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In various revelations this week, something unexpected and clear was provided.

It is quite a download.

All designed to assist us in remedying common distortions in our light. These distortions aren't at our soul level, rather they were set in motion here in our human field. And they are easily addressable with an open mind, open heart and a desire for authentic light of Source Creator.

Transmission is posted at https://jillreneefeeler.com/insights-awakeningcults/

There may be some cognitive dissonance upon experiencing it. If so, take a break and come back to it if needed, ok? This is offered with love, with trust and with deep respect for you, your One and all layers of you.


With love and cosmic hugs,
A psychic intuitive, Jill Renee Feeler helps us better understand and appreciate ourselves, this world and why we are here.

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Your most amazing self doesn't start by learning everything under the sun. Or by changing the world. Your most amazing self starts by appreciation that you are a creator being,
a creator of
your self
among everything under the sun.

At the soul level
we are everything we need, everything we want, infinitely.

Then why come here, if we already are whole and complete, perpetually?

We make a self
to be itself here.
Sometimes with specific intentions. Sometimes just to check this strange place out. Sometimes to wire it (self) a certain way, and see what will happen
in a reality where the only control you have is over who and what you are
in every unscripted, regularly unpredictable moment.
This is the ultimate simulation - because it is not at all an illusion. It is incredibly real.

Staying centered helps. Centered in what is. Now.

I notice many lose their center by pretending humanity is going in a certain direction. Doomsday cults do this. Awakening cults do this, too.

Either way it is in denial of what is. Creating a noticeable, consistent energy drain, that keeps one off center, their center. Out of reality. Trying, devotedly, to create an outcome for the collective, even though so many are clearly here without that shared purpose.

Any cognitive dissonance with this?

It is actually liberating, I promise.

Living your light, while acknowledging that this world
is what it is.
Capable of change, in any direction, yes. But nothing guaranteed and no scripted outcome, especially for the entire race of humanity
which rarely acts in unison.

You operate
yourself. Here.
As it is. Right now.
That's the real job, and the more authentic opportunity.


With love,

Happy Easter to all celebrating. The resurrection story is filled with hope of eternal life. Jesus' appearing to Mary Magdalene upon his restoration is a testimony of love, faith, and the willingness to witness the miracles right in front of us. With love, Jill ...

Some playtime to share with you today ❤️ My 15 yr old daughter's ferrets - their sounds while playing are adorable 😂 ...

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I am continuously excited and committed to the updating of humanity, which is always possible, on an individual basis.

My passion stems from the opportunity and ability we all have to share and be a participant in this update process.

A reason
for being here.

To update
ones. The self. And thereby creating new frameworks, updated belief systems, for any one to use, if they choose to.

My passion also stems from how truly transformed I am from my own update process which was initiated ~ Feb. 2009.

Transformation from the inside out.
This is how an authentic Ascension process works.

I know what it feels like to be the 3D human
constrained, stressed and trapped
within the intellectual realm of "logic" and "rationality."

And yet, also motivated to make a difference,
to feel valuable and purposeful. Like your life

I completely value those first 39 years of my journey. They help me do what I do and be what I am. Those years help me understand those who still operate within that constrained framework. Because of that understanding I can and do remain compassionate towards others, and more appreciative of the freedom and purpose I now know in my life. It helps me remain committed to updating the human experience, alongside so many of you.
The gap between these very real parallel states of experiencing can feel wider than the Grand Canyon. And yet they are called veils because the distinction is so thin, so subtle and so completely etheric...
It is our updated perception,
our sense of self,
our sense of this realm, and
our sense of others,
that free us from the sense of being separated from Source Creator, as offered by the 3D system. Once we make more room, in our personal energy field, for our soulful layers to be, the pathways are opened, from within.
From the Inside, lived then into the outside world.

I love you. I honor you. I am committed to share with you as I am led,
creating clear,
achievable pathways for all who are seeking transcendence of soul within their one, true ascension
in their present human journey.
This isn't a game show with cash prizes or any promised outcomes...
This is evolution.

With love,

Your consciousness doesn't need your health to be in a certain state, ok? So many pitch fear and health perfection tools as a way to expanded consciousness. Nope. Folks, there are ranges of your consciousness that don't even have a bodysuit. My sense of connection doesn't flutter nor fail even amidst a migraine or poor eating or when I had Shingles years ago. Good health is great but your consciousness is operating at all levels regardless. This will be key... at your eventual passing. Word. With love, Jill ...

Sometimes there is clearly a better path forward.

In our work, it is my job to provide my clients and audience with such insights, using my demonstrated psychic intuition.

Sometimes I/"we" provide confirmation,
which can be invaluable,
helping boost your confidence and be even more present in your actions.

Other times it is providing options
that you did not see yourself,
giving you something totally new to consider. Beyond
your edge.
Given that it sprang forth from transcendental layers, they tend to be
pretty amazing options ⚡️

(Regular coaching is limited
to the advisor's
five human senses.)

