Esoteric Interaction and Communication with our Teams and Deceased Loved Ones

Beautiful brothers and sisters sometimes ask me to tell the other realms things such as thank you to their “team”, an apology to a deceased loved one, etc.

But, my friends, this physical reality our human calls home temporarily isn’t like a deserted island and I have one of the few functioning mobile phones.

We are heard… your voice, our voices, are equally audible, acknowledged, valuable.

I understand the confusion, as some have the ability and perhaps courage to share the info we receive from the non-physical realms. But, one’s ability to hear need not be confused with one’s ability to be heard beyond this realm.

If you have something to say to your team, say it.

If you want to say sorry to a deceased loved one, please do.

Now, you will never have the confirmation you deserve that it was heard. Esoteric communication doesn’t work like that, much to the chagrin of our minds and our desire for logic and evidence.

I hope this helps.

You are heard. You matter. You are relevant.

This life can be challenging. But you matter enough to Source, to God that you were created, your you, Your One.

It matters. This matters. You matter.

And you get to decide what that means, what your life Is, and how you choose then to be your One, you, here. Ok?

With love,