A Spiritual Rant for today…

Regarding a Great Awakening.

Do you ever wonder why

so many spiritual teachers of previous timelines didn’t speak of a mass awakening,

and yet the vast majority of present day spiritual teachers seem almost obsessed with it?

The Buddha. Jesus. They knew enlightenment was an inside job. 100%. They didn’t ask or expect the rest of humanity to wake up in any mass, great event.

At what point did this cult like preoccupation with waking up humanity happen? Am I being too blunt, too real, too honest?

Could we as awakened beings just not take the others unconsciousness anymore?

Did we at some point just say “sorry but I can’t do this being human stuff unless everyone wakes up and “owns their shit?”

Was it just not good enough anymore to be light within (the definition of enlightenment) without every relative, every loved one, and every asshole also waking up?

I love you. And I love enlightenment. The real kind. The one that gets that it is 100% an inside job. And that the external will often look and act exactly as it did pre-awakening.

Free will in action.

This waiting for everyone, expecting everyone to awaken is b.s.

Why wait? The Buddha didn’t need everyone to wake up. Jesus didn’t need everyone to wake up. Some bullshit happened after that. In our timeline. This reality isn’t a Tupperware party or an Amway, Ra Ra, rally the troops meetings. Or is that the disconnect? That folks from that “sign em up” crowd became spiritual leaders?

I don’t know. This whole part is just so fuc$&ing weird. I’m watching fellow enlightened beings act like this is a Disney movie where yes Elsa lost it and let it go for sure but we went to save her and now she’s back and it’s all good. The whole village is now good. Yay. We did it. We saved hoo-ville or whatever.

Anyone preaching or teaching that everyone will wake up or is waking up should be questioned.

I don’t know if they are lying to themselves or just lying to you. But it’s a lie.

I know it sounds good. I get it. Any inner wounds and hurts caused by an unawakened human wants so badly to feel safe, to know the pain part is over, to know that no else is going to get hurt, ever. That desire makes perfect sense. But there’s another path to enlightenment. Where there’s still bad guys and they stay bad.

Your infinite self is pain free, and filled with endless compassion.

God can take it. Even when we feel we can’t.

There is some complex psychology going on within these “and then everyone woke up” story lines. Those that have disregarded these story lines and their teachers are in closer alignment with the truth of the nature of this reality, the true nature of Source light, and with God’s love. For self. For all. For every. Even “them”. Even the unawakened. Just like Buddha knew. Just like Jesus knew.

A God that even loves the unawakened.

What a radical fuc$&ing idea.

Sounds like the same reason many of us walked out of the church and into the truth. Of God’s love.

Only to walk into a cult. For many. Damnit. Cults are really effing good and feeling like the most advanced woke shit. Leaders sounding soooo right. Making you feel soooo good. That’s why they work people. Look it up. But it’s a handcuffed version of bliss. Waiting. For. The. Awakening.

It’s coming. It’s this one. Oops nope not y2k. Wait it’s this one. See the alignment. See the ancient calendar. See this. See that. Yes that’s right. Keep looking.



Yesssss. Sleepy. Stay asleeppp. From your.



Of God.


Luckily cults can be walked out of too.

Last part here. We got to a similar place of great hope, then disappointment and then frustration another time. And we ended up trying to force an awakening.


Maybe all this cult like energy of a mass event is a bullshit cover story for another Atlantis destruction, where the good guys. Shut it all down. Want to try again. Come back. Forget everything. So sure it was the bad guys. Rewrite the story. Do it again. Deny free will. Justified use of forced. light. Doesn’t end well. Good guys. Again. Getting it wrong. Eff that. I’ll keep trying. A real awakening.


Offered with love, Jill

Do what you want. Free will. Love inside. Glad God loves me even when I’m frustrated. At the nonsense. Had to try.

I may regret this. I know. I love you. This is hard. Multidimensionality.

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  1. Pauli Murphy April 18, 2020 at 2:32 am - Reply

    Dear Jill – You are MOST refreshing ! Thank you ! – I have a question, though, if I may ? – What do YOU mean by “God” ? … With Love.

  2. Stephen Scott April 14, 2020 at 10:27 pm - Reply

    Today I read two emails, both about awakening. First by a well known “world ascension” leader and the second from Jill. How perfect to read them together.

    They seem to always want to look for signs that we are all ascending, that this is the time. For the past 10 years they foretell of our ascension, or at least since I’ve been reading that material. This time, Covid-19 is the great reboot to awakening. 2020 is the year.

    Thank you Jill for keeping it real and offering another perspective. One that allows for the work to be inside each of us while allowing everyone to independently act. One that allows us all to be unconditionally loved by God, no matter what happens here on earth. ❤️

  3. Smiles April 14, 2020 at 4:33 pm - Reply

    I loved this! Thank you for sharing this. They myth of the Great Awakening shows up in so many rescuer forms: When full disclosures happens then everyone will awaken. When everyone knows this conspiracy theory is true then everyone will awaken. When I find my twin flame and become whole I will truly be awakened. The pure light is so well hidden within us, people just can’t seem to see/feel it, they think that it must be outside of them so they keep on searching…… The only storyline one needs is the story of their own self not dependent on what another is doing or not doing. Then you can truly be free!!

  4. Renee April 14, 2020 at 12:10 pm - Reply

    Yay to your Spiritual Rant!!! I love you my friend!

    • Jill Renee Feeler April 14, 2020 at 2:54 pm - Reply

      Thank you Renee! On FB it’s not all agreement – and that is ok. That’s why I only share on my own platforms. Anyone can share it anywhere but I’ll only ruffle feathers from my own coop :-)

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