Mary Magdalene Sacred Adventure in France Sept. 29-Oct. 6, 2018

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Many of us feel a very close connection to Mary Magdalene, knowing there is much more than the New Testament describes. Our sacred travel includes locations where Mary visited and lived in France after Jesus' death.

The Do’s and Don’ts to Make 6 Figures with a Small Email List

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Gabrielle and I have built thriving, soul-based businesses, helping fellow bringers of Light around the globe by following our hearts... and by sometimes ignoring common business growth strategies. We are excited to share our top do's and don'ts with you!

Jan 23 2018 Alaska Earthquake was a White Hat Orchestrated maneuver

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Touchy subject but I'm glad we went there - message relates to Conspiracy truths, and the power of White Hats that we are also an active part of.

Living Ascended

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When I asked my team what we would provide for this special audience, they said “We want them to know they Are ready, to be their light, at levels that will surprise them. That is why they are on Earth. To be their Light.”

Beyond Mindfulness

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Join me on Beyond the Ordinary with John Burgos Jan. 16 at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern for an important energy update and the release of a new series Living Ascended!

Minding the Matter

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we are supernatural and so our approach to understanding and supporting our bodies should be, too!

Prediction: Heightened Unpredictability! Message from the Team with Deep Pyramid Meditation

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Special meditation (pyramids, light codes) with special message for moving forward as we enlighten our lives and this reality.

Ascension Codes

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ASCENSION CODES Life and Eternity like you've never seen it... to help us Live, unlike we ever have before.

Unveiling Your Light with the Pleiadian Council

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We are being asked and invited into a very special group experience to take things to the next level. This time, we are going even deeper within ourselves. To do so, we will peel back some veils, revealing the the pure Light of God that we are… even while we are human.

Special Solstice Message

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A very special December Solstice Message for inspiration, clarity, cosmology and personal connection to Your soulfulness, your divinity alongside the chaos and discord that is also on Earth.

Strategies and Clarity for Creating Your 5D Structure

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A deep and yet casual conversation with Petra Magenta Pixie ~ I hope you enjoy it!

Predators, Victims, Subconscious Energies and some 2018 Energy Patterns to Watch out For

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Topics include Fragmentation and Unconsciousness and its role in Predator behavior, Wetiko, a what not a who, Are there any ways to minimize our chances for being the victim of a predator, a scam, or any other form of ill intent 2017 energies and how 2018 energies are looking (some predictions. Operating from wholeness. Current witch hunt of sexual predators has some similarities to Salem witch trials

A Slightly Uncomfortable Post…

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I’m slightly uncomfortable putting this here but... here goes. I notice one key area of, I would say, successful suppression of Light on this planet is: so many lightworkers and wayshowers feeling like to

Hello December

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Trust you. Claim your Mastery. Call bullshit on any of the rules that keep you from owning your Loving nature, or anything in your beautiful brain that has you denying your amazingness, your brilliance, your mastery.