10 Assisting Principles for any Bringer of Light

Hello there !!

How are you? Something very important has changed…  Can you feel it?

A group of us seem to have made an extremely important decision, as our human consciousness, to devote to the deeper, eternal levels of light, from here, within our bodysuits.

Bringing Eternal Light. Here. Now. Through our One.

It seems that we’ve elected to push deeper into the Eternal Light that we are, like a tunnel of Light, through the Dark Age.

For me, I can feel it strongly in the weekly messages we’ve been sharing since Oct. 9, 2018 and definitely in the messages from the Zion Retreat (which one retreat participant called “Earth shattering”). For more Divine Light. Here.

We are doing this, together.

I have felt the change, this shift, in more ways than I think I even realize. It’s like a clear focus, when you notice the key elements of a project that need to get done and you hone in on them, seeming to transcend time in the process. I am now less concerned than I was before on those who may not agree with me. It now feels more like a distraction… not everyone has to get this – free will allows each of us to pursue our lives and our truths as we individually see fit.

My job as I see it is to be clear, connected and passionate about what I see is happening now, and what is possible going forward. And to cheer on all Light, here, with loving (and sometimes blunt) guidance offered along the way.

Staying Focused. On the Light each of us Are.

There are other flavors of enlightenment approaches underway. For example, many are literally entranced with the paths of chasing their light, pretending they don’t have it. Some are even pretending that if they can’t dialogue with their teams then they aren’t enlightened (is that you???). In these approaches, spirituality feels like a quest of skills (“seeking”), more than a declaration of soulful identity (“finding”). I’m not a big fan of cat and mouse games, especially when it isn’t clear one is inside such a game.

I want you (and everyOne) to know the actual choices available for claiming the Light that you Are. Eternally. Infinitely. Perpetually.

Here are 10 Assisting Principles that we recommend for any Bringer of Light:

  1. I claim my Eternal Light. I declare the Eternal Light that I Am, knowing it is mine inherently, even while I am having a human experience and no matter what my human experience does or doesn’t look like.
  2. I respect Free Will. I respect and honor the free will, of myself and of others, to make my own choices and pursue my own paths, knowing that as everyone’s Eternal Self, we are perpetually ascended and that Earth allows for forgetting this truth. Note: this was a key lesson from the Atlantean event.
  3. Not Everything Here is in Support of My Light. I honor my own Light and I routinely observe and discern what is and isn’t honoring of my Light here. Where needed, I explore possible solutions that are also practical for being human amidst a Dark Age.  Boundaries are sometimes helpful, especially with negative, unsupportive or distracting, unconscious energy patterns.
  4. I Honor My Humanness. I honor my life, my humanness in ways that allow me to have a “day job”, earn a healthy income, even in the “real world”, have meaningful relationships with others, treat my body lovingly and knowledgeably, and make sound financial decisions to foster harmony and freedom in my personal, everyday life. The material world is indeed part of my human experience and I can make choices to maximize my blessings, here, while not at another’s unwilling expense and while not relying on unicorns appearing, magic remedy meditations nor money trees.
  5. I Seek and Value Truth. The kind of truths that are true whether I believe them or not. The truths as my Eternal Self knows them.
  6. I align my One with my Eternal Self, as my direct connection to Source. The more aligned my views are in my humanness to that of my Eternal Self, the more effortlessly my eternally divine energy will flow from the all that is, into my humanness and out into this world. I am the human expression of my eternally divine energy within my One, as my own One. I am the portal of my Eternally Divine Energy into this world. As My One. This is true even if I do this in a private, non-public way, as my One in my personal life.
  7. I seek Honesty with Self and with World View. I value a pragmatic, honest, but also hopeful, view of myself and of this world, its current state and its most desirable, achievable future states. I value my mind, my discernment, my gut instinct as well as my ability to think through things in a logical, informed, intelligent way. I know things here often don’t go the way I want them to, and I plan accordingly for whatever may result, responding to the result with my strong light, truth, integrity, and free will.
  8. I am my One and it is Whole, now. I recognize my One, that I am a whole and complete energy field amidst myself. I also recognize that everyone is their own One, and that this reality offers this individuated, distinct experience. I am not playing the game that everything I sees is a reflection of me, because that is not true and only offers a game of feeling perpetually incomplete.  I value my individuality, and my own sense of self that is apart from others, even from others in spiritual communities. We are all Ones, inherently valuable and individually special and unique.
  9. This World is not a Reflection of Me, or of anyOne. I don’t overly personalize what I experience here, recognizing that this world is not a reflection/mirror of me. This reality is the result of the collective experience of more than 7 billion creator energies, who are creating primarily unconsciously (i.e. without thoughtful consideration of potential outcomes, without sufficient wisdom, without meaningful self-awareness, and/or without effective awareness of others). Random, unplanned, unexpected, unpredictable nonsense happens here everyday and I see no truth nor benefit in the personalization of that. On Earth, especially in a Dark Age, nonsense (non-sense, things that do not make sense) happen, every day. Not everything happens for a reason. But, true enlightenment allows for us all to consider and create conscious, meaningful responses to the randomness we can and do experience here – without taking nonsense personally.
  10. My One is Valuable and Purposeful, now. I appreciate spiritual gifts while recognizing that my identity as a Bringer of Light is not dependent on having, cultivating, acquiring, studying, teaching or even sharing such gifts in the world. Many amazing, beautiful, masterful Bringers of Light have as their main gift/purpose, an ability to feel love and appreciation for all others here on Earth. Another very beautiful but widely unappreciated gift of Spirit is the ability to see the very best in others, no matter what that person is currently being. These deeply soulful, utterly cosmic gifts can slip under the radar… the beings with this variety of gifts often don’t get invited onto telesummits, or to be keynote speakers. The present world seems particularly enchanted by the Intuitives, Psychics, Healers, Mediums, Channelers and such. And yet, these other deeply spiritual gifts are very much God’s Love and Divine Sight in a human bodysuit. And yes, that counts. I count. My One. Is. Love. Here.

Thank you, for being your unique version of God’s love and Divine Sight in your human Bodysuit. Your One. Is. Glorious.

Alongside my team, we are here for Your Light and for all Light here on Earth. We will be invited into distractions. We will have nay sayers and critics.  Not everyone will understand, nor support what we are doing. We will be called radical. This is standard for any Pioneer and definitely well known by our Light peers which include Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Metatron, Quan Yin, Goddess Isis, the Divine Angelic realms, several galactic councils and multiple stargate collectives.

What are we doing? We are building a clear and true path for our Light through this Dark Age, utilizing our One, in order to create an unprecedented Enlightenment Age on the other side, which we call the Platinum Age.

For ongoing support and focused resources for being your light, our monthly membership is available – deeply activating resources are already available for you!

For those desiring to participate directly in the next level for all of this, my team has shared that we will be getting to those next levels in the weekend workshop in Boise, ID USA April 27-28, 2019.  I am so excited for where are we, and we go from here. Wholeness, curious about even more wholeness, holiness, of Light, here. I’d love to see you in Boise for this very special event. April will be here before we know it and there is nothing like getting together in person. We have an amazing group coming together for this and I’d love for you to be there, too! I can’t wait to see what we do, together.

Thank you, again, for being your light, here. I know it isn’t easy sometimes. And I’m so glad that we (you, me, alongside our teams) our creating such a well built passageway for light, here.

With love, gratitude and blessings,

~ shared originally in the Nov. 4, 2018 newsletter and I felt led to share again, here ~