JRF Podcast #213 Inspiration and Wisdom for your Next Level Best

In this message we offer the type of divine level inspiration for taking bold moves, appreciating who you are and feeling the confidence in yourself, no matter what your future holds. We address the spiritual game of treating you like you aren’t “there yet” and the trap that can become. Yeshua helps us understand that masters, too, can feel inadequate, underachieving. He recommended we focus more on the inputs we give to our lives and to this world, while also minding our responsibilities. I love how they sort dis-mantled the spiritual leader concepts in the first half of the message… helping us see that even our world’s official spiritual experts (be they priests or gurus) can be severely immoral in meaningful ways… our aim then is to become our best version of ourselves, not an image of the most spiritual or the most enlightened. Making light real, amidst what is, with all the amazing ingredients that you already are. Audio archive is here:

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Hello everybody! This is Jill Renee Feeler and welcome to today’s podcast. I am excited to share with you today And hopefully help you tap into some deeper layers of yourself And another, may be another layer of yourself that, Where you can access even more genius, More goodness, more happiness, more all good In yourself, in this world. Let’s start by having a bit of a connection exercise. I encourage you to close your eyes. If you’re in a safe place to do so. And just relax your body. Take some nice deep belly breaths. Letting your belly expand as you breathe in. Good job and again. Very good. Now you stay breathing here. please. In this deep conscious way. While we invite you into a layer of yourself That is not concerned about all the questions That you have about maybe this world or why you’re here? what’s going on? Helping you access a layer deeper within yourself. That is okay that there’s questions And okay that there’s questions That aren’t answered or maybe can’t be answered. A level of well-being and solace and peace That can help you stay focused on things That maybe matter more than manifestation exercises Or you know accomplishing that goal Or just helping you be more real and more authentic and more present in your life. Very good. Okay. That feels good. Now we’re not saying there’s no growth. We’re saying that some of the things that we get focused on for growth Don’t matter as much as as we think they do. That our joy isn’t as dependent on those things As we think they are. nice. Ok, another deep breath here. Just wiggle your toes. Imagine pressure in the bottom of your feet As you enjoy the gravity of being able to be anchored in a meaningful way to this, To yourself and your body and in this world And this reality. Focus on the tips of your toes And just wiggle those toes really gently. Wiggle your fingers. Wiggle your nose, move your face around. Feel yourself in your body. That your humaneness is not getting in the way of your greatness. It is the tool for your greatness in your life. Just try to be great in your life without this body suit And all that it includes. Okay. There we go. Good job. All right, nice deep breath again please. Okay. Very good. All righty. let’s get started here with the message And for those of you that are new here, I don’t prepare the message. I don’t have anything written down. I don’t have notes, I don’t have a script. I don’t do it that way. That works well for some people because It’s kind of fun to see what comes through spontaneously. When we’re not planning it’s much better for me as Jill Because i like it when i’m not, I know i’m not relying on my trained human brain Because i’m allowing myself to wing it. Okay. And that may seem reckless and irresponsible in some ways But I, those of us that hang out here regularly, We’ve proven to ourselves that actually some pretty amazing wisdom And insights and fresh perspectives come through from these other layers That I have access to as Jill. So that’s what we’re gonna do And I don’t know what’s gonna come up. I don’t, I have an idea of what I think we’re going to talk about But I don’t know if that is what I’m going to talk about today. Okay. So, I’m just going to close my eyes and I almost imagine myself Sort of taking like a slide Like, behind my eyes down into a deeper deeper layer of myself. Not deeper physically but into a transcendent layer of energy. That’s beyond the physical and to me the beyond the physical doesn’t mean outside of myself. It actually means so deep within myself That I break the time-space continuum barriers and veils. Ta-da-da. Okay. We are so pleased with this group. Those of you that hang out here especially. There has been so much ascension of light within your energy fields And it is absolutely liberating and exhilarating And we’re so, we hope that you are so proud of yourselves. You have debunked so much of the nonsense And that has allowed for so much more of the pure light That you are, to be present in your energy field And it’s so glorious and what we want to share with you Is this this goodness, this sense of hopefully well-being And curiosity and personal empowerment. Individuation of your light freedom to be your one with a healthy disconnection from other people’s selves, their ones. This allows you, I mean when we look at it’s like, Oh God. You guys are just getting started. Not in a year a kindergartener sort of way But like you’ve graduated sort of way And now you get to the good stuff. Okay. So this opportunity, This experience for you to keep going With this idea and to allow for any of these experiences, Any of these opportunities for you to continue to be curious. Continue to make room within your field for everything You’ve ever been and everything you may desire to be. Along with room for the surprises that come up in your life. Okay. Very good. Okay. So what does that mean? You’re just getting started. We always look at your lives this way. You guys, every, As long as you’re alive and your heart’s beating and your mind is functioning There are so many possibilities for what’s next for you And we know that that can trigger in your human mind. The sense of well, what would that be? What would that look like? What should I try? You know. Give me the answers and we just want to give you a brain like this Big squishy hug and to say, oh you silly silly thing. Because what you are now and what you may love the most about your life, You probably didn’t plan it. You probably didn’t set it in motion. It wasn’t something you manifested. It was something that happened to arise in your life And that doesn’t mean that you played no role in it. