Interesting outsiders perspective of Conspiracy Theories in Spiritual Communities

Surprising insights to why conspiracy theories are so readily believed by spirituality and wellness communities.

I came across this article from the BBC today and you may find it interesting. The writer focuses specifically on the yoga community but I observe the same connections and predispositions in spirituality, awakening and consciousness communities.

Article is here.  I do recommend it, no matter what side of the covid vaccination debate you are on.

A youtube commenter on this video of ours here mentioned that she is a harmonizer, and was raising the issues of covid vaccinations with another spiritual teacher. A harmonizer is someone gifted in seeing all sides of an issue and thereby better able to take a position while respecting and honoring others who take the opposite position.  The commenter mentioned that the spiritual teacher apparently wasn’t a harmonizer, quickly going into her anti-vaccination mode and dismissing any logic to the contrary.

I experienced this radicalization on a social media account when I shared this post on my choice to get the covid vaccination.

I understand that as devotees of enlightenment we don’t have to agree on everything, but I am consistently surprised at how easily individuals who espouse world peace, inner serenity and embodying God’s love can become so divisive, turning into versions of themselves they may find surprising.  There is another way. Another way to have an opinion and not become radicalized by it. Yes there are forces that can pull us into unique truths, but that doesn’t have to pull us away from a version of ourselves we call spiritual, God-centered and loving.

We have a related post on radicalization here.

I hope this helps.

I don’t view these polarizing ideas going away.  Creating a way to love oneself, love others, no matter what one’s belief is a certain route to liking yourself more and having inner peace and wellness, no matter what is going on in the world. Please consider a session if you need help with this. It is important. To our mental health, our emotional well-being, our sense of spiritual connection and our overall enjoyment of this reality.

With love,


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