JRF Podcast #212 God, Earth and Life Re-Imagined

Hello to You and your Beautiful eternal light!

A couple of things to share with you today for offerings this week.

First, this week’s live message is in video here:

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This one is deeper and feels like a re-set for everything we do going forward. Shared with love and respect for you, you’re One.  Since Thursday of last week (May 16)  there has been a noticeable expansion in the connection I know myself to be. I can feel it strongly in two written messages that came through, here and here.There is a clarity, a boldness and a sense of focus to it that has me feeling a bit still and even silent, at deeper levels of self. It feels good!

I had my once monthly crystal energy session from Bridgette Aldrich this morning and feel this depth and crystalline flow even more clearly, just in time for today’s podcast. I sense we are going to hear from what we are calling The Creation Team.

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Another notice: we are going to be a guest on Soulogy One Studios, live, on Monday May 27 at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern. Interviews can be an interesting experience, especially in the regular instances when the host is expecting us to view spirituality in similar, or even compatible ways… It invites me into a space of wanting to be loving and respectful to the host and their platform while being loving and respectful to myself, my truths and what I am led to offer here as truth, freedom, liberation for light of Source on Earth, from within humanity. We will see what happens 🙂 I will share links for the appearance when I have them or you can check in with their facebook page here on Monday, the day of the interview. I’m grateful for the opportunity as he has had many, many beautiful messengers on his program.

Thanks for your support everyOne! Sometimes I feel like I’m offering steak at a vegan convention. But, I’m not forcing it on anyOne; just doing my best to clearly offer a completely new record for being the Eternal light that we Are, even here, even within these body suits, even while fully living a hopefully pleasant human life.

Events, private sessions, archived classes, travel, recorded interviews and so much more are available. I LOVE to create and share soulful resources.

For now, sending love, gratitude and blessings,

Transcript for JRF Podcast #212 God, Earth and Life Re-Imagined

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Hello everybody my name is Jill Renee Feeler and welcome to today’s podcast. What do we do here? I have information about you that you don’t have. Hopefully that makes you curious. And, it is strange. I even appreciate it as strange. But I can’t deny that I know things that I otherwise would not, that I can’t explain that I know as Jill. I know it about you. I know it about me. I know it about this reality. And it’s been about 10 years in the process of me accessing this. And I love what comes through. I love how loved we are by God. Is how I look at it. And I love the insights and the practicality. Of the wisdom and information that comes through. I expect that it is possible to be helpful In an upgrade to absolutely every single living person on the planet. And even those in the afterlife. How about that?. Anyway so what are we going to do here today? Let’s start off with a connection exercise. I encourage you to close your eyes (if you’re in an environment where you can – be safe). Open your mind to new ideas and new concepts. As you take some nice deep breaths, Give yourself some space in your thinking that maybe there’s something that you have wrong. Or, maybe there’s something else, a new way to look at everything in this reality. And maybe you’ll hear some of that, or a big chunk of it today, and that will lead you to a bigger awareness. About how empowered you are in your life. How valuable you are inherently. How loved you are by a loving God. And making a sense of things that are really confusing in this reality. Okay, nice deep breath. Now we would like you to imagine with your next breath that you are a source of light that there is a starting of light that is within you and that it enters into the time-space continuum starting with you. That you are the entry point, as your humaneness, right now, for a force of source energy, that would otherwise not be here. That’s pretty exciting! Okay, without even trying, you are this representation of source energy, as something meaningful, inherently valuable, sovereign and also empowered to be as you are led. Empowered to live your life and experiment with different things, without trying to find “the way” or a certain path. That if something on your radar, in your life, works for you then Great! And if it doesn’t, then try something else. Give yourself the authority you deserve, to experiment in your reality, to be a better, freer more likeable, you, to you. Even better version of who and what you are, okay? Very good – nice!

Deep breath again. Wonderful! That’s a pretty good starting point. So what is the message going to be today? I want to call the source of this energy something different, because it does feel different. Starting last Thursday I felt a different tone of messages coming in. And it doesn’t come in from the outside. It comes up, from the inside.

I was sitting there having lunch last Thursday; some scallops and organic shitake mushrooms, If I remember correctly. I’m sitting there and I had been noticing something, an idea, earlier in my day and then I just started typing. It ended up being this fairly lengthy written message, like a manifesto lol. Link it to is at https://jillreneefeeler.com/some-words-hung-on-energy-a-message-for-liberation-from-various-spiritual-dogma-perhaps/ You may want to go and check that out, because it is a nice precursor to what we’re doing here.