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take some credit for it But there’s always a level of sort of magic And mystery that that is part of whatever transpires in your life. That can’t be orchestrated. That cannot be planned. That is, We wouldn’t even describe it as manifestation. We will ask Jill to talk more about manifestations And that sort of ideology later from her perspective But it’s our turn to share now. So with this sense of recognition and acknowledgement. That what you love the most about your life right now in many ways Happened through forces of nature and source energy that were beyond your control. That is also true for whatever next in your life Will be something. that at some point in your journey, You’ll be super grateful for, right. So I think there are always things in the works for you In terms of possibilities and things that could go great And some of them are scary and some of them are disruptive And our best advice no matter what happens in your future, Is that you feel that sense of ownership. That about who and what you are in every moment. That you feel that sense of responsibility for yourself And being the best version of yourself. That you are led to be. whether things are going well or whether things are challenging. You have so much authority over how you decide things are going. You have all the levers and all the right aspects of a control panel Right inside of you. Okay. Now, notice that there are many different distracting sort of forces in your lives. Really in all of your lives and some of those distractions don’t have to be negative, right. It could be family, it could be career and job and making a living, right. Those are in some ways, they could be viewed as distractions From you being what you view as your best self. But they’re also there and they’re not going anywhere And they don’t need to go anywhere, right. Our view and that might mention the reason we get so excited About the flavor of enlightenment light within is Because it is so real And it is so practical to the your actual lives And how things actually work And that was actually one of the reasons why Jill even came online With all of this is because as her eternal self And we would offer even as your eternal selves There was a sense of disillusionment. That most of the enlightenment teachings Or even other versions of spiritual role-modeling happened in individuals That maybe didn’t have family Or they had the opportunity to go off for a year And live in the caves or they live in a church or synagogue type setting Where they again maybe don’t have a family And their food shelter and clothing is taken care of by the institution of that religion. That’s not a fair example, right. That’s not the real world. It’s a carefully engineered position that those spiritual leaders have stepped into That was really set up to allow them to be fully dedicated to the spiritual training And their enlightenment given the role that they would have in assisting others In knowing the light of God or knowing the presence of source energy within them Or within this reality etc. So if you think about it, a lot of you came in to your desire for spiritual teachings And enlightenment lessons and protocols. Because you wanted to feel the sense of inner peace. The sense of personal empowerment. The sense of healing That those types of spiritual recognized Official spiritual teachers seem to embody. Okay. But the paradox here and it’s coming to light more and more In your world is that those spiritual teachers, Those spiritual, those that are so-called experts in spirituality Even though their lives are taken care of in so many ways. They’ve got problems too, right. There was a message that we shared just several days ago. Through a journal that archangel Gabriel took the lead on. that you know, spoke very explicitly about the problems with pedophilia within the priest And the catholic church and things like that. Yeah, that’s a real problem And there are other forms of spiritual mastery. Whether it’s a you know, a guru or a world-renowned chandler That hosts you know retreats and things like that That have also gotten into their own version of a scandal And travel because they’ve broken a personal oath about Well, morality number one and sense of personal authority And personal power that they ended up using at the consequence They victimized others as a result of that And that yeah, anyway so that archangel Gabriel message from This recent weekend may be of interest to you. If you want to go deeper into that sort of, it was a very alchemical liberating And sometimes difficult message. But it’s a nice adjacency to what we’re discussing here. So each of you had a sense of intention and maybe still has it, we would imagine. for personal connection with God. Many of you realized that through organized religions Or through certain sorts of spiritual teachings That it was unsatisfying but you sensed there was more and you were right. So here you are in a very unofficial type setting you know. However, you’re listening or watching this. I mean just think about how accessible this is. There’s no oath required for you to hear this And yet what we assist you, Our attention anyway Is assisting you in accessing that sense of personal connection to God. That isn’t, it’s not trying to be something else. It’s not in the form of perfection and idealism and above moral code. It’s so raw in its realness. Which is probably why it’s somewhat attracted to you. Because part of you probably at a core deep level of yourself senses, You just know that it shouldn’t be just a certain class of Or a certain echelon of spiritual seekers that become the anointed ones. That we should all humans should and do have access to a personal, Uncompromisable connection to the source energy that you are. the source energy that you are and that you desire to feel and trust and embody from within The flesh and blood that you also are in your humaneness. you’re a genius, To have recognized that they not only., Should they go together? Dang it. They do go together And you’re forcing it together Not like two opposite ends of a magnet but as in An inextricably connected version of energy. That is both eternal and mortal. That is fully divine and fully human. That is physical and seems trapped in the time-space continuum And yet also, so beyond matter, So limitless and so free from the time-space conventions. So here you are, right. And we’re inviting you to contemplate the And embrace the mystery of what you’d call your future And to get excited about that. Not in a way that can be managed. But in a way that can be lived and experimented with. Where you have the sense of confidence to try different things out And see how it feels. because even the best laid plans can go awry Or be unsatisfying, right. Think of that in terms of even just like a business process or a business proposal. There are so many beautifully written business plans And mission statements And yet it just doesn’t go the way it should on paper. There are so many variables that are beyond your control. That are estimates and predictions. Then you know customers don’t behave The way businesses think they would or should. You know there’s just, there’s so many aspects that lead to a high failure rate in businesses. But you’re not a business. I mean you may have a business, that you’re not a business. You’re a human And a failure can be redefined in a