Clients occasionally ask if I offer single question readings. I actually don’t have a set up for single question readings and I want to share why.

I orient my work more towards assisting people with restoring their Soulful union, at a higher level than the many many other questions we face in life. If I set up a system of single questions then I view it as I’m not supporting the client’s inherent mastery… that they don’t really need me or anyone to hold their hand at that level in this life. I love to support my clients in knowing themselves as the masters that they are, which doesn’t mean having one right answer to every question that arises. It does, however, mean knowing that no matter what choice is made in our day to day lives that we are loved, that we are supported and that we have the ability to masterfully respond no matter how things go, even with the most unfortunate of circumstances that can happen here.

I hope that makes sense.

I don’t want to enable co-dependency and I feel like I would be doing that if I had a system for single questions, which tend to be of more of a day to day decision variety (even if they can feel life-altering at the time, lol).

When the client is then thinking, “but what if I get this decision wrong?!?” my response is, “what if you actually can’t get it wrong… ever?”

You’ve got this, and I want to support that inner confidence, in all of my clients (who are really soul family!)!

Want more support in this area of trusting yourself, then we’ve got you covered in the Blog and in the deeper, wildly expansive course offerings.

Loving and supporting you and your inherent mastery,