Jill Renee Feeler with John Burgos on Beyond the Ordinary Season 15

John and I have so much fun together, expanding the light within ourselves and offering that same experience to others. We feel the joy and sacredness of connecting to God from within… personally, not through a Guru model or a false ascension program. We also tell it like it is. I have a blast every time we are together. In this interview I had joined him on his amazing series Beyond the Ordinary for Season 15 and he agreed to my sharing the interview recording with you here.

Audio only is here:

The Special Offer for this series is highly recommended!!! Available at https://jillreneefeeler.com/livingascended/ We have the live Q&A call for this series on Feb. 24. If you don’t make it for that, no worries, it (and the whole series) is recorded for you. Let it be real, and powerful and upgrading for You, whenever you are led to access it, even if it is years after the fact. Our work together, you and I and our Higher Selves, is timeless.

Other offerings, including interviews are available for consideration here.

I am currently doing 2-3 client trips per year, in small groups of 12-20, allowing for personal interaction and a sort of small family reunion feel. Sacred Travel opportunities are here.

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