I know that most everyone is on stress overload but… please don’t be an asshole

I sense one of the biggest gifts we could give healthcare workers (and ourselves) right now, is to not get sick.

If you are healthy, do what you can to stay healthy.

If you aren’t healthy, do what you can to improve your health as much as possible.

Great starters/keepers:

eat real foods (nutrition ~ look up “inflammation reducing foods/nutrition” and be curious about improved dietary habits ~ perhaps the largest contributor to inflammation in the body is what we eat ~ easy to control!),
  2. drink water (to the point that your urine is very light yellow).
  3. movement (walking counts!),
  4. hygiene (regular and consistent hand washing, overall cleanliness of self and surroundings)
  5. stress reducing measures (deep breathing, smiling just because, meditation, humor, natural sun light in even small doses where possible)
* try and stay balanced as much as possible between adequate information to be wise but not too much (to the point that it feels like everyone you know is going to die from this (that’s not going to happen, even with the worst case scenarios)).

And of course physical distancing (which *hopefully* can relax at least a bit once 1) we have better testing, and 2) we have increased temporary healthcare capacity to handle the projected overwhelm).

I feel good about *praying* that the worse case projections turn out to be wrong ~ grossly overestimated.

But we don’t know (even the experts, in long form interviews, are honest about how much we don’t know right know – the experts have far more questions than answers themselves). Since there remains a lot of uncertainty, we just have to do what we can, stay wise, and try to be our best in a completely shitty situation.

And I know that most everyone’s on stress overload but try not to be an asshole during all of this, ok? (Online behavior, comments on social media, that behavior counts people) A crisis is a great excuse to be as pleasant as possible :-) and that doesn’t have to mean we bury our heads in the sand.

Offered with love,

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