Message from Mary Magdalene

Monthly Members Event

So excited for you to hear this message from Mary and hoping you make time to listen more than once! I can feel the expansion on multiple levels of my being from what we all did here. Thank you for being a part of it!

Monthly member events are another level of personal connection, individual expansion and feeling your light within. Please try it out for yourself, cancel at anytime if you don’t enjoy it.

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Not yet a member? I encourage you to try it out ~ Monthly Members contribute $14 USD automatically per month, receiving (at least) one exclusive online event per month along with regular posts and dedicated inspirational support for members being your light, here. I promise to deliver far more in value than the nominal $14 USD per month exchange. You can cancel at any time. Purchase also gives you access to all previously shared monthly members content (which I sense you will LOVE)!

Together, we are Creating New Heights for Light on Earth

Thank you for your support! I am deeply appreciative of the balanced energy exchange of this monthly members approach via the nominal charge per member. Relative to all that we offer at no charge on a regular basis, this is going SO wonderfully!  I appreciate you, our connection, our light, here.

With love, gratitude and blessings,