Newsletter | April 24, 2021

Insights on the present state of humanity’s experience on Earth, what to expect, what not to expect and tips for feeling most loving, connected and purposeful, now.

Hello friends,

First, wanted to share that I’ve been inspired to offer several mini messages this past week, each offered on my website in the blog section here.

Now, we’re going to get real here, friends. So hold onto your self,
or, save this for when you are feeling strong
in the light you are,
in God’s love for you and
in God’s love for all.


For those wondering what is going on, with humanity, we wanted to offer our insights and perspectives, all for the purpose of helping us each feel as loving, prepared, and stable, at a deep level of soul and self.

The divergence of humanity continues. A further spreading out, a widening of ideas, beliefs, possibilities and opportunities. That doesn’t mean a worsening, it just means a further growing
in all directions and possibilities,
some great, some not so great.

We discuss this divergence often, because it is very much how we view this time
and also because

it is very contrary to what others teach and “channel”. 

Personally, I don’t appreciate
the deception
that the hard parts of being on Earth
are going away,

when they aren’t. 

We deserve the truth. And we can handle the truth. Of course we can.

The truth of humanity’s continuing divergence helps us better prepare our self for the present, for the future.  It also motivates us to have a stable and independent system of light and love to face whatever we need to in our journeys here.

I’ve observed, via my team, how easily our human minds can distort reality in order to see what one a) wants to see, b) “needs” to see and/or c) was told they would see.

Enlightenment for the past 60 years has been assuming a convergence,
a coming together of everyone
into a purer and purer form of light, truth, harmony. Which sounds wonderful, right?  So many reasons and explanations have been given for why this is to be expected, adding credibility to it.

And here we are.

Lightworkers turning on lightworkers with the “wrong” covid vaccination decision.

Channelers and spiritual teachers having helped portray an often thoughtless, emotionally immature US President Trump into a savior.

We are amidst a level of instability and uncertainty most adults never thought they’d be in, economically, spiritually, psychologically and for some physically. 

What an unfortunate time for deceptive stories that all our troubles are going away and everyone is about to come together.

“But, Jill, it’s almost here. We are almost there. This coming apart is the step before that.” 


The story that “we are almost there” has been consistent,

for over a decade.

we are.

Families not talking to each other because of an election, that is over,
or because of a break from the EU,
or because of a vaccination stance,
or due to a conspiracy theory.

Families breaking apart over beliefs and ideology. With little signs of coming together.

But, the world is on the brink of a divine convergence.

This is the downside of outside in spirituality.

It needs everyone to be converging, into one space of divinity, in order for peace, harmony and well-being.

When you really let yourself pull back from the awakening predictions and look around, through your own eyes, using your own consciousness, at what is, in your personally observable world, neighborhood, community, and so forth, that is worth more, truly, than channeled predictions of an awakening process.

Now, divergence doesn’t feel as good as convergence, especially to those of us who prefer to be on the same “good” side as everyone we love and care about.

This divergence doesn’t have a grand purpose, so I’m not going to pretend it does. It’s a natural outcome of a liberated, creative, society ~ it goes in a whole bunch of directions, some of them better than others. 

Divergence is especially hard for those who don’t know who and what they are, and for those that look for meaning and purpose in things outside of themselves. Divergence feels unstable.  When outside factors feel less stable, less predictable and going in “too many” directions, it can be incredibly hard for these folks to feel stable, peaceful and well within self.

This is where an internal connection system to Source Creator God (Creator of Origin) is extra useful.

Over the past 13 years I have been utilizing my own inner sense of connection to truth, to Source, to understanding.

It was and is independent of other teachings, channelers and teachers. That was not my path, was not my entry and is not my support system.

When I pause and observe this divergence,
the prevalence of “outside in spirituality” and
the sense of inner connection to Source I know personally is available to all humans,
it is easy to see that maybe what I offer here with you was all planned,
maybe especially for now.

My role is to share what I’m getting,
even when I know it contradicts with other ideas and methods.

My passion is to offer you methods, perspectives and strategies that I know work
because I use them
and my audience who also uses them tells me how much better
and more real
and more rational
enlightenment has become for them…
truly light within.

While others seem to be still waiting, for something outside of themselves, before they can feel that connecting, sustainably,
to the light of God,
the light they are,
infinitely, perpetually,
including now.

I don’t enjoy contradicting others teachings. I don’t like the process of observing other teachings and immediately noticing from my team sense
what is wrong with it,
why it won’t work and
what doesn’t even make sense about it.
But I can’t not see what I see, not know what I know.
It is my job.
Not for the purpose of being critical, but for the purpose of offering what we as my team views as right, what does work and what does make sense. Because we deserve that and we need that, now,
for anyone who wants to hold onto, and be, and even enjoy their light, their life, their love
within their human journey.

Even as it growths further apart.

I promise to be honest with you. My love for you is not based on whether we agree on everything. And ideally you have that capability, too (it’s heaven amid divergence).  Thankfully God’s love for us isn’t based on that either – bonus!  We are loved, we are valuable, our life has meaning, even when we don’t view things as Source does. This world allows for that.

Still, it is far easier to live one’s light, and feel liberated to freely be self, in purpose, in meaning and with sense of independent inner guidance
when one has the framework for this reality that our teams do.
That is my passion, sharing that.
Because it works.
And we deserve enlightenment (light within) that works, not when ________,
right now.

Ok?  That may have felt a little too real for some of you. Sorry if it felt like too much. This is a very real place :-) Which is another reason why a very real sense of God, light, and love, that is really within you, is a wonderful method to have in place.

Some other re-sources that may be helpful in experiencing what we are describing above:

  • Our April message offers a fresh perspective on beliefs, how we interact with them, and how new/updated beliefs are inserted into this reality ~ from the inside out, of course :-) Very related to this letter here! I sense if you have read this full message, you would feel wonderful hearing or watching that recording.
  • Our Q&A call from a few days ago included a deeply inspired questions and the answers provide even more routes to inside out spirituality
  • We have some spots open for this week’s two Group Reading sessions

Signing off for now
with never ending hope,
practical realism,
unconditional love
and cosmic hugs,
A psychic intuitive, Jill Renee Feeler helps us better understand and appreciate ourselves, this world and why we are here. 

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