JRF Podcast #202 Deeper into Why Bringers of Light are Here

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Getting deeper into why we are here as Bringers of Light, the role of the Christian religions in maintaining the status quo and what's next.

Quan Yin Message for Monthly Members

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We hear from Quan Yin - be prepared to be loved and to be inspired in your human relationships and your life!!

Something so Special happened with Cari Murphy and I

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“Totally powerful call today, y’all! Jill is bringing the freshest wind of Truth & I was challenged, encouraged & inspired today! Thanks, Cari!”

10 Assisting Principles for any Bringer of Light

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I want you (and everyOne) to know the actual choices available for claiming the Light that you Are. Eternally. Infinitely. Perpetually.

Platinum Age Retreat Zion Oct. 24-28, 2019

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A Cosmic Family Reunion, in a place on Earth so special that you will remember it always.

Member Post: We Aren’t Returning to Source, We Never Left Source… part 1

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It is common to hear/believe that we are returning to Source, like returning to your residence after a trip. Earth can be a trip :-) But we didn't leave our residence, in Source.

Monthly Members Lunar Eclipse/Super Moon Message from the Team

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Empowering message with some Huge Truth Bombs, all for liberating our Eternal Light of God in our lives and in this reality.

JRF Podcast #201 Archangel Michael Message: Be Strong in Your Light

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Insights, wisdom and healing from Archangel Micheal for being stronger in your light

Why We Eat What We Know We Shouldn’t? The Real source of Cravings, Bad Food Choices and Moods

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For anyone trying to lose weight and/or trying to eat healthy, this video provides critical information

Minding the Matter

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We are supernatural and so our approach to understanding and supporting our bodies should be, too!

JRF Podcast #200 Enlightening Message for New Beginnings

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Empowering new year message for deeper consciousness and enlightenment.

Spirituality 501 (or, the real Spirituality 101)

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For anyone new to my work, new to "spirituality" or intending to raise their consciousness, I recommend this playlist

Inspiration post JRF

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The all that is includes here. Your eternal self includes you. Eternity includes now. You are [more]

USA withdrawing from Syria: Our Perspective

By |December 22nd, 2018|Categories: Articles|

Could the decision of the USA Syria withdrawal announced on the Winter Solstice/full moon duo be somehow related to Bush senior’s recent death? An energetic closure from previous policies and a new dawn for fresh perspectives, new futures.

Weighing in on the surfacing John of God accusations, offering support and insights

By |December 17th, 2018|Categories: Articles|

I know that many here know of “John of God” and some here have even met him. This is such a strange world...(insights offered here)