Key Factor to Success and Failure That Is Often Overlooked

Success and failure are not as controllable, not as personal as some would have you believe. This updated, honest perspective could clarify a lot.

Unfortunately for many individuals trying to create success, they take it personally when things don’t go their way. But what if it wasn’t your fault?  This post provides a very fresh idea, that may help you better understand yourself, this world and factors of success and of failure that are sadly left out, but that are very real. I hope you find it helpful and cheers to you and your successes in this life!

I observe quite regularly individuals finding blame when things don’t go well, or when there are failures.

“What went wrong?”
“What did I do wrong?”
“What can I do differently to succeed next time?”

Too infrequently people consider that success just isn’t guaranteed in this reality.

Sometimes people do all the “right” things and it just doesn’t work out.

Conversely, someone doesn’t do all the supposed correct steps, and yet they have wild success.

Success isn’t a formula. There are very real amounts of chance ~ luck. Where an outcome wasn’t predicted, or doesn’t make sense.

Many try to overly orchestrate an outcome, choosing to pretend there is no such thing as luck.

But pretending something,
does not make it true.

Because success is so important to so many, there is a huge supply of experts, confidently guiding others to “guaranteed success”.

It feels amazing to pretend that your success is fully in your hands.

But this is Earth, and we are human. And rules aren’t always followed here. And success isn’t a guarantee.

Neither is failure.

There is a good amount of chance, in every moment.

Try your best. Have the best tools and methods. Celebrate successes. And receive grace and compassion in failure. There may be things you can learn from failure, of course. And, there may be nothing you could’ve done differently that would’ve led to success. That’s hard, I know. But true. It’s hard because we’ve been brainwashed otherwise. We’ve been trained to take success, and failure personally. And sometimes it is. And sometimes it isn’t.

On Earth, we do the best we can with what we know. And we hope luck is also on our side.

With love,