Message from Archangel Gabriel

An experience for being clear in our Light, elevating our consciousness even more, to feel and be the Light that we Are, here, now.

In this message from Archangel Gabriel he helps us better understand the way God actually responds to the abuses, horrors and even just unfortunate events of this world. He helps us identify a truer way to be our Light here, amidst what the world is now. He also helps anyOne who has been victimized to better access their sense of wholeness and well being. Additionally Gabriel helps dismantle the fantasy structures of victims somehow deserving their abuse, that their misfortune is connected to karma, to parallel lives, that their eternal self must need such abuse to evolve/learn and/or that their eternal self agreed to (or even approved of) such abuse. The power structure and extreme hypocrisy of religious and spiritual leaders who abuse is also addressed.  Gabriel referred to us as architects and master builders on site, helping us see why we beat ourselves up for perceived weakness and failures and how these high standards for self are actually very Godly.  When stepping back from the key themes in this message, Gabriel then invites us into the purely divine rationale for why we incarnated in these times, which included to be a sense of ethics, morality, goodness and Godliness amidst so many supposed spiritual leaders having failed so obviously at this important task.

I found this message bold, and sometimes difficult but ultimately healing, liberating and refreshing in its honest and fearless portrayal of how God views the abuses and victimization that occur in our world and our potential responses to such unfairness.

Archive is in two parts, core message and chat/extra info.  I acknowledge that part 2 got a bit off track from the glory of Gabriel’s message and most who listen again would prefer to just have Gabriel’s message on its own (thus making that available on its own as part 1). Re-experience as desired, to either or both parts and thank you so much for your participating in our monthly members experience – I appreciate you, your light within and our connection more than you may know.

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