way So that it isn’t, it doesn’t feel like a personal failure. It doesn’t feel like something well, it doesn’t feel like failure. If things don’t go as planned, that doesn’t mean that you did it wrong. It means that you may have had some assumptions wrong And it may mean that things weren’t as, Things weren’t as fixed and stagnant, steady As you may have pretended they were going to be. There are so many aspects of fluidity in your world. Including yourself, it’s one of your best strings actually. What makes you fluid and bendy and movable in so many ways Is this very, it’s the very same construction that allows for the future to be unpredictable. Because everything is that fluid and bendy and unpredictable. So this ability that you have to be more resilient no matter how things are going Should ideally make you more courageous about what you want to turn next. Because if there’s no guarantees of success and there’s not guarantees of failure Then why not take maybe a higher degree of risk. In not just what you do, but how you sense who and what you are? This can get really really fun and exciting and dynamic When you give yourself more of that honor and respect. That there’s so much more to you than you realize And I don’t, It doesn’t matter to us how old you are chronologically, okay. Even if you’re 89 years old and you’ve been the same way your whole life. Your ability to go off-script from what you’ve been. You have that option with every word you speak. With every thought you make and you know how to do it? It’s by questioning yourself and that’s a scary thing And it takes more time and it takes more energy. To question what you’re about to say. To question that last thought you had. All right. It could be as simple as what you eat. To, what makes you mad? Why does it make you mad? Does it have to make you mad? Well that’s a question most people that get mad pretty easily don’t ask themselves. But it would be a great question to ask oneself. If you are somebody that continuously feels like somebody else Has an easier time than you. A great question that you could ask yourself is, What if you’re wrong about that? What if it’s not as easy as you think it is for that other person? What if it isn’t harder for you? Now that may invite you into a vulnerable space. Because with if that’s not true, If it’s not true that it’s harder for you. Then what’s your excuse? Excuse for not being what you want to be? Excuse for things not going the way you want them to go? In many ways it kind of doesn’t matter how hard or not it is. It just matters that you want something Or you’re hoping you can be it. Maybe a better version of yourself and if you take out the part about, Oh. That’s gonna be hard and you decide it doesn’t matter How hard it is because it’s going to be worth it. Then you get around a really big excuse. Because there’s so many things that you’ve done in your life That were hard, But they were worth it. Some of the best things that happen in life are really hard. So now we’re sliding into that part of the conversation That where we wanted to go. Relate it to manifestation. there’s this notion that if something is easy Then it’s meant to be. Or if you’re a good manifester Then things that are hard for other people will be easy for you. Those are interesting approaches. We love to use the example of childbirth. Because of whether you are a mother that’s given birth or not, You were given birth to. That we can assure you right. and at some point along the way, All of you then are connected to the process of childbirth. Child birth is not easy. Isn’t it fascinating by the way? This Jill was thinking about this not too long ago. That we were just sort of playing with this idea That it’s so fascinating the way that the female hormones allow For the relaxation of the of the hips and the pelvis To allow for the babies to be born And then the way that the human skull is designed. Designed. so that it can make its way through that tiny birth canal And then there’s that soft spot within the skull for a while well, the repositioning happens and it And the brain and the entire development of the organs within the skull can take place And the head can grow along with the brain And all those things. The way the human body is designed, Is just so it’s so genius and so mysterious. Yes, you see what we’re saying there about you. It’s, I mean the level of planning it doesn’t even begin to give enough credit. Yes there was a grand plan with the human design And yet it also has variables that are beyond prediction. So where were we going with idea of childbirth? That it’s hard and that it’s worth it. That’s where we are going with that. What do you consider hard in your life but you sense it would be worth it? When did effort become like a dirty word in enlightenment? And a spirituality that’s so interesting. Because there’s so much natural friction and natural inertia In your world, especially for you guys that you. I mean, you’re code breakers in a lot of ways. The way that we look at you and this started coming through More clearly with the Boise workshop that we did through Jill. This you guys are inserting records into your reality that aren’t otherwise there. That is phenomenal, right. There’s inertia with that all the time And yet some of you don’t even realize the inertia That you’re up against. Because you’ve gotten so good at just continuing your process Of your personal expansion and your personal growth And what you want to try next And what you want to be. You don’t even, you don’t even think about it’s not even on your radar. The different ways that the life can get in your way Or people’s perceptions you know that’s weird. What is he doing? What is she doing? That’s crazy, you know. The pressure from organised religions Which are some of the most powerful institutions on your planet by the way. Some of you just walked out of those. You walked out of the organized religion And said no, thank you. Who does that? You do. Right., I mean, Oh my God. It’s so fascinating. You guys are fascinating. You go off-script all the time And what do you want that to mean for you going forward? What do you want? This further liberation of your light Your eternal energy in your world and your journey. What do you want that to mean? Not in a fixed, make a plan, make it happen sort of way. But in a curiosity sort of, Yeah, that would be really cool. That would be really cool, right. And where you are expecting to be a suffering or compromise. Maybe there doesn’t have to be suffering or compromise. Maybe what you want more of and to experiment with Can be a nice addition to what’s already working well in your life. Now, also there’s another side of this. What if what you want will not fix what you think it will? Because that happens all the time. That’s a tougher one, isn’t it? Some of you actually became spiritual, If you will to use that term. You got into things like this because you were, You had a problem and you wanted to fix it. You had a pain, a wound that you wanted to heal. Is it healed yet? Did all those things that