Shared Sessions: Jill and Paul

Hello everyOne! I mentioned in the Dec. Solstice message that I would encourage anyone who is interested to share the recording from their private session with me, in whole or in part. There are so many things that can come through in a private session that sooooo many others can relate to. Also, sometimes the client’s questions are of a variety that the answers are relevant, even globally. Instead of our usual weekly call today, I’ll be sharing the session from the first person that volunteered to share their session, Paul. Yes, that Paul ~ for those of you that have taken various classes we offer you’ve probably heard Paul and his very unique questions that lead us into a whole new path to share from… the Q&A parts of classes and workshops are often my favorite, for this very reason! So, it feels perfect that Paul was the first one to volunteer one of his private sessions. Given our unusual partnership, I offered to set up time with him in which we would both listen to a session of his choosing and have a conversation about it. It was fun! I will admit my favorite part of our time was, again, the Q&A lol! Audio is here: With love, gratitude and blessings, Jill Events, private sessions, archived classes, travel, recorded interviews and so much more are available. I LOVE to create and share soulful resources. Thank you for your support. I appreciate You and our connection here in this beautiful and often strange reality.