I don’t know who this message is for. What I do know is that it’s about love, politics and religion so I know someone isn’t going to like it. Equinox is this week. And we’ve got something important here to offer, in prep for the Equinox amplifications.
So here I am. Loving this group enough to be honest and say what is uncomfortable to say. I’ll be honest sharing what I see. You can see what you want. Gotta love free will, yes?
Ok here we go. Give yourself a hug whenever you need it. Or turn away. But please come back to it. Because if you are not diggin’ it then this is probably more for you than you know.
No matter your reaction, know I love you. And Source God loves you.
And here’s the thing. God loves everyOne.
Love and compatibility as loving humans aren’t about agreeing on everything. With some people there is enough of a base for the relationship that you don’t have to see everything the same way. It’s about still loving and possibly even liking the other person, even where you disagree.
Instead of “what an idiot, who could possibly think that way?!” It becomes a conversation or a sincere curiosity, with an open heart, looking for their rationale, underneath the words, what they care about so much that they would take that stance, even if they know they’ll be called an idiot…
This group, us, should know a lot about being fringe-y. And being ridiculed for it.
Since 2016 politics have become eerily good at sucking very expanded beings into completely polarized positions…
not unlike a religion…
The aligned party members are led to dehumanize the other group. There are well articulated positions, akin to a religion’s sacred texts.
The political groups can’t stand a loss. And politics is as 3D as it gets. A winner. A loser. The party’s lives are at stake.
Why does this matter? Why am I “on this”?
Because we are better than this. We came here to be Bringers of Light. That is our identity. (Not our politics ???).
No, they aren’t the same thing. If you think they are then I assure you that this message is for you. ❤️
It’s fine if the political identity makes room for the HUGE bringer of light energy profile… but those structures don’t. Political identities compress our light. Just like the religious identities that many of us stepped out of, for those reasons. We felt the judgment and even hate. And we said No, because we aren’t that.
It’s not getting better either. It’s getting worse. I know why, but it isn’t what this post is about. This post is asking where the fudge is the love we said we were bringing here. Damnit. We are better… than this.
The fact that US politics has caused division even within our tribe is incredible to me. But when our politics becomes our religion, then it makes sense. I don’t like it but I get it. Because political parties are masterful at creating a powerful home of ideas that becomes who you Are. And they (the parties) need you there, in that identity, for their win. For your vote, or loyalty, or strong voice, or influence or money or all those things. The parties are masterful at us and them. Which is division. Which is 3D. No matter how “high vibe” the sacred texts written positions are. If the identity divides into us and them then it’s the same tribalism, war-making bullshit that’s been going on here for eons. Period.
We had gotten beyond an us and them mentality. Hadn’t we? Back to even just 2012 I recall a lot of integration and 5D vibed Love. Love that we felt and shared for all. Which didn’t have to mean we agreed with everyone. We chose to love, even when we disagree.
Your second chakra needing a lovie yet? It might in a minute.
What have we been doing for all these years? Was it just talk? All that love? All that freeing ourselves from dogma… only to jump right back into it… when we got scared about a leader, and we felt led to fight back, like we “had to”, to protect ourselves and those we care about? Maybe we doubted ourselves and we reverted all the way back to our 3D us and them nature. Like tribes in a cave. Afraid. Of what’s “out there”.
So this is where we are… a good size of us bringers of Light in the USA are more polarized than we were before our awakening? I’m not saying you or who. I’m just offering this as a loving hand and quite blunt offer to any friend here who feels they’ve run back into the cave. Of hate.
I’ll even say his name. Voldemort… just kidding. Trump. And hate for all “those people” who voted for him or supported him or still support him.
“But I don’t hate them.” Are you sure about that?
Hold onto yourself here: from what I can see, he won’t be impeached. So, my sense is we have him until at least Jan. 2021.
I don’t know what the religions, I mean parties, are saying about this but that’s what I see from my connection, based on present events and energetic trends.
How are you doing? Check in on yourself.
If your religion, I mean party, has been marching and drumming up the band for an impeachment party, without possibility of failure, because the party knows it’s right and that when you’re right then you can’t lose, then this prediction we are offering isn’t going to sit well.
And it gets worse.
If the economy, stock market and jobs numbers keep improving then your version of Voldemort may be in office for a second term, from 2021 until… 2025.
If there is any headway with North Korea being brought back into the world conversations with authentic peaceful alliances then his re-election feels even more set.
The sky hasn’t really fallen since Jan 2017. But the religions/parties say otherwise.
And I know that even amidst this scenario, we are Light, we are Loved and we are Love. Can we just consider ourselves there, as this, as our true identity, our timeless identity, for a moment.
To re-member who we really are, and why we are here now, even during this… possibly because of this. To be Light. Amidst what is. Always.
Loving you, no matter what color your state is or isn’t, no matter what your politics are or aren’t. Just because. I. Love. You. And I admit I’m tired of the compression and divisive energy, conditional love I see. Especially that we may have until 2025 with him. And we as our eternal energy would’ve known that was a possibility.
Equinox is this week. I sense this post is about resetting our energy, taking care of any fragments, in prep for this special Equinox. So our love, every One of us, is ready for launch into another stratosphere of love On Earth.
And, perhaps is another take at this issue.
Cosmic hugs,
If you love this post, I love you.
If you dislike this post, I love you.
See? Not so hard ❤️ we are made for love. Here.