Platinum Age Retreat
June 3-7, 2022 at our cabin in McCall, ID USA

A time to celebrate our expansion so far, and now take it further! Knowing that as eternal and infinite energy, there is always more of us, our soulfulness, available.

Platinum Age Retreats are like a recharge for our Soul! Meeting people that feel like family. Expanding our hearts and activating our consciousness for further creations, deeper meaning, and pure joy.

We’ve come farther in our light vibrations than we imagined was possible. Let’s keep it going, yes?

What has more control of you and your possible outcomes... than you?

So many flawed theories captivate, attempt to explain, and end up limiting the soulful, creator energy *you* are.

And for those here who don't know what "mercury retrograde" is, you might not be missing anything.

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It's actually a great system, allowing for more mastery, more range, and more flexibility. Tip: at death, don't reincarnate until you have this multi-soul choice, know that there is no rush to reincarnate, know that there is no necessity to reincarnate and be aware that through inverting (like in meditation) you transcend spacetime... at that widest range of you, these bigger options are more clear. 🙌🏻 ...

This is what God's grace is for. Allow it. Then allow for the transcendence. ~ It is our stories of what is now possible that affect our present, and future. Are your stories, your beliefs, in you, in God, in your experiences and their meaning * allowing for * the grace, the love, that God is, for you, right now, exactly as you are? Your brain will tell you that's too easy... and that... that's quite a story. #rewrite #healing #wellbeing #belief #thinking #consciousness #discoveries #transcendence #upgrade ...

Happy Mother's Day little message ❤️💐❤️‍🩹 ...

It feels amazing. Your light, wisdom, joy, transcendence set free. To be. In you.

4-night, 4-day getaway unlike any other. You don't find your light. You allow it. I'll show you how easy it is.
This is transcendence.
Details at

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I wonder how she is doing. I hope well. #misinformation #conspiracytheories #thinking #imouttahere ...

You may already know we do things differently. We acknowledge and celebrate the soulfulness, the love, the light, you Are. We create experiences and messages to be the light you are.

We have one of those experiences coming up next month. It's a quick four night fun fest with beings like us. We aren't too serious or stuffy. We know how to enjoy ourselves
And life.
Doing that together
With new soul friends is a total blast 😎😂🌟

Just fly in and out of Boise (BOI) and I'll take care of the rest.

I have 3 spots still available for June and 4 spots open for October. Message me to start the process and secure your spot!
I can't wait to get together, and have a great time!
Details at

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Curiosity is one thing. Losing yourself, your sense of placement in life, is something different. ...

Hmmmm 😬🤔 #thinking #distortion #transcendence #consciousness ...

🙄 Not everyone needs drugs to access higher consciousness... ...

🤔 funny how beliefs can be made (by humans, "believers") into something bigger than humanity... especially since beliefs are unprovable.

Fanaticism abound.

Where beliefs better humanity, great.
Where they limit humanity's greatness/potential, ugh... wishing for more discernment.

Discernment with beliefs is very challenging for most because, as stated, they are rarely presented as menu items to choose. Rather, they are presented as doctrine. In that system, beliefs are to be served by humans. Ideally, without question and with blinding loyalty.

But, wow, the liberation that comes from *choosing* beliefs that best serve humanity,
your humanity
and all humanity.
That's an upgrade. I've seen it over and over again.

More info? I'd start with the updated Simulation Hypothesis at or the Labyrinth Series at

War is standard. So is harmony. Death is standard. So is birth. It's a big "place". So there's room for all of it. #knowwhereyouare #ithelps #simulation #planwell #especiallyincarnations ...

I help clients climb out of suppressive ideology all the time in my work.

Law of attraction is very popular, helping many individuals feel more in control of their lives and themselves. It sounds great!

But, shitty things happen here. To everyone. Even Jesus. And these shitty things may have nothing to do with you.

Your higher self didn't need it to happen. You didn't need it for a lesson, or for growth, or for the experience. It just happens, here.

Making it (anything shitty) about you means you personalize it,
all of it.

Some even make up stories that the perpetrator of shit was an arranged agent, acting in divine service.

Wow. Talk about enabling. And the effect on the inner child layers is incredibly fragmenting. Because it rationalizes suffering. In a sadistic, dark, discompassionate way that is

Instead, how about that person is a divine soul, acting in an unGodly way in a reality that allows for it. And their soul didn't "need it" either.

The sun is shining... even on a cloudy day. Even on desolate planets.

"But believing it had to happen is easier."

Are you sure about that?

When my kids were little and they skinned their knee, my first action was compassion. My first words were, "I'm sorry that happened to you." To me, that is true. And Godly.

I'm sorry anything shitty has happened to you here. It didn't have to happen. To anyone. Including you. And, in my experience, God is just sad about it...
God is not checking off some effed up to-do list of sufferable lessons,
like some demented masochist.

Many ok sounding theories try to explain this reality,
and what happens after it.
They are all just theories. None can be proven. Even through NDEs.
Theories should be examined and vetted, ideally by a loving, intelligent, liberating rubrik.

I think we can do better than the theories/beliefs/religions that are here. So I offer new ones. That help humans be as amazing as possible, without asking anything from anyone else. Liberated Godliness on Earth. Set free.
Fresh ideas for fully ascended living since 2010.

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A four part weekend event of beyond our brains insights is happening this weekend. ✨ ...

What we offer is distinctly empowering, intelligently rational and satisfyingly new. Channeling for today's divine human. If you prefer disembodied light, then this may be uncomfortable. If you lean towards co-dependent, guru models, I will pull you up on the pedestal next to me. Five days from now 😎🙌🏻 Register now at ...

Happy Easter everyone! However you are celebrating and whatever the meaning to you, I hope you feel close to God, friends with Jesus and filled with love 🌟❤️ ...

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Two years ago we had a virtual weekend workshop, fully channeled, that ended up being a completely original framework integrating enlightenment with the simulated reality theory. It was incredible.

I love new discoveries, original ideas that make it easier to access and be our Godly layers.

You should never have to spend lifetimes accessing the light, the transcendence you are. Never.

As I depart Egypt later today, I am reflecting on the vast expansion now available! So glad I trusted the guidance to set up a virtual weekend workshop for when I get back.

I know how completely downloaded with new energies and codes I feel after these types of trips (location plus being alongside you illuminated beings for multiple days!).

You are invited to register and join in as our teams offer us an incredible experience of learning, insights, creation space in this channeled workshop on April 23-24.

Details are available at

Together, we expand the light, the love, the wisdom and the grace that is Source energy, here.

To me, it's why we are here.

With love,

P.S. Labyrinth Series participants who chose the extra bonus offer, this weekend workshop is part of your package and access instructions will automatically be provided to you ~ workshop purchase is not required.

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