Looking for a Breakthrough?

Those who enjoy reaching their edge of reality and then going farther, tend to like it here.  Tips for expanding beyond one’s beliefs!

Like breakthroughs? Me, too.

First, some context. 

Many are recognizing that their approaches to personal wellness, spirituality, healing and “ascension” aren’t providing the results they had hoped for. For many, they have dedicated years of efforts to a particular belief, or method, or practice and kept wondering if they just weren’t doing it right, weren’t dedicated enough, or that they were missing… something.  In fact the lack of desired results is because those approaches just don’t work.  Compounding the problem is that many of these approaches are tucked within spiritual beliefs which can be very tricky to question…  But we should. We should definitely question beliefs, even more so than other parts of thinking. They should be questioned more readily because beliefs are beyond our ability to prove… and they can lead to unhealthy, distorted, even harmful behaviors. So questioning beliefs is something I wish humans did more often! 

How do we question beliefs? 6 Steps for Questioning Beliefs here.

Now, to the breakthroughs!  There are many ways that I interact with my audience and multiple services I offer (teachings, quick inspiration, books, consultations, “trips” and trips (Egypt!).

My work provides the most effective support for your exploring and living your own best layers, transcending present belief systems and bypassing silly spiritualist fantasies.

You can accomplish major breakthroughs in thinking and in consciousness in my work. I hear from people everyday, having incredibly impressive outcomes, they didn’t know were possible. Now they do.

When I hear @joerogan and others describe the breakthroughs they experience with psychedelics, I observe that we do “trips” sans the drugs, with lasting results, that are easier to integrate. ~Organic Expansion~

What I provide is an internal system of growth, expansion and transcendentalism that is unlike any other, with rapid results, breakthrough experiences and dramatic improvement in self.

It tends to work best for those that are

  • open-minded,
  • not overly loyal to outdated methods,
  • willing to experience layers of themselves they didn’t know were there and
  • curious about how human evolution can work in a radical, omfg type of way. 
  • tired of bullshit attempts at personal/collective upgrades that are irrational, expensive, take too long and with questionable results.

Emotionally-mature, mentally balanced, non-troll skeptics are welcomed~ because I am that, too.

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