Transcendence Training

Eight Hours of Transcendence training providing next level depth for anyone seeking to better understand this reality, its design and a direct path to enlightenment in this lifetime.

New Discoveries are plentiful in this training

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  • Part 1: Transcendence: what it is, how you do it and who tends to even try. The differences between Transcendence and Ascension. And, why we prefer to focus on Transcendence, not Ascension.
  • Part 2: Time Cycles, the Ages and Transcendence. Includes what the ages mean to us, and why
  • Part 3: What is more important than Ages (what’s possible, at all ends of spectrums)
  • Part 4: Pathways for even Easier Transcendence, for all. Plans and trials in place. The biggest hurdles to transcendence and our advice for individuals (seekers and non) avoiding them. Additional advice for living an enjoyable life (one metric for an overall enjoyable life: a life you’d willingly live again, even just as it was).

Awakening ~ Into further levels of The light within ~ Eternal and Pure ~ Beaming from within you!

Many in their awakening process have discovered that Jill’s work is fundamentally different than other spiritual teachers and teachings. We are Setting our Light Free. We do this for ourselves. We do this with bold truths, with unconditional love and with an entirely fresh perspective, on everything. Starting with our sense of who and what we are… Because if we aren’t here to save the world nor to help Earth ascend, then there must be something even more important, personal, to our Infinite Selves for why we incarnated.

Beyond the distractions, that take us out of ourselves, out of life, there is the light. Within. Eternally.

The route to authentic ascension is personal sovereignty.

Millions and millions of intelligent, savvy humans “seek” enlightenment… but then spend their lives chasing it, with only fleeting success finding it… because it lies within ourselves. Where the five human senses don’t point… The Holy Grail that is within, each life.

A light within.

En Light En Ment.

We humbly, and devotedly, offer the Truths You’ve Been Waiting For. Light within. Eternally and now.

You are invited to join in for for this evolutionary training, all recorded for you to experience and dive in, starting now.

~ Setting Your Light Free ~ New Levels of Awakening ~ Created Together

“Helping the Bringers of Light, Be their Light”

Cutting edge intuitive, author and world renowned channel Jill Renee Feeler will lead a channeled weekend workshop where you will work directly with her (and your) Infinite Self for achieving personal expansion, growth, while bypassing the obstacles that are hindering you on your journey. Through messages, attunements, Q&A and energy work, Jill and her “team” will guide you onto a life-changing pathway of self-development to access new levels of consciousness, alignment, wellness and sense purpose on Earth.

In this training:

  • Receive group instruction and teaching from Jill’s and your teams
  • Become attuned to a higher frequency in ways that you can trust and feel
  • Learn to live in alignment with your Infinite Self
  • Develop your own confidence and abilities as an eternal being of light
  • Free yourself from patterns of fear, limitation and insecurity
  • Gain tools to transform your life and awaken to your own true divine nature
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Here are some specially created videos to assist you in your decision. Your time matters.  And I know you have many choices for transcendence support.

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From MBA to Channeler?!?

The Mastery You’re Born With ~ Going Beyond the Brain

Weekend Workshop for Expansive Connection with your Source Energy

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