I loved the connection experience that we just offered right there. I love that they encouraged you to open your mind. We have been noticing some things really. really clearly. When I say “we” I mean the expression of Jill that is beyond my five human senses, and beyond what I’ve been taught or learned as Jill. It is another level of wisdom that I’m accessing. I totally appreciate that even to me twelve years ago that this would sound ridiculous. But, I can’t deny my own reality and I can’t deny the experience that thousands of people across the globe have with our work. These are intelligent, savvy, sophisticated and even genius people. So if you don’t get it, if you’re not getting it, please know that you don’t have to, okay? We’re just offering. I felt a little anxious right there, lol. It’s okay. It’s okay if you don’t get it. I don’t need you to get me. I get me enough for me to share messages like this. But if you do get it and you appreciate it and you find it uplifting and supportive in your life, in your being your best you, and you’re realizing the power you have to create your best you, then, I’ve got lots of stuff for you!

Now I do want to warn you in terms of what’s going on here; in my world, that the exterior of our house is going to be painted starting tomorrow so they’re doing prep work. I don’t know how many guys are here but there’s ladders and so forth. I’m on the second level of my house for this live podcast Samson is a little anxious. He hasn’t barked or grrrrd yet, but he might. Samson you’re good i’ve got you. He keeps coming over to me for reassurance. Sam you’re good. You can lay down; you’re so good.

I just want to I can tell the energies today are going to be very different and sometimes with that the tech goes a little wonky. I can feel in my jaw, feeling like we’ve got something big here. I think my job as Jill is not to hold back.

Have you ever had those moments where you knew something that you sensed someone else didn’t know? And you saw them making things harder than they needed to? You saw them maybe struggling or sort of flailing unnecessarily? Or maybe they were making progress, but they could make progress so much easier and so much faster? And you just you feel this sort of like, I want to say something, I want to offer something, but yet you don’t know if you have permission? You don’t know if it will make it harder for them if you say something. You don’t know if you should just leave it alone. But you care about them so much.

And you love them so much that you want to find a way

You want to create a way excuse me

To respectfully offer something completely different

From what they’re doing right now

With the acknowledgement they may hear you they may not

They may think they agree with you

And that what you’re describing is exactly what they’re doing

And they’ll nod their head I go yeah me too!

And yet when you look at it you’re like

No no that’s you’re not hearing me

And then you just go

Okay great! we agree love you!

And you just let it go

Or you have people that do hear you

And there’s those moments where you’re like

So glad you said something

Because Earth is hard enough

Being human is not easy especially in the era

That you and I are in right now

There is so much misinformation

There is so much confusion on everything

Including in spirituality which is impossible to prove anyway

And yet so many of us by design it seems

Are drawn towards spiritual concepts and existential questions

And things like that

When I look at what I’m offering

Alongside what I call my team

Because I don’t know what else to just

To call the energy

That I feel I have access to

That gives me that alternative perspective

To almost everything I see in this reality

It’s not from human training as Jill

It’s not from my parents

It’s not from my genetic lineage

It’s not from my experiences

It’s stuff I just know

I just know stuff and it is making a difference

And it does make a difference

And I do love you too much to watch you struggle

When I see things that have been made entirely too complex

Drastically harder than it needs to be

And even expensive and time-consuming

Spirituality and connecting to God

Sould never have to require so much effort

And decades of seeking

And a whole bunch of books to read

And whole bunch of classes to take

And whole bunch of clearing to do

And sacrificing other relationships

And needing to leave marriages

That where there was no abuse

It was just well he’s you know he or she isn’t as spiritual as I am

So now we can’t be married anymore

Or you know giving our authority over to priests

Or wisdom keepers or psychics or astrologers or whatever

Letting them decide what’s best for us

It never needed to be that way

Was it a possibility? Yeah.

Anything’s possible almost

Almost anything is possible in a reality like Earth

Where you can come here be in this time-space continuum

As our humaneness

Feel isolated

Feel like we have to figure things out

And not know how connected inherently we are to source energy

What we call God

There’s a whole bunch of things that we experiment with

And we call truth

That we don’t question

And it leads to a lot of just

Furthering pain suffering chaos confusion etc

And I do love you too much to just

Stand idly by and say

Well that must be a lesson for you

I don’t think it is a lesson for you

And I don’t think it has to be a lesson for you

That’s not how I know it

So you can be you in so many ways

In almost endless amount of ways

You can believe in source energy or not

You can feel empowered in your life

Or feel like a complete victim

There are so many variables within your range of control

That you get to decide and it seems as

If everybody is looking for the big picture

With which to explain this reality

And part of the down the line logic conclusion and perspectives

Seem to be based on these big picture ideologies

About who and what we are?

And what we’re doing here?

So for years we me alongside what I call my team

Have been trying to offer our perspective

On who and what we are?

And why we’re here?

As as life in this reality on Earth

And what we’re seeing more clearly is that

People are hearing what they want to hear

And because of maybe the way we say it

Or because we’ve been a guest on a tele-summit

There is this strange cognitive dissonance I guess

In terms of oh yeah she’s saying what my teacher is saying

Oh yeah Jill and her team

They say what all the other teachers are saying

And I can’t stop that

I respect your freewill enough where I wouldn’t want to stop that

I’m just frustrated by it as Jill

I’ll completely own that it is and Jesus is smiling

He’s like it is frustrating because he had this too

Oh yeah yeah yeah! sure

I know what you’re saying I’m good I’m good

He’s like


They don’t hear me!


