Message on Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and the Devaluation of Male Roles in our Society

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It’s been a whirlwind of travel again this week as my older daughter, Olivia, and I were in Bozeman Montana to do a college visit. Good trip and I got to see two soul sisters while I was there (shout out to Colleen and Mary)!!  Olivia and I also made time for a nearby grizzly bear sanctuary which was very special. We absolutely love bears!

Today is Father’s Day in the USA ~ Happy Father’s Day to all of our Dad’s in this community, including the Dad’s of fur babies and those who are fatherly to even those who aren’t their children and those who play roles we think of as Fatherly.

I have a wonderful Dad in this lifetime and feel so blessed for it.

Now, I know that concepts of divine and/or sacred gender remain popular. And I respect each of our abilities to engage in spirituality and enlightenment in our personal ways, with what resonates to each of us. 

And I’m led to offer that I don’t partake in the divine gender distinctions. I find them unnecessary, and overly complicating the being of our Light in this already quite complex reality.

When I first began to question the concept of a divine feminine and a divine masculine, I asked Gaia if she was the divine/sacred feminine and she responded with a smiling energy, “I am just divine.” Sol answered similarly, not embracing the notion of “him” as masculine. This dropping of gender when it came to sacred and divine levels of expanded self helped me step into what for me felt like a hugely upgraded truth.

This upgraded truth is that in our humanness, procreation design elements require gender. At our Eternal levels of expandedness, beyond space, beyond time, there is not this need for gender.

And yet in our human desire to energetically expand our sense of self, spiritual teachings have led us into concepts such as divine feminine, divine masculine, sacred feminine, sacred masculine. 

And yet, all of this is unnecessary. If you feel it as an upgrade, then please continue. We never want to get in the way of something that is working well in your feeling and being the perpetual, infinite light that you Are. 

Still, we offer our truths. If it was an upgrade for me in my Jill, then it may be an upgrade for you, too. You get to decide. We honor you; your One.

Our Eternal energy is beyond gender. Hence, there is no divine feminine or divine masculine characteristics, truly, of our eternal selves. There are characteristics and traits and yet there is not the structure of gender that defines them. Our pretending there is a component of gender at the All that Is levels of self, can hinder our human experience of connecting to our Source layers.

There is no need for gender beyond this physical reality, beyond our humanness.

There is no need to project our gender onto our eternal energy structures.

They don’t fit there…

In our humanness, we can naturally have nurturing ways, which can be viewed as motherly. Even if we aren’t mothers. Even if one isn’t female. I was motherly before I ever had children and I would be a nurturing force in this world if I’d never had children. I feel nurturing of even my daughter’s friends when they hang out at our home. Similarly, there can be naturally protective ways about us, which can be viewed as fatherly. Even if we aren’t fathers and even if we aren’t male. For myself, I’m presently quite assertive, quite confident, even visionary and willing to lead, all of which can be considered masculine qualities within human stratifications.

Within our human incarnations there are so many natural tendencies we can have which feel pre-wired into us. There are definitely traits more common to men than women, and vice versa. Some of these traits may be deemed socially valuable and some of them may be deemed socially unacceptable. What is appreciated and what is stigmatized ebbs and flows with human experiences, ages, time, social movements and trends.

This trend of lauding the sacred feminine, is likely an outcome of spiritual experiencer’s desires to balance out the patriarchal structures and energies in our world.

For example, it seems common to equate war, selfishness and other undesirable human tendencies with masculine energy. What a dramatic, reckless and unfair generalization, which does little to support or inspire half of the human population. In pop culture it’s become not only acceptable, but expected that the Father figure is a bit of a buffoon, not to be taken seriously, even for the valuable roles they may be playing in the lives of their family which often includes delivering the main income source. In the quest for girls, women and mothers to increase their sense of value and purpose, somehow this was construed that we needed to take down another, the boys and men, in the process. Have you seen the t-shirts offered to young girls with the bold words “Girls Rule. Boys Drool.”  This has become socially acceptable and even socially pleasing. How would you feel as a little boy in a world with that as the new norm? What messages is that sending? How truly powerful does the female gender authentically feel if they are demonstrating their willingness to publicly disparage the other gender in order to supposedly pro-gress? At some point, that won’t work, and maybe already isn’t.

Expanding one’s Sacred power need not take another down; rather it makes room within the self for the greater, gloriousness of its one, without compromising another’s value, purpose, contribution. Sacred expansion redefines the One, from the inside out. The outer system can respond according to their own free will and possible responses, or not respond at all. No one needs to be moved out of the way for a sacred expansion of self. And certainly no one needs demonized nor demonished as one expands into a more glorious experimentation of self.

