Spiritual Teachings without a Hierarchy or Pyramid of Knowledge

We offer many courses and spiritual experiences. We offer them in a way that you can choose as you are led. Start anywhere. Or no where. We have no pyramid of accumulating energies. No ascending ladder of knowledge and skills.

Because we see you and treat you as the Light you are. Fully ascended. Never wasn’t ascended.

In our view, you are always “there”… the Light you Are, eternally. And here.

We don’t want to further perpetuate these notions of “becoming your light,” “ascending your energy field,” “first wave vs other waves,” “levels of enlightenment,” “raising your vibration.” “Transcending 3D” as if 3D is a problem for your eternal light. Hint: it isn’t. And just try and take 3 out of 4, 5 and so on. Sorry. Even cosmic math doesn’t work like that.

So many ways to have us chasing, seeking, growing – into the light within, that we always are, always have been, and never were not.

But Earth is strange. We can easily feel like the light isn’t there, that we aren’t it, like we need to go find it. Outside of ourselves. All the while it Is there, it Is you. Light is life. Eternally. Infinitely. Even when we are pretending we aren’t.

Claim. Be. Nurture. Support. Live. The light you Are. I promise that you don’t actually need to know anything more than that.

But how? There you are again, looking outside yourSelf. Want to know how? That’s your choice. What do you want to do first, as an unknown experiment in being Your light, here and now. Be good. Be wise. Be honest. Be courageous. Be productive. Be responsible for self. Be loving. But be savvy about it. This is Earth and it can often feel like others (or self lol) are toddlers running with scissors. And since Earth and humanity aren’t ascending (that’s a myth, and unnecessary) it’s liberating to be your light amidst what Is, not what you wish this reality was.

Be the light that you are. Your wave. Your record. Your One. The Light you Are.

And you get to decide what that means.

Sovereign light. In action.

With love,

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