For Those Missing Worship Services During The Quarantines for COVID-19

Our ability to worship, feel close to God and feel we can receive from God are often tied to certain places, certain authority figures in certain spiritual practices and ceremonies.  With the quarantines and shelter in place orders, many people of faith are affected in ways that are very different than non-believers. In troubling times we look even more to God, to our faith, to get us through. We lean in, knowing God is there.

I offer this to remind you that God isn’t with you just because you are in your worship center. God is available to you wherever you are ~ God’s love is that pure and that big.

Traditions have been created for how we worship, when we worship and with whom we worship.  Traditions are being disrupted amidst this global crisis, and it will likely change us all, forever.  This crisis could be the opportunity for many, even you, to create a more personal connection to God.

It can be scary. There are so many warnings about false prophets and darkness that can lurk within the fallen. It is wise to be aware and cautious. And yet many thought Jesus was a false prophet, missing out and still missing out on his embodiment of God’s love, grace, light, healing and wisdom. This reality can make it almost too easy to trust the untrustworthy and to overlook a bringer of God’s light. At some point, even when we feel we can’t trust ourselves, it becomes necessary to trust God.

I’m a part of a growing group that had left the church, for various reasons. But I never left God.  And I never left Jesus. My reasons are my own, and I will share links below of that story in case you are interested. What I learned is that God is wherever I am. I feel closer to God now, than I ever did in a church or from listening to a preacher. God, Jesus is alive for me now, in my life, in my heart, in my joy, just like Jesus showed us. This has been such a transformation, a true re-birth, that is beyond the church as we know it today. What I notice is that this less traditional but very real connection to God that I know now is what Jesus was talking about in His life. This is it. And during a global pandemic, that love of God within one’s heart and personal testament is put to the test!

Test passed! I’m not feeling lost in this crisis. I’m feeling more put to use by God than I was a month ago. I feel clear, focused, loving, alive and on purpose. In God’s love. I want you to feel this, too…

If you are curious, I have a lot to offer here, hoping, praying that you, too, will feel God more personally than you ever have before. And that in this global pandemic that your new sense of communion with God gets you through it, even while your normal worship patterns are disrupted.

If you get worried in any of the materials, because it feels so different, I advise you to ask for God to help you feel Him in that experience, showing you whether He is there, in these materials, or not. And ask yourself if you feel His love, His grace, His warmth, personally in this experience. I know it will feel very different and the language and words may be unusual and may feel uncomfortable. They are just words. And Jesus didn’t speak English, either, lol. So let’s get beyond the words and into the truth of God’s love, that is beyond words, buildings and faith leaders.

I hope you enjoy it, I hope you feel God’s love more personally than ever before, just as Jesus intended.

Since Easter is coming up, I’ve included an Easter message we shared previously and it’s a whopper of love and transformation.

Offered with love,


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