Be-ing in this World

A Personal Manifesto about Enlightenment and Spiritual Seeking

Any spiritual concept that has you feeling like you aren’t “there,” or haven’t been there, are flawed.

The truth is that you Are light. Life is Light.

Recognizing the game of the New Age, Spirituality and Religion is key. The game of chasing, seeking, for the light that we Are. Those games keep one from accessing the light that one Is.

Humanity doesn’t need to awaken.
No one needs to awaken.
Humanity isn’t in a wave of awakening.
Enlightenment services aren’t needed to help humanity to awaken.
There is no mass build up of spiritual practitioners needed to prepare for the volumes of humans that will soon be awakening. But, many a class was taught, many a retreat center was opened, many a certificate was earned in preparation for such mass awakenings.

Humanity can awaken, at any time (typically done in individual cases, as their One, like you and I probably did).
One’s Eternal Self is perpetually awake… perpetually ascended.
No One’s Soul needed to come here to awaken.
Every Eternal Self is whole and complete, perpetually. No one needs to come to Earth, for lessons or otherwise. The Eternal Self is fully ascended, fully graduated, was never not ascended, was never not graduated.

No other lifetimes need fixing, solving, healing from you in this lifetime.

Your other lifetimes, if you have any, need not be attached to anything that you are or aren’t in this life, your life. A great life is not the result of a series of strung together lifetimes which then resulted in getting it right. A bad life is not the result of an undeveloped soul that has many things to learn.

Life. Your Life.

Humanity is the result of Eternal energy, fully whole and complete, curious about what it might be like to experience a reality where One can forget that they are God (One God, THE God).

Home is not heaven. This, also, is not home. To our eternal self energy, there is no “where” that it isn’t. Thus, any “where” can be home. There is also no time that it isn’t. The Eternal Self is an energy field that is beyond the confines of the time | space continuum. Hence your Soul is not from a Star either, nor from the Cosmos… there is no “From” at the Eternal Self level. There was never a time that it wasn’t. There was never a space where it isn’t. 

Your sense of a Spiritual pursuit can then be whatever you want it to be. Humans, in our forgetting, have created many a path for knowing God, pursuing God, improving one’s self.

We can pretend we are here to clear kharma from “past” lives. We can pretend that the journeys we take as Souls are strung along time like pearls on a strand, one happening in sequence with the next, well within the time | space convention.

We can pretend that we are here to evolve as souls, as if our Souls are not whole, not complete, and are unevolved.

We can pretend that there was a being that died for our sins.

We can pretend that we are born of the Stars, now in human form to shed light on Earth.

We can pretend that the Earth is a divine being, a Sacred Mother, and worship “her” like a God.

We can pretend that there is no God, that everything here started here in time | space and that there is only evolution and responses to it.

We can pretend that horrible people are here for our benefit, trying to teach us a lesson.

We can pretend that every thought creates an outcome, that our thoughts are so powerful that they create our reality.

We can pretend that physicality is an illusion, and that nothing matters.

We can pretend that good things only happen to those who were thinking the right things.

We can pretend that bad things only happen to those who were thinking the wrong things.

We can pretend that there is no bad and there is no good.

We can pretend that everything happens for a reason.

We can pretend that our soul has a specific mission for this life and that if we don’t get it right then we will have to come back.

We can pretend that our life and our future has its own destiny and plan and the energies here will pull us and push us into that plan, no matter what we do.

We can pretend we aren’t Sovereign.

We can pretend Earth is a school.

We can pretend…

We can pretend. Here. We can pretend. So many things.

But that doesn’t mean they are true. But in our humanness, our consciousness is so powerful and so advanced relative to other life forms that what we pretend is true, dramatically affects the life we live, the person we are, the future we create. And we are even powerful enough to consider outside the reality of our present pretending. We can be curious like our Creator God energy about other possibilities, other scenarios, others truths being true.