Oh my God!

But it’s so for whatever reason we try

I know it’s out of love

I know it’s out of dedication

And I know it’s out of passion

And maybe an annoying quality about me

That I hate misunderstandings I really do

In I think every way of my life

I don’t like it when somebody else is misunderstood

I don’t like it when I’m misunderstood

Especially when what I feel is being misunderstood matters so much

This isn’t about whether you should have your hair brown or blonde

To look your best right!

This stuff matters

That’s why so many of us are drawn

Sorry I’m crying

I don’t know why I’m even sorry

I just I don’t like it when I cry

I just find it unnecessary

Oh my God!

I guess

In every breath of every day

I can’t think of anything more important

Than that you know

And that you live your life

As if

As if there is a supreme creator

As if that supreme creator energy had designed you

That you are a part of that

But that supreme creator energy is loving

That you had value from the moment you

From the moment of you

The struggle

The human struggle for meaning and purpose

And feeling relevant

And feeling loved

We’ve made into this


Of misinformation and myths and lies

There’s so much to undo

And sometimes it

Even for me as Jill

It’s just like I don’t know

This is too hard

It’s too hard to get through sometimes the layers of the brain

That are just locked and loaded

That no no i’ve got it

Don’t like don’t bother me

I’ve got this whole process

I’ve been here I’ve been there

I do this I do that

I know this I know that

I’ve read this I’ve read that

I’m in this group I’m in that group

I get it

I got it and yet energetically

I’m like they don’t got it

They don’t got it

Because it’s not about any of that

It’s as if there’s parts of our humaneness

Because of the era that we’re in

That make things hard

That should not be hard

That we place outside of ourselves something

That was never meant to be outside of

Outside of oneself

Was never meant to be something you seek

It was meant to be something that you are

Now what is that?

What am I talking about?

It’s so I mean what is God? Right!

Love being placed outside of yourself

As if it’s something that you need to earn or deserve or study right!

A sense of that you matter

Being something that you need to prove

That you matter in this reality by

By what you know or what you do or what you’ve done

Or whatever it’s just so weird

Why it’s so hard for the human structure

As we’re currently experiencing it

Why it makes it so hard

When it can be and I know it to be

I experienced it to be so simple so simple

But it’s like the brain wants it to be

This complex decade long life long pursuit

That you’ll never solve

That you’ll never know

You’ll never know for sure

With a strange standard of proof and looking for credibility in

Who is a professional?

And who’s real? and who isn’t real? who is a charlatan?

And who’s a fraud? and who’s authentic?

And it’s just

But all of those and all of us

That recognize ourselves as a living representative of source energy

What we know that we

I feel like all of us try in multiple ways

In various ways no matter what time period we’re in

Because there’s a lot of us right

How many? it doesn’t matter

Brain question I love brain questions

But keep listening okay!

What all of us no!

Not through books through a sense of

Of course! like instinct okay!

Is that you never yeah I’m just

I’m just about to say the words i’ve said thousands of times

Feeling hopeless in a way that i’ve said this before

Why would they hear it differently today?

What is different about today?

Yeah thank you!

Mary Magdalene just said it’s always worth saying

Even if they don’t hear it

But I want to ask for another way to convey it

Remember though before I say this

We asked you earlier and you may have forgotten now

We’re asking your brain to loosen up

What it thinks it knows

We’re offering you a breakthrough

That you deserve and never did not deserve

That all life deserves

A fresh chance at knowing itself in this way




We know you as good

We know you as special

We know you as lovable in ways that you don’t even know

How lovable you are and why you’re lovable

We know you as capable

Even in a chaotic circus like Earth

We know as trustworthy with yourself in your life

We know you as creative and capable of exploring different ways

Of knowing yourself of being yourself

Of knowing your world and interacting in your world

We know yourself as independent

That even as your individual human

You have systems of self-control and systems of moving forward

And creating forward momentum

And that would be by your standards

By your personal standards

We know you as competent in assessing what is right

And what is wrong on a fundamental core level

Regardless of your human experiences

That may have seemed to have broken some of your systems

That we’re describing here

None of it is irreparable

Because at the root of you

We know you as decent and good and valuable

We know your reality as capable of distorting all of that

Every single thing we just described

Like putting something in a blender

And then seeing what happens

And yet the initiative that is a part of being alive

A part of being curious a part of

in it’s pure state wanting good things for self

And wanting good things for everyone else

There is a way of allowing that light

That goodness to shine and emanate from within you

And interact fully as the human that you are

While also engaging other layers of yourself

That are not outside of you

It’s like they’re sleeping within you

And those other systems are called Sixth Sense

Things like that it doesn’t have to mean

You receive messages

It doesn’t mean that there’s some guide or guardian

Ready to take over your life

Or tell you what to do in your life

That’s definitely not our view of

What it means to be enlightened or spiritual to me

And to us that’s a form of suppressing light

When a human is handing over their sense of who and what they are

And what they should or should not do

And how their life will or will not go

To a sense of self that is outside of your humaneness

And therefore dishonouring your humaneness in the process

When we described that we see you as an individual one

We also see you in your lifetime as whole and complete

Completely independent of any other incarnations

You may or may not be having

The desire to make sense of your reality

Has led to a lot of distortions

in trying to explain and rationalize

Why there is pain on Earth?

