Jill joins Kasey for a Covid-19 Special Topic Conversation on their Xtra Ordinary Experiences Channel


This conversation was recorded on March 31 2020. I was honored to have their team invite me back for this important special topic, having just met them a few weeks before for our first interview together.

It appears many of the other guests focused more on 1) the opportunity to become your light, raise your vibration, 2) how to stay out of fear and 3) what to expect as humanity awakens.  I’m guilty of forgetting how unique our approach to being our light is… and I do wish I would’ve focused more on:

  1. the fact that we are our light, even when we aren’t trying (helpful article related to all 3 points is here)…
  2. humanity isn’t awakening, and doesn’t need to,
  3. attempts to “raise our vibration” seem to imply that our soul needs us to be at a certain level in order for us to be our light, which is not true…

Hmmmm… ok, so offering this conversation here and hoping you enjoy it and get something very meaningful out of it!  I enjoyed it very much and hope you do, too.

This was my second time meeting Kasey and I really felt their warmth and love.

Offered with love,
A visionary in cosmology, consciousness and spirituality, Jill’s game changing lectures shatter outdated paradigms, with wisdom, humor, compassion and courage.

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