you thought would make something better, Fill the hole, Some of you felt a hole, a void within yourself. So maybe in those cases, it wasn’t a matter of, Somebody else has an easier time than me. Things are harder for me. Maybe instead your storyline is, I’m missing something I don’t know who i am? There’s a void in a sense of longing within myself And I don’t know what it is? Let alone how to fix it. I don’t know what to do with this pit of emptiness. So in that case, the question that you could ask yourself. To question yourself is, What if there is no void? What if you’re not missing anything? What if this is it? Now, some of you are very disappointed by that idea. But if you sit with it for just a moment longer, You might realize the freedom in that. What if you’re not missing anything? So, while you allow a portion of you to be extremely disappointed. You can also allow for another part of you to be relieved. Because the idea that you’ve been working really hard And been very focused and very dedicated to try to access What you thought you were missing. That mission can be over right now. Whoa. Now what you do? Right. So, right alongside the part of you that says, Oh God. Don’t tell me that. Don’t tell me that this is it. Because I feel very unwhole, very incomplete. I feel very empty and if this is it, Then I’m breath away from being depressed. Who is going to comfort you? How about you? Because we know there’s a whole other range of you. The one that comforts others. The one that is so ready to give someone a hug or a smile or an encouraging word, right. Where’s that part of you for you right now? That can say, maybe it’s not that bad. Maybe this is good news. Because chasing something outside of ourselves To make us feel whole hasn’t really worked out well. So if we give ourselves the comfort That we need to get through this rough patch of re-identification. That this is it and that what we sensed We were missing, maybe we’ve never been lost and granted it may feel unsatisfying who and what we are. But maybe even my favorite spiritual associates and teachers Actually feel that too. Maybe the best of the best have felt that way And you know who’s smiling at you right now? Yeshua, Let him speak right here. In my humaneness, as Yeshua. I had a system that allowed me to function very well. Amidst the part of me that felt inadequate, Ill-equipped And I would call it grace, Some would call it faith, Some would call it trust, Some would call it overconfidence. It wasn’t fake though, I sensed him, I sensed a level of importance in myself as Yeshua Where I took myself seriously from a very young age. That’s where I recognized that not everybody has that. But it can be created for oneself And I would encourage anyone here to try it out for yourself. What if you are valuable by your being alive? Even if no one told you that until now. I’m telling you now. You are of value. You’re alive. That’s how I know. All life is a value and there’s so many possibilities For what is, What that’s put towards, what it’s used for. And there’s so much of that decision that’s up to that individual. But I’m not talking to everybody. I’m talking to you. I don’t see voids and holes when I look at you. I see potential and opportunity. I see a version of wholeness that is so good at so many things That you take for granted. I love the opportunity to get to look at you And just say wow, Like wow. This is good stuff. You’re good stuff But I can’t make you get excited about you. Only you can do that and that isn’t accomplished by filling holes. It’s by deciding it’s true that you are a value And having your focus be on proving your value to yourself. That the day you’re living right now is worth it, to you. Maybe not by what you get out of it but by what you put into it. Because what you get out of your day, out of your life, You can’t control that. But you can always control what you put into it. Always. Sometimes does it work out? Were the output of your day, in your life is something you like? Yeah, I wish it turned out as good as you deserve every day. I don’t think even in my life as Yeshua, I got all that I deserved right. Especially when you look about ending. Tragic. So I didn’t get what I deserved And I didn’t pout about it for the most part. I did sometimes. Mary, Mary is a very, Mary has stories about that, those days, Where I’m like, I came home and I would just be like, Shouldn’t it be like, How many people showed up today? You know, Did you get to talk to them? Did you get to talk to them? Yeshua? Yep, I talked to them. How many came? Oh, I don’t know. Probably, a couple hundred. Well that’s great. Do you think they heard you? They heard me. I could see their light rising. When I was interacting with them And then Mary would say, Well you sure don’t look like You’re proud of what you offered today. A couple hundred never felt like enough. Because even though I was so pleased with the response In what I felt them feeling of God In what I was offering. I wanted the whole world to feel that. So a couple hundred, It’s not that I wasn’t happy that a couple hundred heard it. It;s that i wanted everyone to hear it and I never got that right. So I would be ungrateful, I would feel inadequate. I would feel like, If this is really as good as I think it is. What I’m offering, what I’m helping them remember. Then why aren’t there more people here? Why wouldn’t everyone want to hear this? Can you relate, brother, sister? I know you can. See. Yeah. So even as my Yeshua, There was a sense of Oh, I could be doing so much more. I could be having such a bigger impact. I wanted to control my output And I couldn’t So at some point. I sort of stopped trying to control the output And I gave my all to the input. Because it felt good, it just so right. I wanted the power of the holy spirit to be oozing out of me. In a way that may have been off-putting to some. I was totally okay with that risk. Like completely okay with it and it did drive some people away. I was totally okay with that because it felt so real and so raw. It just felt so free. I was allowing that the Christians got the holy spirit. I was allowing it to be completely unleashed in my life And there was other sort of business to take care of. I needed to keep myself clean, right. And you know the normal mundane aspects of life. I totally get it. I needed to do carpentry jobs here and then. Because I didn’t, the speaking wasn’t paying the bills, right. And I, we had things to pay for too. Travel too. You know there’s just it was that way in my time as well. So, when we were talking earlier about How excited we are about the realness of this. What we’re doing here with you? This version of being light. That you don’t have to make it your profession. You don’t have to have a center to offer it in. The mortgage and you know all of that nonsense. You can be it, Alongside all the other ways that you are you. Unofficially, officially however you want to do it. Please take seriously. Your life, your light, your living your light. Be bold and more fearless about trying out new things