Why you may have pain on Earth?

Why there is suffering?

Why there are those that are lucky and gifted?

And why there are those that just seem cursed? Right!

But a lot of those explanations are not true

And a lot of those explanations have actually led to this chaos

That we’re describing this circus of enlightenment

That has very well-intended and seemingly informed individuals

Chasing something they seek outside of themselves

When everything that we are describing

As sacred and sovereign and divine about you is within you

Without any books needed really

So where there are books or classes or teachers etc

We encourage you to really pay attention do those teachings

Or ideas have you feeling like your best self is out there

Outside of you and that you have to go and get it

Because who you are right now

Is not something you went to get

It’s something you created from the inside out

And you’re living the expression of what you’ve created

And you have very little control over the rest of your environment in that process

And yet here you are

Functioning so well in so many ways

Despite the chaos and craziness of the systems

That you’re interacting in

That’s pretty impressive

And yes it can be easier

You’re right to want what you want

Some of the things you want

You may not get

And that doesn’t mean that you’re not loved

It doesn’t mean that God isn’t loving

It doesn’t mean that you aren’t doing it right

It just may mean that what you want

Is something you’re not going to get in your life

There is no punishment involved in that

There’s no specific cause or reason

Why you don’t have what you want

In terms of experiences in terms of relationships

In terms of all those things

You may have been doing things very very right

And still not getting what you want

And that sucks

And that’s Earth

Earth wasn’t designed to be a place where you get everything you want

The amount of energy we see

Spent on trying to get the life that you want

Versus live the life that you have

Is sad

I mean the struggle involved

But some of you really really hate your life

And we do want to change that

We can’t change it for you

But we know there’s huge upgrades

Involved in this

This reevaluation of who and what you are

And therefore what your life is

And some of that enlightenment teachings or personal development approaches

That you’ve been taking

Are they working for you?

If they are that’s great

If they’re not

Please just set everything down for a moment

And just sit there and you’re you

And just consider

Just sitting here

Sound kind of the adversity

Like what are we gonna say

What should they consider

What do we hoping they consider

If you feel like your life is absolutely terrible

Jill just said to us don’t you dare say

That we’re being too negative

No no no we’re not

We’re not gonna say that

There’s another way to be you

Actually a whole bunch

And there are well honed patterns

That are creating your experience within your system

That you could change

Don’t ask us how

You are the authority in your life

So we would ask you

What do you want to try first

Start something big

Start something small

Just start somewhere

What do you know that you are doing every day

Or even the way you think about yourself

And what’s possible for you in this world

What are some things you know are not working in your favor

That you want to start with

Just start anywhere right

It’s overwhelming

And we completely observe that

That depending how bad you feel like your life is

It can feel overwhelming

And it can feel like it can feel as if you were probably saying to yourself

I recognize on some level I got myself in this mess

That doesn’t mean this was all my fault

But I don’t know what to do

Somebody else knows better what I should do than I should

Than I do

So I’m going to just ask them to tell me what to do

And again we’re asking you

If that’s has that worked for you right

We’re suspecting it hasn’t

Because the one that’s the most invested and literally in your being

Happier more productive or more effective and more successful

Or more likeable version of yourself

All of those controls are within you

And you are the one that’s experiencing

The negative side effects of why and what you are choosing to be

Unconsciously probably

Choosing to be and not even noticing it

So start somewhere start small start big

Just start today

On whatever that is

And there are some very non “Woo Woo” resources available to you

That are working for millions of people

This isn’t Jill’s wheelhouse right

This isn’t she’s here to help those

That accept their mastery live their mastery

But what we notice is that there are many

That come across her work

That are wishing they felt their mastery

And she’s not really well tuned or dedicated to that

She hasn’t had that kind of life you guys okay

That’s not she it’s just she knows herself as lucky

So does she help people in one-on-one sessions?

