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This article is being shared amidst the new revelations that John of God may have sexually abused many of his followers.  I know that many here know of “John of God” and some here have even met him, and had miraculous healings from him.

This is such a strange world…(article below)…/brazil-faith-healer-accused-of-se…

I hope any of you that met him were safe, are safe and are well in your One. Multidimensionality isn’t always what we want it to be. Discernment. Self awareness. Self respect. Self love. Having your voice. And using it. When you need to. ❤️ Healing ❤️ I love you Now, accusations doesn’t mean guilt. “Not guilty” verdicts also don’t automatically mean innocence. Earth is messy. This came through from a Father’s Day post in June 2018 and feels relevant here:

“Life isn’t going to look perfect, on anyone, ever.

Maybe by holding space for another’s greatness, we make even more room for it, in them, and in ourselves.

We are in a phase of humanity similar to a witch hunt, ready to say, quite quickly, “see, they are bad. I knew it!” I think this witch hunt comes about because we want to feel safe, and we don’t. But on Earth, safety is never guaranteed, ever. We knew that before incarnating… No one is ever inherently bad. Anyone can have completely effed up layers to their lives, but also be capable of great talents, goodness and even heroics in other facets of their being human. This current temptation to disregard everything about another because of an identified and possibly major infraction, I feel, is going to backfire, on all of us.

In all situations, God offers grace. Thank God.

But this is very complex. Even though we seem to be trying to simplify it. “Is someone good or bad?” It isn’t that easy, we all have layers of both… and we can identify aspects of unlikable or possibly even harmful traits within any One.

Do I want folks like Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, and others that have broken laws to be held accountable? Yes. Do I want everyone to feel just and confident enough in themselves to say no to unwanted advances and the ability to safely decline/exit? Yes. And I also think that Cosby did make us laugh and smile, for decades. I remember his stand up comedy on HBO from possibly the 80s and I laughed, hard, at wholesome humor. How can he be both? Humans are fascinating beings with so many layers to who and what we are… And Weinstein helped bring us some amazingly talented actors and great films and tv. How do we reconcile this; the monster amidst the talent? I don’t know. But cutting one’s gifts out from the historical record with their flaws may deprive us all of some joy, laughs and happiness on Earth. So, I don’t know. And I’m not pretending to know. But we all have gifts. And we all have failures, some of them huge and damaging to others. Respecting the victims is important, too, of course.

Sigh. Oh what a messy place this can be.“

Also, I cannot believe (but totally can) how relevant this playlist is, for situations just like this. Many of our interests to find out what is true with John of God, or other similar instances, is so that we can learn whether they are Good or are Bad, are True or are Fakes… but, as we discuss in the playlist referenced above, that is not an approach we recommend. Because it isn’t that simple… sorry. Valuing our honesty, our mastery and supporting it here. For now. And finally, this came through today: “The goal may not be to know the truth. The goal may be to Be our truth. – Jill Renee Feeler” We’ve got a dynamic and interesting Facebook taking place here.

Offered with love,


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  1. Smiles December 31, 2018 at 11:29 am - Reply

    Wow!! I am not really sure how I came up with that. How funny! I think that I saw the information about Syria and then saw a note about your weekly podcast on Jan. 1. And then I put the two together for wishful thinking. So sorry. I guess I saw what I wanted to see. Hahaha!!!!!

    • Smiles December 31, 2018 at 11:32 am - Reply

      And on the side bar it said: “Listen to USA withdrawing from Syria:….” I thought that I would be listening to another podcast.

      • Jill Renee Feeler January 3, 2019 at 8:23 am - Reply

        Oh my goodness, I totally see what you mean and I agree that is confusing. That section should only have audio podcasts in it, but it is including written article posts. I hope I can figure out how to fix that – thank you for pointing out the confusion! Cheers and love, Jill

  2. Smiles December 18, 2018 at 10:23 am - Reply

    Hi Jill! I would be very interested in a second Wetiko series. With new topics or adding to the first series. Some things have changed since the first series. A new perspective would be very much appreciated:)

    • Jill Renee Feeler December 22, 2018 at 11:02 am - Reply

      That is a solid idea and I appreciate your sharing it ~ any specific topics/questions you’d want to see addressed? I do feel that in some ways I am offering some of what you are asking for as headlines appear, hence the John of Brazil perspective and I just wrapped up a written perspective on the USA removing troops from Syria, despite opposition from the Pentagon. Maybe we don’t need a new series, if I continue to be led to offer our take on headlines such as these.

      • Smiles December 30, 2018 at 4:20 pm - Reply

        I am very interested about United States and International politics. I am so excited for your podcast about Syria on Jan 1. I love discussing politics because I think that it is very important. The massive majority of news has been twisted to make Trump look very incompetent. **I want to know the Truth.** I know that he has severe foot in mouth disease and seems very narcissistic but he is doing some great things. Makes me sad that because he is upsetting the status quo that he is being attacked relentlessly and many want him to rot in prison. So please!!! continue to discuss politics. I really appreciate you putting yourself out there to discuss these topics that many don’t want to hear. Please know that I am listening with a very open heart and I appreciate what you are saying. Much love to you and happy holidays:)

        • Jill Renee Feeler December 30, 2018 at 5:27 pm - Reply

          Hello ! Thank you for your message and your encouragement to further discuss politics when it does arise. I’m actually not planning on a live message on Syria for Jan. 1… Can you please share with me where I may have given that impression? Thank you! Cosmic hugs, Jill

  3. Jeanine December 17, 2018 at 3:30 pm - Reply

    Jill what are your thoughts on whether one of the entities that he said work through him would have been a negative entity that he allowed to take over like wetiko. Not in any way implying he is not responsible for his behavior or that that entity totally controlled him I do think he always had a choice but because he left himself open to beings working through his body that something that could have initially started as positive and divine became corrupt?

    • Jill Renee Feeler December 17, 2018 at 4:31 pm - Reply

      Hi Jeanine, that is a definite possibility. I do believe as his John his intentions were always 100% positive. But, that doesn’t mean it ended beng good/healthy/respectful in every instance. After all, one horrible example of positive intentions being fully screwed up is that serial pedophiles are certain they are sharing mutual love with their child victim. The Outwitting Wetiko Series (Jeanine, you still have access to it (lifetime actually), at link, then log in :-) ) is highly recommended to understand unconsciousness in this reality and how it works. We don’t need to be a channeler to be more exposed to nasty temptations. All human life is susceptible to lack of light temptations, and some more than others. When we are talking conspiracies, people often ask, “Who, Who did this” or “Who is behind this” but in many ways the more important question isn’t who is causing malevolence in this world but rather What is causing malevolence in this world… and it is unconsciousness. It can be fairly benign and it can be the epitome of what the religions call evil. Again, for anyone dedicated to furthering their Light on Earth, it is invaluable to know what we are up against and that is Wetiko, which is why we did the series. There is nothing like it. Link to check it out and to register and get materials immediately is at Loving you, Jill

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