And seeing how it goes and recognizing that even if the outcome isn’t what you deserve. Because it often, most of the time is, Is you deserve far better than any outcome that you get. That you get to decide how much you put into something. And sometimes it’ll feel so good that it doesn’t matter What the outcome is and then here’s the other details. Right. Where you need to balance it with other ways of you being you. So that your life is practical. So that you’re being responsible with other duties And people that count on you. This can all fit together. This is making it real. There’s no offering plate being passed down an aisle To pay for your housing and your food and your clothing and your travel. But it’s not for most of you. Some of you have that then you know, good on you. That’s great. It’s not the norm, right. So the way that you’ve already been so flexible And so dynamic in your life. I mean keep it up. What do you want to try next? You can be right there for you inside your sense of your energy field. Self-comforting, Be, for those of you that need or desire. Praise, that you say that to yourself. You say, “good job” Like that was so awesome. What we just did there today, that’s so cool. That you can say that to yourself. If there’s not someone around you to say it to you. It doesn’t have to, doesn’t have to trigger sadness and feelings of loneliness or isolation. Is it awesome when it can come from another human? Yeah. That’s why we do this. Because we know it feels good. But there’s going to be those moments, When you know you nailed it and I’m really hoping as Yeshua, That you give yourself the “atta girl”, “atta boy” that you deserve. Because you know you deserve it And it is, it can be somewhat satisfying to give it to yourself. There’s always going to be that gap though And we did talk about this weekend When Gabriel was taking the lead. That there’s always going to be this gap Of, oh, I could have done so much more. That will always be there for you. It’s definitely there for me and that’s where That misinterpretation again can come in. In terms of all I feel. If one feels unwhole or incomplete Because they have that sense of void, that sense a void can be reinterpreted as, Yes, you could have done more but that doesn’t mean that you’re less than whole And less than amazing. It means that you could have done more and you’re amazing And you’re whole, right. That’s natural for a master, right. Even like star athletes, even a Gold medal winner at the Olympics. If that even really is the best of the best. It has been, That’s the idea, that those that win the Gold are the best of the best, right. Anyway. Let’s just, Let that be. Most of those Gold medal winners are super proud of themselves. But they also sense, I think could have done better. I think I have even more in me. Okay. That’s what masters do. That’s how they’re masters. Because there’s always more. There’s even more greatness that they could have been. So the trick is in a way as a master to have this sense of self That you are whole and complete and there’s always more. It’s both. It’s both and what will help you in getting to the more Is allowing the sense of wholeness and completeness In what you are right now. That you’re already there. Okay. And we’re gonna switch gears slightly here. Because for any of you that have felt like a very devoted student of spirituality. You have more than likely in some situation or another been, I’m going to use the word manipulated. Towards that part of you that feels like there could be more. It has been manipulated into, Oh yeah. You’re not there yet. And then there’s teachers that imply that they can help you get there To another level of yourself that is more whole and complete. Helps you fill your voids. Helps you, you know, relieve a burden And remove an obstacle, clear something etc etc etc. And then at some point you actually get in a perpetual cycle. Where you’re just bouncing from one teacher to another. Because what those some of those teachers promised you, They didn’t deliver on. So then, instead of interpretation of Oh, maybe I don’t need any of this Because the selling is so good. The interpretation is, oh. That must not be it. But I am unwhole and I am incomplete and I’m not there yet. So they weren’t able to get me there. But oh, this person can probably help me get there And what we are trying to say to you And everything that we do, You are there. You have been there the whole time. There meaning, a whole and complete and inherently amazing version of yourself. That you can’t feel it sometimes. I couldn’t feel it sometimes. And I feel blessed as Yeshua. That I wasn’t in an environment where I could have signed up for a plethora And endless amount of classes And programs to make me feel whole and complete Because I could have easily stepped into any of that or all of it. So I had an advantage in my time as Yeshua. Because I didn’t have that. I had me and my sense of connection to God And the resources and the fewer partnerships of the others That were around me. Who kept looking at me saying, You are a master. So they could sometimes see things in me that In that moment sometimes I couldn’t see in myself. Okay. So with anything in your world that puts you in a space of feeling like, You’re not there yet, That’s a great time to slam on the brakes And go oh, wait a minute. Let me just park the car right over her, Safely on the side of the road and just say, whoa. Because what’s gonna come next? If the entire premise that system or teaching or teacher is offering Is based on this idea that you’re not there yet. What do you think is going to come next? Do you really think it’s going to be the sense of wholeness and completeness That says, Oh my god. I get it Now, I got it. Now I’m there. No, because the whole system is flawed And when I look at those teachers that operate in that model that paradigm of their students, their audience. They’re not there yet. They really think they’re not there yet. They’re not, They’re not trying, it’s not ill-intended. They view their audience and their students as not there yet. So everything they offer is from a system of lack of wholeness and lack of completeness. Lack of sovereignty and lack of ascension And I just want to give a hug to that whole system And do everything that we can to offer something that we believe is true. Which is how I did it as Yeshua too. Everything we offer, Alongside this partner to you, is treating you, knowing you. That’s very very there. Inherently glorious. Beautifully whole and complete utterly awesome And always more available. It’s both. It’s both. We want to give you the Gold medal. You probably wouldn’t take it though. We would say, you have done such an amazing job with your life. Some of you have been through hell and back And it means you totally deserve a Gold medal. You got yourself through that. We are not saying you didn’t have help but you were the part of it. You got through that and here you are standing. It’s standing, right. Wow. Some of you haven’t been through hell. Some of you have had