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We have a lot to share with you to personally connect to Your Light within, deconstruct what isn’t working and support your amazing Soul Signature in this reality. We don’t ask this reality to be anything other than exactly what it is ~ no more dreaming of this reality changing… so that you can then be your light. That isn’t mastery. Masters operate at their best even in less than ideal circumstances. We knew what this world would be before we came… Don’t underestimate yourSelf. And, let’s not underestimate the power of unconsciousness in this reality, either!

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Picture from Platinum Age Retreat in Zion Utah 2017. Photo credit: Melissa Bayliss

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I invite you to join me in exploring another level of you and another level for humanity. Humanity is struggling because it has forgotten who and what it is. And we need to reach beyond our five human senses to get past our present challenges, which are real.

There is a group on Earth pre-wired to change the game of what it means to be human. If you are here, reading these words, chances are you are part of this group.

I do my work, I create these ReSources for you, for us. It’s not that I don’t care about the rest of humanity or the rest of life on Earth. It is that I deeply understand how this reality works, how it was created and how it moves forward, authentically. I know this because of my own connection to Source Creator God which I ReMembered in 2009.  Here is a video intro message for more info on my journey into these layers of self.

We incarnated because we wanted to, because we chose to. There are many, many misunderstandings, particularly within organized religions and also within “enlightenment”, “consciousness” and “new age” communities. These misunderstandings lead to further separation of ourselves from our divine origin (I call this God, choosing to reclaim this meaningful word). My connection to the divine is unique – I wasn’t trained nor did I study any of  present day teachings. I was and am continuously guided to remain within myself for answers, for the purpose of offering another way forward. It isn’t that I disrespect other teachers and leaders (from any genre). Rather I see that everything seemed too similar from my perspective (as a soul and as a human). And, I wasn’t too impressed with how far humanity was moving forward so I led myself to create another way forward, pioneering a new path. I love choices, originality and free will. I honor you, your discernment and your inherent Sovereignty. I don’t want followers; I want comrades. My approach and teachings tend to be original and often contradictory to present day teachings. (For example, we are Not all one. The point of being human was/is to Not be all one, but to be One. Don’t believe me? Look at any of your fingerprints… the signs of this truth are everywhere.  And it’s time to reMember the truth about who and what we are and why we are here and why we are here now.  And it isn’t to save anyone (rescuer/savior programs are another myth and separation strategy running amuck. And I love you enough to point it out whenever I witness it)).

More importantly, my approach and teachings are effective; effective at helping you see, know and be the Light of God that you Are (and that you have always been, even when you were pretending this wasn’t true). Living this way (with this connection to our Divine origin) makes us more Creative, more productive, with increased capability to discern and then authentically solve the problems we face.  Living in this manner also makes us more joy-filled, more interesting and more captivating. We look more “alive” because the spirit of Source is allowed to be present within oneself.  I’m results oriented and this makes my work very practical while nothing less than interstellar and purely supernatural.  We make Light… real… here on Earth. Because we can be much farther along in human evolution than we are. And I’m impatient (and I consider this a virtue lol).

I tend to be bold, courageous, “out there” yet also incredibly grounded and practical. Because if we can’t make the Light of God we Are practical and tangible in our every day lives, then (seriously) what the f*&# is the point? Truly. If your Light is separating you from your loved ones, from your means of making a living, from your own human-ness, from your minding your matter, then I would encourage you to try it another way — please! Because no one has the unique aspect of Light, of Source, that you are… no one. You matter. That is why you are here.

In my work and how I am in this reality, I am also quite picky. You won’t find me hustling, or on a whole bunch of telesummits (I choose to do just 1-3 per year), or “pushing” my work. I won’t even push my newsletter. My strategy is that I offer, I share, I be.  Yes, I could be much bigger and more public and at some point that may be my reality.  But it’ll be from being me and not from compromising my integrity and personal values for the sake of financial gain and/or notoriety. Going viral is not my goal, lol.  If it’s not real and it’s not deep and it’s not directly related to my unique Soul Signature, then I’m not interested. I make a very good living and have a life I love, which includes creating and sharing alongside my fellow masters (you) and this is how I like it.

