10 Steps for the Consistently Questioning Seeker

If you tend to be the type of person that asks How, Why, When, Who, What type questions when it comes to esoteric and spiritual topics, this is for you. It’s possibly relevant to others, too, but that’s my starting point.

1. Life is more of an experiment than not. And you may be acting (asking) as if there is A way, An answer, for anything, for everything. A way to be your light, one way to be a healer, a guaranteed method of connecting with your guides, one right energetic forecast, etc.
2. Wait. It gets worse. Not only is life more like an experiment, but You are your own experiment. If panic is now setting in, sink into that part of you that is… not surprised at this. You’ve probably been hanging out with groups or teachers or coaches and such that promoted this idea that “we are all one”. Sorry (or yay!) but we are each our own Ones. With this freedom you can get to experimenting and exploring and being curious about what works best, by your own standards, for being your own One. In this highly variable, incredibly unpredictable, often chaotic and regularly unfair world that we live in.
3. Where do you start in being Your One? Start anywhere, just start somewhere. While acknowledging that Earth has never been safe. Your Eternal Self knew this – and came/incarnated anyway. The question that tends to work best is “What do I want to try next?” And then try it out, see how it goes, knowing you can not know the outcome, because you haven’t done it yet. Then, adjust accordingly.
4. Be brave. There’s no guarantees of how things will go, no matter what it is. Even with every certification and spiritual training you can think of, some healers are not busy with clients and/or not making a living. It happens, as one example of things not matching intentions. Embrace the uncertainty and be ready to be there, for yourSelf, no matter how things end up going. (And if it’s a biz, don’t over invest!)
5. Appreciate the unpredictability and randomness of this world. It’ll save you soooo much energy. More energy to run the experiment of you being you, trying out different things.
6. Don’t automatically trust people. Even so-called spiritual people. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they know, even those with spiritual gifts/prowess. At the end of every day you have just You and so it is wise to trust your self more, as the ultimate decision maker in your life.
7. Don’t automatically trust “signs” or supposed signals you sense are guiding you in this life. I notice that for many, the signs and signals or even feelings have earned more authority than self in one’s own life. “It’s a sign” can be accompanied by “what do I want that to mean?”, thus invoking your inherent sovereignty amidst the good feeling vibes of whatever the sign offered.
8. Questions within the esoteric, spiritual realms (and even the more complex seemingly unsolvable present challenges on Earth and in modern day culture) are something to explore, and maybe less something to “answer.” Watch out for the mind’s desire to fill holes like questions being plugged with supposed answers, especially to questions that may not even be very relevant to one’s particular journey. The more divisive the issue, the more likely each is pretending that they have the answers and the other side doesn’t. Very few lives, right now, actually hinge on that divisive issue. But it can feel like it does.
9. To any spiritual question, what if an answer is not even needed? What if your beingness is not dependent on an answer? What if you Are whole and complete, even in that part of you not knowing? Our beingness need not be based on what we know. Maybe that’s another reason why one’s childhood felt so liberated; we didn’t care as much what we knew or didn’t know. We didn’t base our worth, our identity, our paths on it. When I have, even great questions, I often say to my brain “great question. We may not get an answer, and we are living, moving forward, anyway.” This unplugged my own desire/need for answers to the often incessant questioning of a beautiful mind. A mind that wants answers. Guarantees. Safety. Identity. Based on answers.
10. Trust You. Your One. You’ve gotten yourSelf this far. And who knows where you can go. From here. This whole and complete, and yet always expanding, One.

I hope this is helpful. For your being. The light, love, wisdom that you Are. Eternally.

With love,

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