quite a blast, quite a lucky ride And we look at you and say, oh wow. Wow. Way to go using those blessings and that luck and that good fortune And your sense of victory, right. Even if it didn’t have the level of challenge that some others did. We look at you as an amazing expression of light on Earth too. We want you to have the Gold medal and some of you say, I didn’t deserve, it was easy. That my life was easy compared to what I see some other people going through. I don’t want the Gold medal. So you won’t take it either. Good thing, you don’t have to, right. Maybe just knowing that we want to give it to you. Really really badly like, When you, Somebody won’t take five bucks that you owe them. They’re like, no. I don’t want it I don’t want the 5$ you owe me And then you like slip it in their purse Or stick it in their bag without them knowing. We’re slipping a Gold coin in there. We got a Gold medal. Somewhere in your back pocket. Even if you’re not going to wear it And again the reason this matters is that And tell you as your one, Decide to know yourself, As a whole and complete version of source creator God. Your sense of what’s next is limited And we all benefit, The more limitless you feel. Especially as a version of energy That’s inserting new records of light onto the planet, into humanity. We take you very seriously and we’d love to help you feel as whole and complete As you’ll possibly allow yourself to because you’ll be even busier, Even focused on the new records you want to insert. What do you want to try next? That sounds good. How does you might feel with that? And maybe, just maybe sometimes the outcomes are pretty spectacular too. That happens, that does happen And it’s great, it’s really great Not counting on it. Not being really really appreciative. When you have the signs of it that your input offered an outcome for others. Where you get to see the signs that tangible evidence. How much your life matters. That you played a role in that outcome. That you played a role in them feeling seen by God, loved by God. Acknowledged, as they are whole and complete. Okay. Nice, very nice. How are you guys doing? For those of you that are on the call. If you want to type in the chats. You can, feel free. You know. Read some of them and if you have questions. They had invited me into talking a little bit about manifestation And I’m happy to do that. I guess I’ll just offer that. I was thinking about this yesterday. I’m, You know, There’s, I hear people right in our sort of culture And you’re in my sort of communities Say things like, oh well, I’m not a great manifester Or oh so-and-so, they’re a really good manifester. I think, when I reflect on my life And what, you know, the blessings in my life. I think someone would say, oh she’s a great manifester. I don’t say that. I don’t look at my life as something That I manifested and maybe it’s just semantics. I don’t know but I don’t think so. I think energetically there is something, very tricky And maybe unnecessarily complex about this idea of manifesting versus not manifesting. I’m not really attached to what we have like material possessions and things like that. It’s not that I don’t appreciate them. I really appreciate them. But I also, a part of me really knows that I mean my husband my etcetera. I was so happy like in our very first house as well And it was much more modest than we have now And you know sometimes and I really mean this I say to my husband, if you ever wanted to quit. I mean like we could sell everything And get like a really cool mobile home or something. It’s just, you know we could have the coolest shack ever, right. And I think we’d be happy, right. Now based on the way our lives have gone, I don’t think we’re ever gonna do that or need to do that But I think it’s really healthy to know that there’s that option And that option could also be made to be okay ,right. Yeah and when I look at like health and things like that My health is good but it’s not the best And you know there are things that you know I’ve been super super healthy like three years ago. Where I just, I mean physically, I looked really good It’s about two and a half years ago Where I just was so pleased with how my physical body looked And it’s interesting that now when I try and replicate some of those steps. Whether it was like what I was eating and things like that It doesn’t, it’s not having the same outcome as my input to it would, I would expect. So it’s humbling right. But it’s also sort of, I think it is frustrating. It’s humbling, it’s frustrating, it’s weird, it’s mysterious. It’s sort of like a code that I haven’t solved yet And what I keep realizing is that health as just one example is Such a, it is a mysterious thing And the more certain I think people are about What makes them healthy. If they’re a healthy person. I think there may be wrong about that Or that it’s an incomplete story about why they’re healthy And I think a lot of it is more luck than maybe they realize. Yeah. It’s interesting And the more rigid somebody is about, Oh. This will work for everybody and I think I’m realizing that. I’ve actually thought about, I was thinking this weekend about taking down, the Minding the Matter series. Because if it’s not having the same impact for me now that it did. The only reason I ever offered it was, because it worked. So that system that I now offer, Worked so well for me three years ago but now I’m realizing This is not gonna work for everybody And it’s not working for jill at 49 years old And there’s so many variables when it comes to physical health right. You look at the mystery of like the human thyroid gland, it’s just amazing And the role that it plays and the mysterious way that it can be managed And adjusted and all these things And it’s just, Yeah. It’s really really interesting. Yeah. So there’s just, So there are so many options for how we experiment with moving forward Into a version of better wherever, whatever kind of level of self that you’re at. Yeah. It’s really interesting. Okay. Let me go to that. Lots of comments here. I’ve been ignoring you guys. Okay. Hi Larry. He is saying, an amazing reflection of where I am at In this moment realizing I am a Gold medal winner. Good job, good job Larry. Okay. Sheila’s saying another liberating message. So much freedom in your words. No more guilt, no more shame, no more need to be a success Because I am one deep relief. Thank you so much. I am a hard worker and I used to think I was doing something wrong Because I didn’t have the partner or the career, the connections etc. I am enough and this is enough and what fun to explore more. Thank you so much Jill though. You’re so welcome Sheila. That’s great. Barbara is saying, it’s easy to have regret or guilt over some things That have shown up. Knowing I am not really responsible is helpful. Oh good Barbara, good good good. And Larry is saying and honoring to be on this call And to hear Yeshua come through. We tend to discount our input. Yes, yes we do. I’m so glad you heard that part too Larry. I liked it. Carolyn is saying, I