications.

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Platinum Age Retreat
Nov. 1 – 4, 2017
Zion National Park, Utah USA

A time to celebrate our expansion so far, and now take it further! […]

Message for the Tribe on Purpose, Pain and God’s love

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To any question of “what should you do,” there is never one right answer. There also isn’t an answer for you to “find” so much as there are possible solutions for you to create.

The Real Truth of God’s Love

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I want you to know God. The Real God, the unconditionally loving, caring, supportive, always present Presence many have known was true. Still, many and even most humans often feel wanting and even disappointed with the modern day interpretations of God and connection to God. Me, too.

Protected: Sacred Mary Magdalene Adventure

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Guardian Council Favorites

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Jill’s Weekly Podcasts

Introducing_ Weekly Podcasts

Hi there beautiful beingsI’m on holiday with my family and enjoying fun, sun and love this US independence holiday.

I’ve elected to replay one of my favorites for this week’s podcast (register/log in and refresh screen to access). I will resume our live weekly sharing next week.

I do have a live sharing Wednesday!! I invite you to join me with the amazing Judy Anderson for a spectacular sharing of truth and light on Wed at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern/7pm London.

Join us by signing up at http://bit.ly/JillJudyJuly6

I’m so excited for my conversation with Judy and taking your calls. My team has a lot in store to share on Wednesday.

See you there and and for my fellow US peeps – Happy 4th!


To access this message, please click here to Sign in to your account or if you are not yet Registered click here to Sign up for a free account. Can’t see the content? Then you aren’t logged in.

I look forward to you joining in!

With love and gratitude,

The Election…

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The Election...

     Recently I had a vision, perhaps a prophecy. Hilary Clinton was president, addressing the American people […]

THE Money Mastery Series

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THE Money Mastery Series

THE Money Mastery Series

Purchase HERE

A series with powerhouse results for transforming and upgrading your relationship with money, finances and economics in this reality. Soulful living and financial freedom CAN and DO go together.

Everything is changing. We ARE changing everything. Creating new structures. Revisiting outdated truths.  It is time for actual results on the physical planes.

Money challenges come up for a lot of my clients and is a common topic my team is helping with in private sessions, with amazing results. Still, I was never led to do a class or series on Money Mastery because I believe it truly isn’t about the money, rather our issues with money stem from much deeper in our psyche.

In the midst of planning and marketing my annual platinum age retreat, I heard from many people that they really wanted to come But they didn’t have the money. I knew I could help with that.  Hence this series was born. In some ways I feel like my Higher Self lovingly tricked me into agreeing to do a Money Mastery Series and now I’m so glad I did because it has been game changing for many beautiful beings here on Earth and hopefully you, too.

My services tune up your energy field, so that it is more in alignment with your divine heritage, your inner sovereignty. This series includes 4 audio recordings, offering foundational teachings, activations, tools and energy shifts. You’ll have lifetime access to the archive.

Cost is 500 USD 100 USD Special This 100 USD amount can also be put towards any Retreat cost, for those who choose to join us for an upcoming retreat.

As a bonus, upon purchase you will find a link to join a closed group on Facebook with others who have participated in this series where you can share and interact with others operating in this new way with the money matrix.

With love and blessings,

Click HERE

From Ellen USA “Jill, this is truly a money mastery class. I love it!”

From Holly USA “The world Jill described in Atlantis with the shoemaker is exactly as I view it. When we are doing work that we love, that is in our genius zone (the kind where we say “I’m actually getting paid for this?!”), there is a magnetic energy that is imbued into the product or service we are creating and sharing with the world. I know that if we are operating in our genius zone, anything we are inspired to create has a corresponding market of people who are desiring to experience it. And more and more people are becoming attuned (consciously or unconsciously) to their ability to sense that energy of joy, integrity and authenticity.”

From Melanie: “Hi everyone! These classes have worked wonders for our bank account–It’s the first month in years that we met our personal financial goals. But we were also faced with an extraordinary amount of unforeseen expenses in this same month! This is all still so very positive as the extra income we made, compensated for the extra expenses in the end, and we broke even.  One more thing, not only is this a money mastery class, but I also feel like my self esteem got a major upgrade! Thanks so much Jill. xo”

Still not sure? Trust your instincts. I don’t want to sell you another money mastery series if it isn’t going to work. So, here is a guarantee from me. If within 30 days of purchase date you are not satisfied, send me an email asking for a refund and I will refund your payment in full.  There you go 🙂 Now let’s do this!  Click here to Purchase Now!

Your Thoughts Don’t Create. You Create.

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Your Thoughts Don't Create

Have you heard that your thoughts create?  There is a huge upgrade from this truth that is […]

You, only better… much much better

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You, only better

Do you remember as a child the feeling of back to school time?  Fresh starts.  New beginnings.  Learning and personal […]

Self Worth: Upgrade!

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Self Worth: Upgrade!

Self Worth

In Feb 2015 I attended another’s retreat (a Rawbrahs retreat) and paid $3,995 […]

For My Fellow Leaders of Progression and Human Evolution

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For My Fellow Leaders of Progression and Human Evolution

progression and human evolution

At some point in your life you […]

Living As Your Higher Self: The Core Series

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Ready to Live as Your Higher Self?