Yeah all the time

Does the work that we do with her help everybody in some way

That’s helped a lot of people in a whole bunch of different ways

But one resource we point out to you if you really really hate your life

Is actually Jordan Peterson’s book ” Rules for Life”

Something about the chaos is even in the in the title

So if you feel lost

Start with that book

We’ve recommended it before in our work

Related to a message

Related to financial health and well-being

And sense of inherent value

And we’ve already heard from a couple people

Yeah more than a couple that

That book helps set them straight

That book has a way for many of undoing some of the spiritual circus

That they’d been trying to make work in their life

So it it strips things down

That book

For many of you

And we highly recommend it

Whether you feel like your life is a mess

Or whether you feel like you may want to explore what’s there

Because maybe there is some extra layers of effort

That are not necessary

That you have sort of stuck in there okay

It’s also a very pragmatic grounded book

It’s allowing the reader to experience itself

Fully in its humaneness

And that’s actually one of the chaos making experiences

That enlightenment and personal development literature and courses

Tend to have

They they keep tending to take the person out of their reality

And down these rabbit holes of you know clearing the energy field

And clearing the chakras

And evaluating what in a parallel life

May be affecting this life

And what are your dreams saying

And what’s the message

And what’s the meaning in all of these things

All of those things that we just described

Make it seem as if you are not wholly complete

There are answers that are out there

That you don’t have

And that you’d be better off if you had them

There that’s a sure fire recipe for getting you out of your present

And out of your humaneness

Seeking something like a ghost

Almost chasing some etheric thing down

So that you can begin to feel whole and complete

But that sense of whole and completeness that we are describing

Is something you always had

But you’re not feeling it

So if you’ve always had it

It’s always been there

But you keep leaving your energy field

In your consciousness and your awareness to go get it

You’re never gonna find it

That’s the cycle and the drama of a perpetual seeker

But it feels so right right

All of those false teachings have come about

Through very sophisticated beings trying to make sense

And in often a very intelligent well intended way

Have meant to try to get things straight

But just because it sounds good

And just because it even feels good

Doesn’t mean it’s right

So we would recommend that you judge

Its effectiveness for you on whether it’s working or not

And there can be upgrades that are provided

Through some of these false well we are being bold

And probably a little bit dramatic for effect

When we say false truths

But to us there’s a better truth how about that

Some of you can feel noticeable upgrades from some of these truths

But that doesn’t mean there’s not a better truth

That could get you to that upgrade

And get you into a deeper truer version of your eternal light

Your inherent value better faster easier more cheaply right

It’s dismaying to us as well

That this circus of enlightenment on the Earth plane in your time

Has become this huge scam an industry

And cult-like experience of oh it’s just so messy

And so disconnecting and it’s so good like any cult is

A cult wouldn’t be a cult if there weren’t a sense of

Divinity purpose upgrade better off-ness

That one feels as a member of the cult

Jill’s getting sick to her stomach

That we’re using these words

But what else would you call it?

What else would you call a belief system

That is not true to the inherent light of Source creator

That you are always were and could not not be

That puts like fences around it with us and them

And we’re right and they’re wrong and loyalty to leaders

And loyalty to teachings versus loyalty to the light of God

That is the root and core of all life

That’s where the loyalty should be

What is helping you feel the love and the light and the relevance of Source Creator

Personally within your energy field with nothing between you and it

That’s the objective

That’s it

Where you just know it

Not from a line from a book

From a sense of recognition of identity

That there’s nothing between you and God

That there’s nothing between you and a version of love

That is bigger than you can possibly imagine in your human consciousness

Some of you have gotten so used to needing to believe

That you had it

That you’re refusing to acknowledge

That you don’t feel perhaps

What we’re describing

That you don’t feel personally connected to God

That you don’t feel inherently valuable

That you don’t feel unconditionally worthy of beautiful things in your life

Because that identity

Deciding that’s true

Not like a pass/fail grade

Or a level that you reach

Just a decision of

Yeah that makes sense

Let me

Or that could work

Let me try that out

Not something to study outside of yourself

That identity helps get you through the natural

And unfortunate and undeserved pain

That does happen on Earth

So that when things don’t go your way

Or if they feel like they never go your way

At least your identity can say

This is a tough life

I wish it were different

I will do what I can

And do the best that I can to be

A version of me that I like and that I love

And that I can be my best in this reality

Just because I want to

But everything here feels like it’s stacked against me and hard

And it feels unfair

That is such a real and honest approach

And so much more true than any of the other rabbit holes

That somebody that is suffering or hurting

Starts to run down run into those rabbit holes

This pain must be something I deserved as a soul

This pain there must be a message in this pain

What is it

I’m feeling pain I’m not supposed to feel pain

What does this mean?

I have to get rid of it

What am I doing wrong?