did that this past year And i think she’s referring to that sort of downsizing. I did that this past year. It was, it is very liberating in a lot of ways And sometimes not. I do not regret it at all but my dog might lol And then I saw Carolyn added earlier, She said, I should have added I downsized into an RV. Okay. Carolyn that sounds very exciting and liberating in a lot of ways But yes I can see where your dog is like, Wait, where’s the yard? But there are probably endless amounts of yard and open space If you really look at it And Sheila is saying, yes. That’s just a less rigidity And more softness and allows me to have more compassion for myself and others. Amen sister. Barbara is saying at 71, my same age friends are so varied And how their bodies are holding up, not really to their spiritual quest. Yeah. Interesting isn’t it? Suzane is saying, loved every part of this message. Suzane, I love you. I’m so glad to hear that and Barbara is adding, Preparing to move clearing years of old lifetimes. Oh, that’s a big one. That’s a big one Barbara. My mother-in-law is similar in chronological age to you And they have, She has a lot of stuff And my father-in-law, her husband of 50 plus years. Yeah. I think they were married 51 or 52 years And Carl passed away just a year, yeah, about 15 months ago now And he had a lot of stuff. They aren’t in my corridors but they’ve got a lot of things And I can tell it weighs on her, all the stuff that they have And I, Yeah. It’s overwhelming at times for certain people that have any of us, Anyone that accumulates things as they’re getting older. At some point in life, It’s like, oh my god, right. And I think in some pieces there’s a fear of letting things go And a sense of, Wait, that we need to hang on to that Someone so may want that. You know future generations may appreciate that And I just, that’s such a burden to carry around and I, I mean I think of even like my grandmother And she lived in a fairly small apartment. She was not a hoarder. My grandma Dorothy and or my grandma Gracie actually. Anyway, they didn’t have a lot of stuff that I remember anyway That we needed to go through. My mom may disagree. What she had to go through. In helping arrange my , Her parents affairs and things like that But anyway, what I’m trying to get to there is that I didn’t, There’s only, There was only a few things that I ended up with From my grandparents when they passed. I know there’s one, It’s just, it’s the ceramic Christmas tree that you light up And I think my grandma Dorothy made it like in a ceramics class They were really popular at that at that time. I think in the 60s and it’s probably about 18 inches high maybe, Maybe 24 inches tall and has a, The part of the Christmas tree lifts off. It’s kind of heavy and every little branch has a little hole in it And this little plastic colored, where the light bulb That you put in the vase and you put the top back on it And all these little crystal or plastic colored branch thingies light up And I love that Christmas tree. When I was a child, That just had, It’s so beautiful to me And my parents when they came back from Minnesota With the things from my grandma Dorothy. If I remember right, We had everything that we all were sort of vying for on the floor And we took turns we had numbers My sisters and I And we would take turns as I never came up And pick something from the pile That seemed in a very fair sort of way And I got the Christmas tree and I loved that thing And the other sweetness about it was I am gonna start to cry. It was around the holidays when my Grandmother passed. So it was in her hospice room. So the hospice workers gathered it up in a blanket That was in her room. So I have the box that they put it in. I have the blanket did that they wrapped it in And, every year when I unwrap it I Just feel this sweetness for her And I love that Christmas tree. It’s, Yeah. I’m not normally sentimental about things. But obviously some things, I am Anyway. So there’s probably a lot of things that, Since O’m not, I don’t have a strong sentimentality about stuff. There probably are a lot of things I only just let go of That maybe my daughters would appreciate And I was just commenting on them around this a few weeks ago I wish I had kept their books, their baby books Or not baby books but the books that I used to read to them when they were little and I was saying to my older daughter I said to her that the corduroy. She goes I hope, yes corduroy And she said he was, you know lost in the department store And you know he was on the bed And I just I think it would be so sweet for them And I remember there was this dog Harry, this book that I had When I was a kid and it sort of popped up again as Like, a you know, let’s bring this publisher brought this book back online From when I was a kid and it was so excited to read Harry the Dirty Dog to my kids I remember the picture, the illustrations were the same and stories And it’s just, So I wish I would have kept the books that But at the time my husband’s very like no clutter kind of guy. I’m very cluttery compared to Jeff. So I think as And that sort of rubbed off on me in a way And I do think I try to, you know be more Jeff like Out of respect for him in a way. So I think as they were getting all those. Yes, get rid of all this stuff as they were. You know, He, You know, We were growing out of things And they don’t, You know, We don’t read those books anymore. But now I wish we would have kept some of that stuff But I’m sure it is what it is And they can they can go find Corduroy if they want it. If they decide have kids and want to read it to them Or whatever but yeah sentimentality and acquiring stuff. Yeah. That’s interesting, isn’t it. Okay. We’re gonna wrap up here in a little bit And I know i’m not going to get to all these beautiful comments you guys have. There’s many many messages here Then let me just grab a few. Steven is saying, it feels so good to be wrapped in the loving message you bring us. I feel good about myself for being on the call. It feels good that I could simply focus on my input like being on this call as an input. Oh, that’s good. I love you guys. Okay. Let me just browse through these here. Thank you Carolyn. She’s saying, I’m so glad you got the Christmas tree You’re making me cry. This Christmas I’ll try to remember to take a picture of it. It’s just, it is precious. Yeah. Thanks. It’s, Love you guys so much. Hi Rose. She sang such precious memories in her grandmother. Very touching. Oh sorry to make you guys cry too. Oh goodness. Yeah. I love you guys so much. Okay. So let’s wrap up here. I love you Thank you so much And also did want to make you aware. The most recent video that we did, JRF podcast number 212 . I think it was, Yeah, Number 212. I really loved what came through in that 212. And there’s I feel that way about a lot of my messages But that one in particular I was like I just was led to pay for somebody. I think it was just like 65 US Dollars or something to have Somebody professionally go through and add subtitles to it. So on