Jill Renee Feeler ETNES SeriesOver the course of 6 weeks beginning May 1 through June 11th we will delve into the human experience, past, present and future from the perspective of our Higher Selves to:

  • Access peace and clarity, learning how this reality is structured and why things work so strangely here on Earth
  • Gain empowerment in how to move forward in your life
  • Stop trying to clear… and start learning to accept what Is
  • Understand your Self, your life and others as your Higher Self understands
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of a group experience with other light-based beings
  • Get smart and discerning about the choices in your life and what you really want
  • live as your Higher Self… right now

Introduction Call Replay

Alumni discount offered to those who have participated in any complete ETNES series, 75% off – contact me at [email protected] for coupon code.  Registration closes May 1.

Over these powerful six weeks, beginning on May 1 each Friday by 11:30am Pacific time/2:30pm Eastern/7:30pm London/etc. I will post the following pre-recorded materials to the dedicated member’s page:

1) a recorded video of the week’s material,

2) link to recorded mp3,

3) PDF of my written notes of the core material.

Each week we will also share up to 60 minutes together for a live audio Question, Discussion and Answer (Q&A session), allowing you to ask any questions about the material or other related topics. We have 60 minutes but may have shorter calls in instances where all questions are addressed in less time. Each weekly Q&A will be available in a recorded, archived mp3, typically posted within minutes of the live experience’s conclusion.  Listen as many times as you’d like.

Q&A weekly call times are Thursdays at 11:30 am Pacific/2:30 pm Eastern/7:30 pm London beginning May 7th and each week through June 11. The time/day may be adjusted in certain weeks for my travel schedule. Still, at least one call will be offered each week. For those who cannot join the live Q&A, no worries, they are each recorded and posted with the week’s materials and I encourage those who can’t join live to share via email or the comment page any questions, comments or sharings so we can include them in that way for the Group’s call. I’ve had participants that were never able to join the live weekly calls that had an amazing, deeply enriching experience with this Core Series.

Questions? Contact me here

We also offer a community of others also experiencing this divinely sourced material. We will do this via a dedicated Facebook group.  Having others to share with and expand with is an important part of this group experience offering.

There are so many wonderful courses and training to assist us on our journey, from many beautiful and wise teachers across the globe. I researched some of them after my activation in 2009. I found many of them assumed we were all starting in Kindergarten, level 1. But I didn’t feel like I was in Kindergarten, even though I had just become “awake”. I simply felt like an eternal soul, re-membering. I didn’t resonate with a linear path. My experience was already purely quantum. As I proceeded on a more solo, inner journey my team showed me we had much to offer others who also felt this way. Helping Masters re-member their mastery. This is what we do. I see your Mastery.  I’m looking for it and I have yet to be disappointed.  We offer the memories of a foundation of Self that helps you further access and experience You, your Highest Self. We also offer our perspective of a very unique timeline of creating an Age on Earth unlike any other. The wisdom is eternal and highly activating, allowing you to Consciously Create in this magical reality, from the expanded energy field of a whole-ly Divine sense of Self. We would love to have you join us.

For this 6 week experience of ~5 hours per week, the value exchange is ~ $200 per week, with intended life-long lasting benefits that often start immediately, raised vibration and game-changing expansion. For those who feel in resonance with this experience, I cannot wait to get started with you!!! For some this feels like a big investment, and it is. I wouldn’t be placing this meaningful exchange value determination if I wasn’t sure that we are delivering much, much more than that in value/service. This has the potential to be a life-changing experience and it has been for beings just like you that have experienced this series with me. Some have been on a hamster wheel of spiritual teachers and programs for decades, only to still find themselves feeling like a mouse in a maze chasing cheese that keeps getting moved. My work, especially in this foundational set of re-Sources, is designed to set yourself free from that game of separation, right into the Source energy of You!

Be your Light from the Inside Out.

Payment option 1: payment in full, 1,200 USD, accomplished by joining members page here.*

Payment option 2: payments made in 4 installments of 300 USD, totaling 1,200 USD, from “Installment Plan” button below. Payment 1 is made at time of checkout. Three subsequent payment are timed from date of checkout.

Testimonials on Jill’s work, including the original sharing of this core material, are here. Questions? Click here Contact me

Love and blessings,

Jill Renee Feeler

*Alumni participant Discount: If you have previously purchased an ETNES Group Experience, you are eligible for a 75% discount on this Group Experience. Contact me to discuss arrangements for your alumni discount.

Buy Now with Full 1,200 USD Payment!

4 payments
Number of payments 4
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $300.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 3) $300.00 USD
Total $1,200.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Get Un-Twisted! Life is not a Game of Twister

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Get Un-Twisted

Looking for inspiration?  Finding yourself in that situation often, up and down like a yo-yo?  Maybe needing inspiration is just another […]

ETNES Group Experience, 6 week Light-Body Activation Feb. 20 through April 2 2015

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Jill Renee Feeler ETNES Series

I am beyond excited to tap into the amazing, life-changing online experience of the Embracing The […]

Embrace Your Creativity, in all facets of your Life

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Create.  Creativity.  Creator.  Creation.

embrace yourself

I meet many people in my client work that resist seeing themselves as Creative, even though their Soul […]