What I am shown about the purpose, nature, design of this reality is unlike I’ve heard anyone else see it/explain it. Because what I am shown is so incredibly satisfying, rational, intelligent and expansive, I have felt led to offer various resources to assist in offering this sound view to others. It transcends religion and science, which is exciting in and of itself. For those led to finding meaningful answers, here you go.

Premiere Event Feb 21 2021: “Jill’s Show”

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It can be quite challenging to explain readings, psychic abilities, consciousness, mediumship, spirituality to others, especially the very approachable, rational ways that I do my work. So, let's show them, and ourselves, at even deeper levels of self...

A New Framework for Transcendence via the Simulation Hypothesis

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If we did it correctly, this fresh expression of the simulation hypothesis includes everyone. everything. even beyond the big bang. all "times" and beyond. time. beyond. space. beyond life. beyond death. beyond. but all. within.

Something fishy is going on…

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Maybe there is far more to the after life stages and reincarnating, that is much more complex and much less well known that humans not only want to know, but can know, and need to know — to stop the prevalence of unnecessary, coerced reincarnation. What we know (the wisdom we hold as truth within our fields), here, matters. It matters here and it matters in the stages after death.

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