that Youtube video You can click on the closed captioning option. Which some of you may use regularly And some of you may not even know, Have known it’s there. Youtube can automatically sort of add the subtitles. Remember trying that a few years ago and one of you reached out to me And like Jill, you gotta turn those off. They’re so inaccurate. So apparently the Youtube automatic free version is horrible And it was actually comical to see what it was trying to think I was saying. I can’t think of an example But it was sort of like, And then we went to the lemonade stand and caught a burger Like what is it even. Like, what? It was so office just comical. Anyway, so on that podcast number 212 I paid for somebody to do You know figure out in words What I was saying in English And adding the subtitles so that feels really good. If any of you are enjoying that. If you could shout out a little word. Then I may do that more often. That I love to apply some of the monthly members revenues that I’m earning And so grateful for and add different features to the work And things like that even if it’s to the free stuff. So anyway, That’s there and then also a little shout out about the Greece trip. It’s coming up quickly. It’s June and the dates for the Greece trip. Just for any of you that are maybe even not aware of it anyway. We leave, we start September 27th and we end October 9th. I just wanted to, I feel like my team was like, You haven’t really explained why we’re even going to Greece. So let me do it right here. Okay. But first I need to blow my nose from my crying. Okay. So Greece, I’ve been to Greece before. It was on a cruise with my husband. It was probably 1999 and we loved it. Really really liked it and with my work I have felt this connection with Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Pythagoras and I have this appreciation that In many ways they were channeling. They were channeling messages of morality and goodness and human wisdom. Divine wisdom. And I and the Oracle, Alderfer, right. and that’s just the one That they called the Oracle. All right there was a whole system of energy That Greece offered and some humans connected with And those portals and gateways are still very relevant to the planet And I know us, you and I as portals of energy. That’s part of the, and we are an entry point by being our humaneness. We are an entry point of energy into this reality. For the all that is and we’re a walking version of it. The is a really nice feature. Right. That plants don’t have and that a geographical portal doesn’t have right. So there’s a lot of advantages that we’re mobile. It is exciting and fun to me as Jill. As knowing myself as a connected individual And knowing you as a connected Because you are the connection. The light isn’t something you connect to. The light is something you are. Okay. So knowing you as an amazing light, It is exciting and fun and expansive. It’s just, it’s activating. It’s like you know like, natural fertilizer on the plants. Letting it grow healthier and stronger and it’s light When we go to these places especially together. Where there are these natural, Anyway, there are portals of energy and gateways And systems of design that are there That are very conducive to the expansion of light on planet. Okay. We do that in our own mobile way and there are places And structures, geographical structures that have that divine design and intention. Okay. So I always intended that we would do a trip to Greece. There is some serious scrambling energies Some of these certain divinely designed vortices though And Greece definitely has a scrambled nature to it. It doesn’t dissuade us but it makes getting there and traveling there a bit trickier. This trip, I’m so glad it’s happening And I definitely recognize that there have been some obstacles to getting there And this trip happening for, I mean it’s just, it’s comical to me How many times I tried to put this trip together. So the fact that it’s happening And then we have such an amazing group already signed up And spots available for you if you’re interested And just you guys email me if you’re curious. Okay. The other realization I had and this was yesterday. Is that I definitely overthink this whole part about Who my trips are designed for? And I’d do it for I mean, I have great rationale for why I do it But the end of the day, I love to travel with people that are already into my work. Obviously able to travel financially and otherwise And I love that but what I also don’t that I am making it harder for people to say yes though And that’s what I’m getting to I benefit and we benefit from a larger group Because there are not larger. Like I won’t do more than 20 But some you know. I think we have, How many do we have signed up for Greece? Okay. Let’s see. Yeah counting me right now, We have eight and that’s fine. We will definitely go with eight people. But we have room in that, In our little mini bus and you know have transports for many more. So I’m sorry I’m getting off-topic. What I was realizing is that there are Many of you that want to travel But you want to chat with your own adult elder Or you know a good friend or whatever And I love it when you guys already know me And that kind of thing But I also get it, You guys know cool people and they may not even know who I am. So I am, I realized I am also very open to delightful other people That you guys love to hang out with coming on a trip. Okay. And I mean, What I’m trying to avoid is somebody that’s just not fun to play with. Not fun to be on a trip with But I don’t think you guys would invite somebody like that with you. Would you? You wouldn’t do that right. But there are, There are just some people that you know, They just are habitual complainers And they don’t know how to have fun And they don’t know how to have a good time And they think it’ll be, they’ll have fun on vacation But they don’t, They’re not fun at home. So they’re not having from the vacation either. I definitely don’t want to give one of the precious 20 or less spots To somebody like that right. Anyway, So I, But I do overthink this And I, You know, I admit to my flaw there. So, Anyway, if you are curious about one of the trips And are thinking about going, Just email me and let me know that you’re interested And if you want to talk further about it. Okay. The main barrier I know for most people is finances And I completely get that. There’s things that I want That I don’t feel like i can afford to do either. So I get it and I don’t want to push your envelope there Because I really really value financial responsibility In financial discretion i think. Yeah. I really really value that And wouldn’t want you to put yourself In a precarious financial position to go on a vacation with me. Okay. Now if you are like “Yeah, I’ve got some money to drop” Then I will offer you a fabulous trip and we will have a wonderful time. Email me if you have questions about the trip. I love you guys. Bye bye for now. Thank you for hanging out with me!

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