Insights on Awakening Cults

Some of you may not know this, but there are most likely hundreds of thousands of folks actively preparing for being of service to the supposed masses of humans that will be spiritually awakening, as foretold by what I call Awakening Cults.

These are intelligent folks who care about others and fell into these teachings, most often at a low point in their life.

They were told by an awakening cult that they are here for a reason, a very special job, to help humanity awaken.

They were encouraged to leave behind their “unspiritual” 3D activities, including a mainstream career (because those aren’t spiritual enough).

They were encouraged to become highly trained spiritualists, and spend intense time and untold money on such ventures like learning to channel, communicating with their guides, learning to heal, clearing their light body, activating their DNA, resolving their karma, and studying their past lives to ensure this life is serving their soul to the highest level possible… and so much more to account.

It gave these people meaning, purpose and hope.

And the deception is ongoing.

Some make their way out. It’s easier to escape since these cults are predominantly online communities.

Many who get out start to think for themselves again, seeing the signs of deception. Similar to those now getting out of Q. Many who get out find their way to my work as I provided a system of approachable, personal enlightenment that a) isn’t predicting (or needing) humanity to awaken and b) isn’t promoting or even offering skills-based spiritual development.

Everything we offer helps them connect to the light they are, infinitely, and now.

The integration of wealth consciousness, and also manifesting health and wellness is another aspect of the awakening cults that is particularly troublesome. They are taught that they can create their own reality, that their situation is based on their energetic vibration which can be managed by positive thinking, activations and dedicated clearing. For anyone whose life doesn’t look like they want it to, they are susceptible to these deceptions. Those followers are harder to get out of the cult because they are told if their reality isn’t what they want yet, then it is because they are not high vibe enough, and need to work harder at it to be successful. Many have decided that they won’t be able to live their dream life until the world, or most of it, heals, awakens and begins their own version of the same process.

They are told that Earth is a school where souls come to awaken, and that all humans on the planet are here to learn specific lessons their souls need so they can move to the next level of soul’s development. They are trying to gain as much soul lessons as possible within this lifetime, often justifying their own pain and suffering as something their soul must have needed to learn, or it couldn’t have happened. This includes if they were victimized as a child… they are convinced their soul needed that to happen. In other words, abuse is necessary to help the soul grow, learn and evolve. This is real. And highly disturbing.

Because the awakening cults are filled with online communities, they readily replace a family bond some followers long for. This makes it harder for them to want to question, break free and leave. Their lives have been filled with the cult in so many ways, even though it’s almost entirely online, that if they left, their lives would be filled with a sense of void.

No more global meditations to heal the planet. No more conference calls to assess the progress of humanity’s awakening. No more psychic sessions to decode the symbols in their dreams or to determine what their soul wants them to do next. No more spiritual development classes to expand their soul’s skills and abilities. No more clearing protocols to keep their energy clear from low vibe frequencies that can block their manifestations. No more energy updates and forecasts. No more waiting for loved ones to finally heal, awaken, and perhaps finally see them. No more trying to manifest wealth. No more expecting their psychic, healing or essential oils business to suddenly become overwhelmed with customers prophesied to awaken and need them. No more needing to be ready with books and healing centers to help the foretold waves of awakening humans.

It’s hard to walk away from all that, especially when it all felt so real from within the awakening cult.

Walking back into a life filled with regular uncertainty, the need to face debt (which can be tremendous from investments made on pricey spiritual development tools, teachings and services), the need to earn a living and the desire to connect with other humans on a soulful level but without the awakening cult deceptions.

It can take time. But, for many, it’s more than worth it. They get their sense of self back without the deception. They still long for feeling close to the soulful layers within themselves and alongside others and I know our work helps with that. I’m not a community builder so I don’t pretend to provide a sense of family that the awakening cults probably do. I encourage financial responsibility, healthy relationships, pragmatic physical wellness techniques, discernment, self-awareness, authenticity, approachable enlightenment and enjoying as much as possible the laughs, smiles, love and beauty this world can support.

It works. For me in my life and an amazing group of beings across the globe, that had another form of awakening, authentic, from the inside out and not expecting the world to be anything other than what it is.

If you are needing help, please email me. I’d be honored to provide you with dedicated resources to assist in your establishing a sense of self that is soulful,

without the deception.

With love,

A psychic intuitive, Jill Renee Feeler helps us better understand and appreciate ourselves, this world and why we are here.

My own entry into the Awakening Cult is here, in detail.

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