My Decision on Covid Vaccine

Sharing my decision and initial experience with Covid vaccine, might be helpful to other lightworkers trying to decide.

Just want to say it here,
where some are uncertain
and I respect that.
I received my Covid vaccination #1 on March 10 (Pfizer) and my second dose on April 7. I’m content to the core with my decision and feel great, connection in tact.
Symptoms: A friend in the know advised intense hydration and electrolytes. Coconut water worked great for me. Not even flu like symptoms in my case. Sore arm, no biggie, night of second dose.
Why did I get it: I talk about that in “Jill’s Show Replay – Special Equinox Gift for You” on youtube if you’d like to hear more about my choice/guidance to get it, and my sense of the divisiveness.
Others choices: I respect you and your ability to make your own choices. And I know many are uncertain about whether to get it or not.
In the video, Miriam mentions that because she is in Germany her concerns are different because she would rather not get the AstraZeneca form, which is a very fair point as well.
For those waiting for more data: completely understandable.
Lightworker concerns: For my fellow spiritual experiencers, the light isn’t what we connect to, the light is what we are. Our light is unbreakable. The connection that I am has not been bothered in the slightest being vaccinated for Covid and my inner sense is that it will never be bothered. The connection I am actually feels more present to me.
Medical history: asthma, allergies, Graves disease (each forms of autoimmunity, I think I have this correct.).
Did I know what I was doing/had I thought this through: yes, using my own experiences with people I know that got Covid and how they are doing afterwards, my psychic intuitive abilities, my human observation and discernment and my ability to make decisions about my health.
Did I energetically prepare: Upon driving to my first appointment I prayed and spoke to my body, telling it what was about to happen, why, and giving it instructions for taking the best attributes for “us” and processing out what wasn’t going to be best for us. I told my body I’d be there to support it, and that yes I had some uncertainty but felt led to take this measure.
Outcome so far: So far so great and wanted to share.
More info on my rationale utilized: Again more info at youtube video.
So I don’t believe the conspiracy theories about covid and the vaccine: that is correct ~ I do not agree with nor believe the conspiracy theories about covid, the vaccine, Gates, depopulation, nor agenda 21/illuminati/cabal type angles.
Disagree with my decision? You are entitled to disagree with my decision, of course. I’m not sharing this to convince anyone of anything. I’m sharing this because I elect to voice my decision and experience. And, yes, that may counter the narratives some are disseminating.
Conspiracy angles: No need to comment here with conspiratorial angles, which beings can do on their own wall. I’m posting this here because 1) I’m not afraid to voice my truths (just like those certain of conspiratorial angles are voicing their truths on their walls, 2) it might help someone to hear my experience and choice.
I love and respect you whether you choose to get vaccinated for Covid or not.
It’s a complex matter, just like the rest of this reality.
And we are all not one
but rather individuals
with our own health concerns,
our own sense of risk,
our own sense of decisiveness.
You are loved. You are love,
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