Just be You, grow, expand, and then adjust as necessary, not knowing what will happen, how others will respond. Pursue it because you know there is more of you, to be, to share, to live, as your One.

I sense our society at large wants someone to blame for what we don’t like in our world. Well, who is in charge and who has been in charge? Ah, the men! They must be to blame. Grab your pitchforks, the witch hunt, or in this case, the warlock hunt ensues.

However, the notion that the problems of our world are due to the gender of the predominant authoritative figures feels shortsighted, not well thought out and not likely to go well. I would suggest that the problems of our world are due to limited energetic range (consciousness) presently and recently available. It would be more accurate to blame the age we are within. Then, the fixing of the world’s problems isn’t about switching the genders within powerful, authoritative positions, at the micro level of households or the macro level of governments. If we were able to readily switch the gender percentages of all authoritative roles, we’d still have problems. And you know what? They may be the same problems. Because some of the biggest problems we face, as a planet, and by country, are not easy to solve… no matter who is in charge. Poverty. Climate change. Drunk Driving. Addiction. Homelessness. Sense of unfairness and inequality. Violence. War. Propaganda. Mental health. Suicide. Heart disease. Cancer. And many others. These are not easily remedied. If they were, they’d be solved by now.  And no amount of money, funding, attention, focus may solve them. In a Dark Age, we have unsolvable problems. No matter what gender is predominant in authoritative positions.

Earth is hard. Ages like we are in, Dark Ages, are hard. Period. Blaming a group, or blaming anyOne is perhaps counterproductive. It’s human nature to want to find and assign blame but that doesn’t mean it gets us anywhere by doing so. Instead, we can create a sense of balance, reason, enlightenment within Oneself that can appreciate that the world is not what we want it to be and that this doesn’t mean there is a person or a group we can hold accountable for its ills.

We can then get further into the authentic energies of making ourselves the best version we can imagine, which is all we can really do anyway.  And it is a much more productive, fruitful endeavor.

As perhaps an aside, I’ll offer that the sense of warfare women lead in our times is also intensely dark and destructive. Emotional wars play out in female teen relationships, every day, in junior high schools across the so called “advanced societies.”

I remember hearing that some sorts of spiritual teachers were claiming that everyone born after 2000 were “crystal children” and “rainbow children” that would pave the way for peace on Earth. My daughters were born in 2002 and 2005 and in my first hand experience interacting with that generation, the drama, the back stabbing, the attacks on reputation and other standard adolescent behaviors continue, just like they did from my youth.

The fact that adult women routinely and unconsciously ask our fellow women to tone down their light, intelligence, creativity, beauty, glory, sensuality, etc. because it may make others uncomfortable is, in many ways, also quite regressive and destructive. These sorts of emotional wars go on every day.  For these reasons and the fact that the present Dark Age is the “cause” for our ills, not the men, I am not a proponent of a developing matriarchy nor “balanced divine feminine or masculine energy” as a remedy to a better world.

Women seem to long for role models of strength, love, empowerment, that uplifts and inspires. And yet in personal relationships or in our personal time we often pick, poke, tear down ourselves and others. As a habit and routine of female connection or personal evaluation.

Women often bond over what’s broken, vs. what’s working. Support groups form. Movements are created to fix what’s broken.  As nurturers and healers, regardless of gender, we are wired to focus on what needs more light, what would benefit from our balm, our love, our compassion, our wisdom, our creative solutions.  But without the base of self that is eternal, that is Love, beyond our human gender, we fight, we fix, we solve, we comfort from a shaky foundation.

Please know that Our love, our gloriousness, stems from God.

We didn’t stop being One with God when we became flesh, when we became form. It just feels this way, especially in a Dark Age like we are in now, where feeling connected to God is a struggle… to the point that we even question if there is a God!  That is perhaps the epitome of a Dark Age.

We love, as God, to the best of our abilities and to our best allowance of it within self, for God, to be in flesh, as life. Our life.

God uses whatever it can to be the love that it is, here.

We judge ourselves, and sometimes we should. Sometimes we know we can do better. Let that lead to further improvement and taking ourselves seriously enough to try better, to be better as we move forward in our lives. Knowing that this goodness, even greatness, we feel, this ability to be something worthy of living, worthy of sharing, worthy of being, stems from this unshakeable goodness of God. Which all life is. No matter what gender you Are. Ok? We hope this adds some context to the very popular constructs of divine feminine and divine masculine. We are divine, even when we don’t know it, even when we aren’t acting like it. And this divinity is available, as the core, within all life. No authoritative group or being is in your way. The only thing in your way is your own sense of what’s possible for you, as you and then the necessary actions to try it out, make it real in your You.

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