Since my own reconnection in 2009 I’ve been pioneering a fresh approach to being light in human form that is intelligent, off the charts interdimensional (deep beyond measure), and guided straight from what I refer to as “our teams” which includes our higher self.  I left my successful corporate career (I’m an MBA) and still consider myself a rationalist in many regards. I’ve been blessed to work with beings from across this planet that include the most advanced of the advanced in terms of spirituality. I also work with beings who have never studied spirituality and yet they know there is more; more to themselves and more to this reality and they want to explore it for themselves, making it personal and real.  I’ve been told that my work is the landing pad for accessing true personal mastery at the most advanced levels available on the planet.  And that is my goal — while also making it clear, understandable and applicable at all levels of self.  I taught Finance at the university level, am a natural teacher and have always felt that the goal is to make the complex simple. My clients include teachers and leaders in the personal development, spiritual and consciousness communities as well as business owners, fellow visionaries and even parents and mainstream comrades wanting to go deeper in their lives, making it more meaningful. They were ready for me and my work (it’s honoring, and also humbling).

I take my work very seriously. I am clear about who I am and why I am here. I desire for you to have this same clarity. Not so that you can sound cool and be arrogant nor elitist … rather so you can Be the amazing divine energy you Are, so that you can be it right now, in all facets of your being human. So that you can be done with all the misunderstandings and nonsense that has created incessant tail-chasing (ugh, I can’t watch lol).

Jill Renee Feeler Platinum Age Creations LLC IMG_8069_1

Jill with her Golden (Samson) and one of their two cats (Smokey)

In addition to creating and operating my company (Platinum Age Creations LLC) so that I can support you and others in this evolutionary process, I am also a wife (married to an amazing (and very “mainstream”) gentleman for over 20 years), and a mom to two young women whom I’m blessed to call my daughters in this lifetime.  I love to be serious and I also love to laugh, smile, be silly, have fun and be light hearted. I spend my free time being human me, minding my matter, overseeing my family’s household and supporting love and beauty in our lives, traveling as a family and appreciating all the amazingness this reality offers (and I LOVE water, like, really).

I offer many services, classes and experiences (see Store here), all intended to assist this special group and anyone else led to being a deeper, more “successful”, Real, and pioneering version of themselves.

My intention with this site is that it gets you what you need, when you need it in a highly efficient, effective and easy to understand process. There is so much here for you – please hang out and look around and come back and you’ll find more each time. It’s easy for me as human Jill to envy my colleagues that just write books or only do podcasts or just do private sessions and a blog. I love to share, I have a lot to share and I offer it in almost every way I can think that is interesting to me, fun and delivers results to my clients, from travel to private sessions to online series classes to regular podcasts and books and regular facebook engagement.  I’m not a web developer and finding solutions that get the job done involves compromises. But, I do lots of research on website tools and client delivery applications, along with my own trial and error with various approaches. I appreciate process improvement where it makes sense. Sometimes you’ll notice new upgrades in systems and processes.  If the process to access materials and services ever isn’t clear, check in with yourself for your own internal support or check out customer support and we’ll get you taken care of.

For those just getting to know me, I recommend checking out:

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There is much to explore on this site. I’ve been creating, sharing and leaving trails of timeless crystal breadcrumbs since starting my podcasts in 2011 and I continue to create fresh and new materials on an ongoing basis.  I’m no ones slave; I offer as I’m led and my schedule includes time for me to be me for my own sake and so that I can support you and others alongside me on this wild ride called life.  I won’t chase you and I won’t prop you up. This is your life and I support your Sovereignty, from the inside out.  I offer you another level of experience with Yourself, your Soul Signature, Your Light from within, in other words that completely rock star version of yourself you’ve always known you can be.

With love and gratitude,