There are also times where we are providing you with a redirect.
In thinking,
in approach,
in strategy.
These can be trickier because the client or audience may feel deeply committed to the path they'd been on. I notice in those situations we acknowledge and respect how you could rationally and intelligently have come to that position. And we/I as clearly as possible offer the new position, why we sense it works better and the problems we sense with the approach you'd had.

There's a mind blowing amount of insight, advice and clarity
that's beyond the range of
one's five human senses.

Join me for a group session and see, receive for yourself at https://jillreneefeeler.com/jills_show/ We have a session type just for you ✨

With love,

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Not sure who this is for but... you may want to act accordingly, as the creator being you are. With love, Jill ...

Only you are you. And only they are them. Everything gets super real. Right there. With love, Jill ...

We make plans to try them out, see how they go. Then as intelligent life forms we adjust as needed.

Plans might go wonderfully. Or they might go badly. But they weren't "supposed to go" any certain way.

Some may need to read that last bit. Repeatedly.

This reality is not scripted like that.

I know, sometimes we wish it were. That feels so romantic.

Pretending this reality or one's life is supposed to go a certain way is likely to be filled with confusion, possibly pain, and likely looking for help and answers
in all the wrong places.

"But it's a lesson?" Lessons like that, never needed to be learned and are entirely avoidable. You and your soul aren't missing out on anything by avoiding those tangents.

Hello Creator ~ you've got this! With love, Jill

I share this because I love you.

We aren't magnets.

The universe isn't more intelligent than you.

Your life, is yours. To create. To live. To feel responsible for. Responding to your Ability
as an intelligent and creative life force.

You don't create your own reality. But you get to create yourself in whatever realness this reality provides.

You don't attract a life partner. But you do meet people
and then both of you get to decide whether you bring out the best in each other, or not. This may not be immediate and isn't even pre-planned. And there's way more than one.

You don't manifest abundance. And abundance isn't tied to "vibration." But you might create abundance, most likely by offering something really special that enough people in this world really want to pay you for. And if you can't figure something out there, then there's a lot of jobs that need to get done that you can get paid for. And you can sparkle there, too.

There is no one certain place where you should live. There's lots of choices, including where you are right now, which is very convenient.

The biggest variable in life. Is you. You are the real star. Our lives are a gift we gave ourselves to live and be and share and create from the light we are.

So please take yourself seriously, stop looking for signs, stop treating a collection of stars like a benevolent compass, stop overthinking, stop trying to pawn off responsibility for you and your choices for your life and stop trying to pretend that everything that happens here is some scripted play with everything carefully designed and planned. Most of "here" is thoughtless. So be present. Be responsible. Be accountable. We are the adults.

You are the creator here. Of you. And what you are in your life.

With love,

With any narrative that discourages or shuts down critical thinking, that's a sign of a suppressive agenda, that will benefit some, or promise to benefit some, but at an unknown consequence. So many false promises and also social experiments are underway. Promising undeliverable outcomes. Fascinating times. It's never too late to think for yourself, and to acquire critical thinking abilities. ...

My favorite kind of leaders:
Are rebellious enough to break with convention when it feels worth it.
Demonstrate independent problem solving abilities.
Have unique, relevant intelligence.
Respect others and create space for polite disagreement.
Are Original, in productive, expansive ways.
Are self-confident enough to proclaim a new view, a new solution, that we've never thought of before.
Have sufficient humility, to always know, they might be wrong.
Have the courage to tell us what we might not want to know.
Have the confidence in us that we can handle it, as the adults we are.
Willingness to disagree and go against any suppressive gatekeepers.

Is for everyone.
You lead yourself
every day.
Do that well, for long enough and that can make for a quite satisfying life. Filled with meaning and purpose.

With love,

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For any goals, especially life goals, may I suggest you select those over which you have full control? I observe many very talented, loving, beautiful beings pursuing goals which require others to play a certain role for them to meet their goals.

There are so many “gatekeepers” in this reality...

Whenever your goal is dependent on the gatekeepers,
to see you
to choose you
to validate you
to sell you
to market you
to protect you
I advise a re-write. It gives far too much of your power, joy and sense of personal achievement away.

Plus, achieving those types of goals is often
a hollow victory.
it doesn't feel as satisfying as you thought it would. Especially for those who tend to not enjoy what they have. (That doesn't change when you have "it.")

You arrived amazing. If “they” can’t see that, fuck ‘em! ❤️ and give that part of you that wants the public validation a huge hug!

It’s not their job to see you. It’s your job to see you.

Now, be
the you
that creates, meets, and even exceeds
that you have authority to achieve,
even if nobody sees it
but you.

With love,

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Waiting for things to be ok, before you are ok? Feel like you've been waiting a long time? This isn't a great place for that strategy. Because there is always something not ok here. Another approach is to cultivate a sense of ok, or even great, that isn't dependent on everything being ok. But isn't that selfish? Isn't that problematic for those facing challenge? Well, holding out your own well being until others are ok, isn't fixing their troubles... another's troubles deserve compassion and authentic solutions. But even their own troubles can be better resolved through accessing the pockets of well-being that are always available... from within. Because that's where transcendent well-being resides; within. Some cultures know this better than others. Remember? With love, Jill ...

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