Heard the Amazing Stories of Galactic Suns, Crystalline and Plasma Energy Bodies?

A very important update on the fabled galactic sun and other key facets in esoteric teachings. Liberated methods for being your inner light.

In spiritual and esoteric communities that are interpretations offered for what we are, what this place is, and what is happening here. Some of it can feel so amazing and other worldly that it makes this actual reality feel boring, uninspired and even disconnected from God. Religions can have this affect on people, too. This article offers our fresh perspective on some specific ideas in metaphysical ideology, encouraging an open mind and open heart to perhaps more reasonable approaches to enlightenment, inspiration and connecting to Spirit.

Have you heard mention in metaphysical communities of the “galactic sun” and its supposedly important role in _______________ (?? the supposed preparation of the light body for ascension,
or for the supposed transformation of our human bodies from carbon into ___________ ???
its quantum crystalline galactic plasma structure (I just made that up))?
I think I even mentioned the term galactic sun in my work in the first couple of years, prior to 2012,
before I would
let myself
be open to a more authentic way for being light,
that doesn’t require me to connect with something that is
as far away as the galactic sun.
I decided I indeed was willing to contradict popular spiritual ideology.
Because I decided I didn’t care who or what I agreed with,
I just wanted the truth.
From Earth, human astronomers can obverse other galaxies that are outside from our present home galaxy, the Milky Way.
There is no mass object, no “central sun” that our galaxy is rotating around. If this is news to you, please take your time (I’ve provided a reputable link in the comment section).
Scientists also can calculate that there isn’t a black hole at the center… they determine mathematically that even that wouldn’t have enough mass for all of of the star systems in our galaxy to hold onto as a center. Our galaxy center, they theorize is just space, not a source of light.
No wonder scientists cringe at New Age. No wonder the New Age isolates itself so consistently, declaring everything outside of its belief systems as “non-spiritual”. That is what cults do ~ interesting, right? Scientists, mathematicians, even philosophers can see that important ideas are literally just manufactured in many types of spiritual communities, that don’t exist, in any “vibrational state” in reality.
My background is in the mainstream. And I was able to embrace my psychic intuitive and other gifts without needing to discount
this reality.
This reality, and the ways in which it actually works,
it matters (pun!).
If spiritual experiencers and devotees are deciding that metaphysical means manufactured ideas of the physical that are not true, then we will continue to have a credibility problem,
not with the mainstream,
rather with our own consciousness,
that knows at the soul level a lie from the truth,
and prefers truth, to fiction.
If your spirituality doesn’t make sense,
with aspects of matter that are understood enough to be proven in our present time,
then your spirituality is going to feel unstable, unreliable,
and it is going to take tremendous energy to keep in place
the deception / lie…
What would that tremendous energy look like? Perhaps it would look like:
– daily spiritual protocols,
– hours of effort each day or week dedicated to some supposedly important spiritual steps/effort/work,
– feeling like you are always behind, can’t keep up with everything you “should be doing”
– communities devoted to working on the same things because there is nothing more important than that work
– paying one’s bills becomes a lower priority,
– earning a living doesn’t matter anymore unless it is “spiritual work”
– intense desire for more and more knowledge of the particular spiritual genre, and/or
– ability to disregard matter, science and what is no longer even debated by professionals in a field of study.
There is no galactic sun, not in our galaxy.
I don’t see our carbon based human bodysuits changing anytime soon.
Here’s the super exciting part. There doesn’t need to be a super star that our galaxy is orbiting around.
And our carbon based body suits don’t need to transform into anything “quantum”, or “plasma”.
For me and you to be the light we are.
We don’t need that deception.
Our light-based systems don’t like lies.
The truth
makes living your light
more readily available
just as you are.
“But it was channeled? How can it be wrong”
Great question, and you are going to want to open your mind and heart extra wide for this one.
Humans, some more than others, have an incredible need to make sense of themselves and this reality. And we are creator energy, in human form, with widely varying consciousness ranges. In order to fill the important need of understanding self and others and this reality and how this reality works, stories are told.
Stories that sometimes become world religions. The more a human society doesn’t understand something, the more it needs a story about it. Stories can be true and stories can be false, fantasy, unprovable hypothesis, fiction.
Channeled ideas can be true and they can be not true. Some of them can’t be proven, just like many ideas in organized religions cannot be proven as true, so the stories are very carefully told so that a community can have a consistent story, adding to the sense of “knowing” what is going on, on multiple levels of self and community and world and at death, etc.
Discernment. Open minded curiosity. Does it make sense? Does the story ask you to deny proven areas of your world that experts in those fields no longer even debate, like the story that there is a galactic sun, or the story that your human bodysuit is or needs to transform into a crystalline plasma something structure.
My background in mainstream, my passion for reason and logic combined with my remembering my psychic intuitive abilities has given me the opportunity to
have fresh eyes
on my own spiritual experiencing and connection
on this reality
on what it is
and on what we are
that isn’t denying truth,
and is also able to offer stories
that make sense
that help support the light you are, that you don’t need to try to be…
Light is easier here than you think.
Carbon bodysuit? No problem.
No galactic sun in your galaxy? You don’t need one. We are working with the inner star, of you.
Feel different? Feel better?
I hope this helps.
So much more reasonable but deliciously out there spirituality
is at my website, under my name,
all to help you feel, know and be the light you are.
Browse around.
Things are very different here.
With love,
Jill Renee Feeler
Offering 21st century enlightenment, psychic intuitive, Jill Renee Feeler helps us better understand and appreciate ourselves, this world and why we are here.

Reputable article on what is at center of Milky Way galaxy is here

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