We’re gonna go to that article that we wrote

With Jill on Thursday

So that it’s right here

And we do encourage you to read it

And there is something different energetically with the brain

And the human brain and it’s wiring

That helps complement the auditory message and a visualization

With the reading of words in the human language okay

And then after this I think we’ll wrap up


“Any spiritual concept that has you feeling like

You aren’t there or haven’t been there are flawed”

There is in quotations

“The truth is that you are light

Life is light

Recognizing the game of the New Age spirituality and religion is key

The game of chasing seeking for the light that we are

Those games keep one from accessing the light that one is

Humanity doesn’t need to awaken

No one needs to awaken

Humanity is not in a wave of awakening

Enlightenment services aren’t needed to help humanity awaken

There is no mass buildup of spiritual practitioners required

To prepare for the volumes of humans that will soon be awakening

But many a class was taught

Many a retreat Center was opened

Many a certificate was earned in preparation for such mass awakenings

Humanity can awaken at any time

Typically done in individual cases as their one

Like you and I probably did

One’s eternal self has perpetually awake

Perpetually ascended

No one’s soul needed to come here to awaken

Every eternal self is whole and complete perpetually

No one needs to come to Earth for lessons or otherwise

The eternal self is fully ascended

Fully graduated

Was never

Excuse me not ascended was never not graduated

No other lifetimes need fixing solving healing from you in this lifetime

Your other lifetimes if you have any

Need not be attached to anything that you are or aren’t in this life

Your life

A great life is not the result of a series of strung together lifetimes

Which are then resulted in getting it right

A bad life is not the result of an undeveloped soul

That has many things to learn


Your life

Humanity is the result of a eternal energy

Fully whole and complete

Curious about what it might be like to experience a reality

Where one can forget that they are God

One God

The God

Home is not heaven

This also is not home

To our eternal self energy

There is nowhere that it isn’t

Thus anywhere can be home

There is also no time that it isn’t

The eternal self is an energy field

That is beyond the confines of the time-space continuum

Hence your soul is not from a star either nor from the cosmos

There is no from at the eternal self level

There was never a time that it wasn’t

There was never a space where it isn’t

Your sense of the spiritual pursuit can then be whatever you want it to be

humans in our forgetting

Have created many a path for knowing God pursuing God

Improving one’s self

We can pretend we are here to clear karma from past lives

We can pretend that the journeys we take as souls

Are strung a long time like pearls on a strand

One happening in sequence with the next

Well within the time-space convention

We can pretend that we are here to evolve as souls

As if our souls are not whole not complete and are unevolved

We can pretend that there was a being

That died for our sins

We can pretend that we are born of the stars

Now in human form to shed light on Earth

We can pretend that Earth is a divine being

A sacred mother and worship her like a God

We can pretend that there is no God

That everything here started here in time-space

And that there is only evolution and responses to it

We can pretend that horrible people are here for our benefit

Trying to teach us a lesson

We can pretend that every thought creates an outcome

That our thoughts are so powerful that they create our reality

We can pretend that physicality is an illusion

And that nothing matters

We can pretend that good things only happen

To those who are thinking the right things

We can pretend that bad things only happen

To those who were thinking the wrong things

We can pretend that there is no bad and there is no good

We can pretend that everything happens for a reason

We can pretend that our soul has a specific mission for this life

And that if we don’t get it right

Then we will have to come back

We can pretend that our life in our future has its own destiny and plan

And the energies here will pull us and push us into that plan

No matter what we do

We can pretend we aren’t sovereign

We can pretend Earth as a school

We can pretend

We can pretend


We can pretend so many things

But that doesn’t mean they are true

But in our humaneness our consciousness is so powerful

And so advanced relative to other other life-forms

That what we pretend is true

Dramatically affects the life we live

The person we are

The future we create

And we are even powerful enough to consider

Outside the reality of our present pretending

We can be curious like our Creator God energy

About other possibilities other scenarios other truths being true

Well then what is true?

What if there is very little certainty available here

Of what is true and what isn’t?

What if everyone here is doing the best we can with what we know

And that we can individually influence and affect what we know

What if those who know don’t know?

And those who don’t know know?

Or what if there are truths

Truths big enough to make sense of everything we’ve shared so far

Truths that are true whether you believe them or not

The truth that you are light

No matter what you believe

No matter what you know

No matter what you are doing or not doing

No matter what

I will offer my truth or is it my pretending

How can I really know after all?

My truth is that being enlightenment means

Being the light that you are eternally

Claiming that perhaps undeserved and unearnable grace of God’s love that we so need

And benefit from in this reality

Being loved beyond measure

Being of value inherently

Being of purpose no matter one’s knowledge training or success

You and all are light of God energy no matter what

I do believe in God

One God

One God that is curious and this curiosity

Makes it God

Expansive and infinite

One God that was curious

What it would be like to forget that it was God

One God that through itself created a reality

In which it could forget

One God that would protect the strange reality

With seemingly impenetrable forces like space and time

And ranges of consciousness which included the likelihood of forgetting

Potentially everything that is true

One God that would create life forms and energy systems to experience itself

In that special arena of physicality and consciousness

One God that didn’t know how it would go

What would happen

How things would unfold

One God that by its not knowing how things will go

Is in actuality infinite

One God that loves all and every essence of life

And has compassion and sympathy and comfort for those

That happen to experience unfortunate events

While it is in the reality where one can forget it is God

Because while we are forgetting that we are God

We can and do

Very unseemingly

Excuse me

Because while we are forgetting that we are God

We can and do very seemingly ungodly things

God is not lost

Humanity is not lost

God is not here to get to know itself

We can have identity crisis but God doesn’t

Humanity isn’t trying to get home

Humanity is it as itself in its consciousness containers is home within its humanity

