Q&A Call with Jill

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Questions answered in this call:

  1. Dearest Jill, You have said Source/God knows it’s not perfect and isn’t happy either when we suffer. I always thought God was perfect, the All That Is. Is there a perfect God?
    I so appreciate all your messages. ~ Donna
  2. Hello, Jill, thank you so much for all of the awesome content you create. Lots of OMG moments every time, lol. I know you have said that The Law of Attraction is a myth, and I get that. But are there any “laws” that are valid? It seems like there are times when pure magic is being orchestrated. One example is something you mentioned in the Valentine’s Day recording about relationships, and it played out in my life, too. Right after I officially declared that I am so done with dating (after a disappointing breakup), I meet and marry the love of my life. Or when I was in the corporate world and had to manage a crazy number of projects and presentations, I felt so very facilitated by something– experiences such as turning to the exact page of a resource when I needed an answer quickly, or pulling out just the right file folder that contained information I was looking for from a cabinetful. Or when I was setting up my small business, things just fell into place magically- finding just the right studio and just the right furnishings and decorations, money appearing for upfront expenses, etc., etc. Are these examples “laws” at play, or possibly our teams supporting us, or what?? xoxo – Patti
  3. Hi Jill, Apologies if you have covered this before, but this has been in my question ‘parking lot’ for some time and I would love to here your and teams’ perspective: why is God or Source or Creator of Origin not channeled directly, vs ‘individuals’ like beloved Jesus for example or a team or collective? Thank you! – Melissa

  4. What does the Team offer about how to best assist those who are struggling with chronic pain. So many get stuck using opiates and more to cope then begin a slippery slope into a very dark place. I’m at a loss as to how to assist effectively when they don’t seem to be able to get traction for healing even though they search. I’d love to hear how to stand along side those who seem hopeless. Thanks! I love you Sister! Sending a healing hug!! ~ Connie
  5. Hi Jill- I am wondering how fate and destiny play out with our creating or accepting frameworks. Are they part of the old framework of seeking wholeness or do we wire ourselves in ways that open up other choices when are perspectives expand? Always appreciate your responses – Anne
  6. Hi lovely, other teachers/ channellers sometimes talk about the concept of ‘ walk- in souls’ as souls that come into an existing physical body, rather than being birthed as a baby, in agreement with the existing soul that then leaves. I wondered what your guides might have to say about it……
    Thanks as always for the rich conversation that I know will ensue whichever topics you delve into xxxxx ~ Frances
  7. Can you explain what activation means Thanks ~ Donna


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