Feeling this deeply and lovingly today: Don’t ask me a question that you don’t want my honest answer to.

Being honest takes courage. And yet many in a group like this can be asked to feel accountable for how others receive our honest answers. In my opinion that’s not only unfair it also suppresses the soulfully strong light that is available… to all. Here. Now.

Here is a pretty closely related message on this topic.

When we are living as if our emotions and feelings are anothers’ responsibility, then we are dependent on others showing up how we need them to.

But what if they don’t? Then where are we?

Someone not showing up the way you’d like them to, or expect them to, doesn’t mean they don’t love you or care about you.

They are being them. And you are being you.

That boundary of Self could use some tune ups for some, especially if you find yourself getting your feelings hurt quite often. Or you just want to see how independent in your well being that you can be/create.

I love to share resources on these matters and am happy to recommend some messages (See above) or some deeper classes (Celebrating the Empaths is epic for this).

Parts of me as Jill are uber uber sensitive so I totally get this energy pattern. And I remember what it feels like to tell someone that they hurt my feelings, on some level wanting them to feel responsibility for me and my well being and “what they did to me.”

I found that there is a whole different way to work with our emotions and feelings, realizing that we can actually feel Source love so deeply and purely within ourselves that someone can say the most hurtful, hateful things and we can be so in our own field that we have no response, other than possibly shock…

Btw, this comes in handy with teenagers! I’m not kidding.

The goal is not about no one ever saying what we don’t want to hear. The goal in my experience is to stay in our own field when it happens so you can actually hear them (what they are actually saying, not what our fragmented layers are thinking they mean, which our fragemented layers do a horrible job deciphering). Sometimes what someone said is actually what they meant… no hidden hurtful jabs or swords there at all. We can then decide our layers of being-ness that are activated and then actually choose which response(s) feel best to you.

Choosing your response.

Feelings not overwhelming you.

No longer being at the mercy of the next person disappointing us… in a world ripe with disappointment… It is liberating… truly. So that we can be our light. Our One.

I know disappointment every day and my power is in my response and being there for myself, with Source love as needed, in endless supply. Thank God.

Here’s another resource. Given last week’s message on divisiveness, and feeling like our polarized positions are our identity, I’m glad we are hitting this hard this week, before the Equinox.

And this one: http://mindfulnessremedy.com/taking-responsibility-emotional-reactions

In some of my interviews and presentations I’ve referred to it as emotional maturity.

Ok, this should help us get the emotional love and support whenever we need it and get us all ready for the March Equinox!!

Sending love and blessings,