And humanity is temporary

Humans and all physical life are mortal

Death is not the end nor is it the beginning

Death is the permanent conclusion of that physical form’s experience of itself

Life at the eternal self level never stops being life

And never stops being source


Human life happens simultaneously

Alongside the eternal self being itself

The eternal self isn’t trying to get its human to be anything other than what it is

As the eternal self it is whole and complete

No matter what it’s human is doing or not doing

If it’s human wants to spiritually awaken

That’s great!

If it’s human wants to continue pretending it isn’t God

That’s great!

All of it anything that can happen here

Fulfills the overall objective of this reality

Of exploring what happens when we forget that we are God”

Shared today

May th with you

Here from within the time-space vectors of Earth

As this human called Jill Renee Feeler

As my one to your one would love and hopefully in liberating vibes

To be you

Your light and shine brightly

Because you can

And maybe now

You know


There’s just a bit more and it’s a postscript

As I was feeling into some people’s responses to this

That we shared that day on Thursday

So a postscript P.S.

One may wonder why we use the word ‘pretend’

If we stand back from ourselves our beliefs our truths

Especially those that can never be proven

It can be a very healthy exercise

And also beneficially humbling

Pretending something is true doesn’t mean we are children

Doesn’t mean we are naive

Pretending something is true means we are acting as if it is

When something cannot be actually proven as true or not

It is very much like pretending

On Earth we do a lot of pretending

And it doesn’t have to mean being fake phony inauthentic

Admitting admitting the part of pretending may actually help us to be more authentic

Priests are pretending that what they know is true

It cannot be proven

Atheists are pretending that what they know is true

Metaphysical and spiritual experiences are pretending

What they know is true

So another approach is pick your best thing to pretend and see how it goes

Are we each allowed to pretend that what we know is true?

Of course

But there is reason to be cautious whenever one ties their identity

Too tightly with what you believe

You are not what you believe

Your beliefs highly influence your human experience

But your eternal self is what it is

Regardless of what you believe or disbelief

Do I believe what I do as truth?

Of course or I wouldn’t believe it

And I have the pragmatism

And range of consciousness to consider

That if anything about it is wrong

That I am still eternally light

Inherently valuable and doing the best I can

With what I know

Might I know better for others?


But there is no way to prove it

And acknowledging this feels good and true

Xoxo Jill

I love those words

I love those words

That literally that it was just like

Because of the way it is being me

That message that I read right there

And that last what minutes or so

Came through as I’m eating my scallops

And as I’m eating my shitake mushrooms

So I’m typing and it’s like it’s coming out of me

And then I read it and like oh yeah that’s good

And I just keep going

It’s so it’s not like what should I say next?

It’s like a river flowing from not from the outside right

It’s from a river within me that says stuff like this

And I’m glad I took the time to do that

And I hope it does offer insight and healing

And liberation and wisdom for you in your life

I do love you and that is my intention with everything that we do

And you guys I don’t want to be a crutch for you

I don’t want to be another person that

That you may want to hand your authority over to

And ask me to tell you what you should do in your life

I choose to interact with you as the fellow being of light

And even master of light

That I know you to be as your eternal self energy

Might that not go well sometimes?

Yeah it doesn’t go well sometimes

But it goes well a lot of the time

And what I know from my experience and the feedback that I get from my work

It inspires the mastery I know you have within you

If you are choosing to experience yourself in that way

There have been so many people that I feel so blessed

To have hung out with shoulder to shoulder

That used to be

Maybe in a cult-like environment

Or maybe addicted to the the Tele-summits

Or the you know the self-help books

Or the you know this or that or whatever

And they were just like wait a minute what is this?

What in like wait a minute what is Jill saying?

She’s saying I was always the light

Even if I don’t know I’m the light

That I was chasing

Wait what?


And then they start to consider it for themselves

They start to maybe pretend that that’s true right

And this vain of pretending

And they start to reevaluate every offer that comes their way

That has a tendency to pull us out of ourselves

Out of our present into our future

Now somebody recently

I can’t remember what the experience was

But somebody says some I think it was at the Boise workshop actually

It came up about

And I think I brought it up

So when I say pulling you out of your present

I don’t mean stay in your present

Like I think Eckhart Tolle means stay in your present

Because you could stay in your present

In a five human sensory sort of way

Where it feels limited and suppressed and incomplete right

So I’m not talking about that version of present

I’m talking about present

In a way that is beyond your imagination in terms of what’s available to you

Where there’s so many choices for every single thing you do in your in your day

And there’s so many choices of how you respond

To what this world sort of throws at us

In a random unplanned non destined unpurposeful way



Okay that

Glad we did this today

Thanks for hanging out with me

I have no idea

How this will go

What you’ll decide to do with this but

But I like what we did here today

Thanks for being a part of it

Thanks for sharing this

If you feel like to

Thanks for may be listening to this over and over and over again

If you would

You’ll probably hear something new every time you hear it

Like we talked about at the beginning with my frustration

These human brains man they are

They are sophisticated really advanced things



Yeah that’s good

I could keep going but that that feels good for now



Thank you

I love you

Oh announcement!

