What is An Awakening Cult?

In January 2019 I began to admit that it was a cult I was observing and had experienced, but could now see more clearly.

In April 2021 in watching a documentary about Q, one of them referred to it as a doomsday cult. And that resonated with me. 

Doomsday Cults

From Apologetics Index, Doomsday cults are (generally) religious movements whose teachings have an unhealthy focus on an apocalyptic event — anything from a local disaster to earth’s final destruction. 

Awakening Cults

My sense is that the cult I observe and reference in some of my work is the antithesis of a doomsday cult. I offer the term Awakening Cult, which would be a spiritual movement whose teachings have an unhealthy focus on a utopian global society brought about by a collective, mass spiritual awakening of humanity supposedly destined for this age (the Age of Aquarius).

More insights provided in this category, though possibly not using that specific term as it is recent.

Insights into Awakening Cults is here

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