Well then what is true? What if there is very little certainty available here, of what is true and what isn’t? What if everyone here is doing the best we can with what we know and that we can individually influence and affect what we know? What if those who know, don’t know and those who don’t know, know?

Or, what if there are truths; truths big enough to make sense of everything we’ve shared so far. Truths that are true whether you believe them or not. The truth that you are light no matter what you believe, no matter what you know, no matter what you are doing or not doing ~ no matter what.

I will offer my truth (or is it my pretending, how can I really know after all). My truth is that being enlightenment means
* being the light that you Are eternally,
* claiming the perhaps undeserved and un-earnable grace of God’s love that we so need and benefit from in this reality,
* being loved, beyond measure,
* being of value, inherently,
* being of purpose, no matter one’s knowledge, training or success,
* you and all are Light of God energy, no matter what.

I do believe in God. One God. One God that is curious and this curiosity makes it (God) expansive, and infinite. One God that was curious what it would be like to forget that it was God. One God that through itself created a reality in which it could forget. One God that would protect this strange reality with seemingly impenetrable forces like space and time and ranges of consciousness which included the likelihood of forgetting, potentially everything, that is true. One God that would create life forms and energy systems to experience itself in that special arena of physicality and consciousness. One God that didn’t know how it would go, what would happen, how things would unfold. One God that by its not knowing how things will go, is in actuality infinite. One God that loves all and every essence of life and has compassion and sympathy and comfort for those that happen to experience unfortunate events while it is in the reality where one can forget it is God. Because while we are forgetting that we are God, we can, and do very seemingly unGodly things.

God is not lost. Humanity is not lost.

God is not here to get to know itself. We can have identity crises, but God doesn’t.

Humanity isn’t trying to get home. Humanity, as itself in its consciousness containers, is home, within its humanity. And humanity is temporary. Humans and all physical life are mortal. Death is not the end nor is it the beginning. Death is the permanent conclusion of that physical form’s experience of itself. Life at the eternal self level never stops being life and never stops being Source (God). Human life happens simultaneously alongside the Eternal Self being itself. The Eternal Self isn’t trying to get its human to be anything other than what it is. As the Eternal Self it is whole and complete no matter what its human is doing or not doing.

If its human wants to spiritually awaken, that’s great. If its human wants to continue pretending it isn’t God, that’s great. All of it, anything that can happen here fulfills the overall objective of this reality; seeing what happens when we forget that we are God.

Shared today May 16 2019 with you, here from within the time | space vectors of Earth, as this human called Jill Renee Feeler. As my One. To your One. With love and hopefully liberating vibes, to be you, Your Light and Shine brightly. Because you can.  And, maybe, now You. Know.
– Jill


One may wonder why we used the word “pretend.” If we stand back from ourselves, our beliefs, our truths, especially those that can never be proven, it can be a very healthy exercise, and also beneficially humbling. Pretending something is true doesn’t mean we are children, doesn’t mean we are naive. Pretending something is true means we are acting as if it is. When something cannot be actually proven as true or not, it is very much like pretending. On Earth we do a lot of pretending, and it doesn’t have to mean being fake, phony, inauthentic. Admitting the part of pretending may actually help us to be more authentic! Priests are pretending that what they know is true. It cannot be proven. Atheists are pretending that what they know is true. Metaphysical and spiritual experiencers are pretending that what they know is true. So another approach is pick your best thing to pretend and see how it goes. Are we each allowed to pretend that what we know IS true? Of course. But, there is reason to be cautious whenever one ties their identity too tightly with what you believe. You are not what you believe. Your beliefs highly influence your human experience but your Eternal Self is what it is, regardless of what you believe or disbelieve. Do I believe what I do as truth? Of course! Or I wouldn’t believe it lol. And, I have the pragmatism and range of consciousness to consider that if anything about it is wrong, that I am still eternally light, inherently valuable and… doing the best I can with what I know. Might I know better than others? Yes. But there is no way to prove it, and acknowledging this feels good, and… true. XOxo, Jill

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