I will be on

Ok I want to get their name right

There’s a program and it’s called Soulogy One Studios {soulspeaks D}

And a client / friend fellow master of mine pointed out

I can’t remember what it was but she said that

She said something it was Paige

Paige if you’re listening you are a little sister

She said something at the end of her session

Like I there’s this guy and he does these interviews of people like you

And it would be really cool if you were on his

Because he’s you know a good interviewer

And he’s interviewed some other great people

And that would be so cool

And then I think she said she was gonna reach out to him

And I thought you know what i’ve never heard of him

I’m curious

So he’s interviewed Magenta Pixie

And he’s he has interviewed some other I want to say fellow speakers

And the telesummit circuit kind of thing

So I actually reached out to him

And then he did get back to me

And I’m booked for Monday

I don’t normally reach out to people and ask to be interviewed

And I think it is my ego

Sort of wanting to point that out

That’s fine

Maybe a less likable quality about me

I know I like it less but anyway I said it there it is

Anyway so I am excited about the opportunity

And I joked on my newsletter that I sent out today

That sometimes when I’m being interviewed

And this happened in a recent interview too

Where somebody maybe we don’t know each other that well

Or they don’t know me through my work

I sense

And I witness that they have an expectation

That I’m that I’m thinking the same way as they are about different things

And then when I come they say something

Like well we all know that you know whatever

We all create our own reality

Or our thoughts create a reality

And then

And I’m just

There’s always that moment of me is juggling

Oh and I sometimes

I say to myself the F-word like oh fudge

Like but the real word

And I’m like what am i a now? Damn

Because I want to be respectful of that

Their show

I want to be respectful of their audience

And yet I do have a sense of trust that

That I am there and I don’t want to pretend I agree

With something that I don’t agree with so then I

Choices right

Then I’m like okay

So do I pretend I agree with them and let it go

Do I say well there’s another way to look at it and I just move on

You know

The choices are almost endless

But lately and I think in recent years

I have become more comfortable with offering my differing opinion

Or differing truth

What I’m pretending that is different than what they’re pretending

In the vain of this article again

And it has felt good but it’s awkward

And some interviewers respond better to that than others

Some are like oh I’m curious what do you mean by that?

Can you help explain it more?

I’ve never heard that before

And then others I think pretend they don’t hear me

But I do feel sometimes

And i’ve used this metaphor a couple times in the past week

And I really like it more than a couple

I feel a bit like I’m offering steak at a vegan convention

So it’s awkward it

It feels like there’s a lot of effort there is Jill

It’s so much easier as you guys know

In your own lives too

It’s so much easier to interact with people when you seem to agree with everything

And yet I am that person that we described in the beginning of the

In the beginning of this message

I am that person that if I see somebody doing something

That I view matters in a way that they could be getting better results

They could be doing it more easily

That they’re making it harder than they need to

It is really

I am the type of person

It is very hard for me to just zip it

And go that is not my business

I make things my business all the time


You can change

That’s my girls right

I am the mom

That if i’m

You know driving by the you know

We just picked up the kids from school

When they were in elementary school

And there were three kids just beating the crap out of each other

Three boys and one seemed to be at the huge disadvantage

And the other two were just going at him

And they’re on the on the school grounds

And I’m like oh does he need help

So I literally rolled down my window

And my daughter Georgia was probably maybe at that time

She’s just like mom! Don’t!

Like mom!

And I just yelled at the window

I said hey!

And they all stopped you know looked at me like mid fist

And I was like

And I looked at the little kid

And I made eye contact with him from my mini van

And I’m like are you okay?

And he goes yeah okay!

I’m like okay!

Just checking

And my daughter

Just like you know trying to appear invisible in her seat

Like that is not my mother

I don’t know what’s going on

I am not with her

So yeah!

Much to my daughters’ chagrin

I am that mom

I am that person

And I do care and I care in an active proactive engaged way

And sometimes I may need to apologize for it

But for the most part I am comfortable

Because I know my intentions


And I can be

I’m always giving somebody the option of ignoring me

Everybody has the free will of pretending we said nothing

Everybody has the option of pretending this video is not on the planet okay

There you go

And it doesn’t need to bother anybody


But it might then I’m willing to take that risk

Given the upgrades that I know that we’re offering

Out of love and out of honor

For the light that you are

As you are one in your life

And so it is

Bye bye for now!

See you next week!