Many are recognizing that their approaches to personal wellness, spirituality, healing and “ascension” aren’t providing the results they had hoped for.

For many, they have dedicated years of efforts to a particular belief, or method, or practice and kept wondering if they just weren’t doing it right, weren’t dedicated enough, or that they were missing… something.  In fact the lack of desired results is because those approaches just don’t work. 

Compounding the problem is that many of these approaches are tucked within spiritual beliefs which can be very tricky to question…  But we should. We should definitely question beliefs, even more so than other parts of thinking. They should be questioned more readily because beliefs are beyond our ability to prove… and they can lead to unhealthy, distorted, even harmful behaviors. So questioning beliefs is something I wish humans did more often! 

How do we question beliefs? 
1. By stepping back from the belief and recognizing that you are not your beliefs.  You are the holder of those beliefs.  Most belief systems won’t tell you that, making it even harder to question them.
2. What does an ideal belief offer you and the others that hold them, believe them, live them?  This will help you realize the values you are looking for in your own beliefs.
3. As rationally and as objectively as possible assess how satisfactorily your own beliefs meet those values?  Allow yourself to be incredibly honest with yourself. You may be very surprised at what you uncover in this process.
4. Do you know of a belief system that better meets those values?
5. Are you bold enough to create your own beliefs, that better meet your values?  Most people aren’t, and that is ok. Some are that bold. After all, the beliefs humanity holds, of all types, were initially offered by (or through, depending on one’s beliefs)… a human. And you are a human, too.
6. Iterate as needed, knowing you are the holder of your beliefs and that your beliefs in many ways shape who and what you are and who and what you will allow yourself to be.
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Like breakthroughs? Me, too.
There are many ways that I interact with my audience and multiple services I offer (teachings, quick inspiration, books, consultations, "trips" and trips (Egypt!).

My work provides the most effective support for your exploring and living your own best layers, transcending present belief systems and bypassing silly spiritualist fantasies.

You can accomplish major breakthroughs in thinking and in consciousness in my work. I hear from people everyday, having incredibly impressive outcomes, they didn't know were possible. Now they do.

When I hear @joerogan and others describe the breakthroughs they experience with psychedelics, I observe that we do "trips" sans the drugs, with lasting results, that are easier to integrate. ~Organic Expansion~

What I provide is an internal system of growth, expansion and transcendentalism that is unlike any other, with rapid results, breakthrough experiences and dramatic improvement in self.

It tends to work best for those that are
* open-minded,
* not overly loyal to outdated methods,
* willing to experience layers of themselves they didn't know were there and
* curious about how human evolution can work in a radical, omfg type of way.
* tired of bullshit attempts at personal/collective upgrades that are irrational, expensive, take too long and with questionable results.

Emotionally-mature, mentally balanced, non-troll skeptics are welcomed~ because I am that, too.

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Classic cars. They feel homey, nostalgic and may bring a smile to your face. But they aren't as efficient nor effective as newer, modernized vehicles. I'm realizing beliefs, cosmology theory and enlightenment methods can be like this. As I talk with people, they know there are some deficiencies and ineffectiveness. But they are so comfy with what they know. And they don't know of the upgrades available. I'm dedicated to making these joyful, rational upgrades readily available. Because 21st century enlightenment blows the doors off 20th century spirituality, on multiple levels. It isn't classic or conventional. But it is timeless. ✨😎 ...

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"WAAAW … activations at so many layers!! Integrating more of my Soulful layers, I am seeing more of how I designed or ‘I am designing’ (perpetually outside time and space) my abilities to trick the system. WAAW as a human to become aware of all this and hold it in the human consciousness is AWESOME :-) !!!!!
Thank you Jill! It’s working! Your work here is producing results!!"
- Adriana,
participant in the just released Updating Humanity Workshop

Weekly content drops over 6 weeks with three live group calls and weekly self reflection guides.

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Sending love from Idaho ❤️ a nature break if you desire it 🌟 My workshop registration starts in less than an hour, so I need it 😂 Cheers to all my fellow creators. It's quite an experience to put yourself out there, right on the line, and be willing to assist others. Inviting them on a ride with you, into the unknown. Some don't have the constitution to do that, let alone guide a group, and I get it. It can look so easy... when you love what you are doing, and when you feel it's what you are here to be. 🥂✨ #soul #adventure #consciousness #creator #newcollection #journey #transcendence #philosophy #puttingyourselfoutthere #nonet #worththeride ...

Compassion and love don't require lifetimes of lessons nor many incarnations. Some souls just come to be that. Even the first time. More important, tangible, sensible info at 🌟 #spirituality #enlightenment #lawofattraction #highvibe #philosophy #awakening #spirit #grow #meditation #5D #lightbody #energyhealing #energyclearing #crystals #indigo #starseed #adultstarseed #meditation #higherself #spiritguides #pastliferegression #pastlives #angels #archangels #clairsentience #aura #death #afterlife #incarnation #codependency #transcendence ...

Yes, sure it's all love and light until you come across a post-death nonsense operation that supports unnecessary reincarnation... that spirituality ends up unknowingly aiding.

I don't want it to be true.

But we don't get to decide what's true. We get to decide what we believe. Big difference.

So many beings are here and didn't have to be. No one needs to incarnate, ever. Your Soul doesn't need you to be here. It chose to create a you so that it could be you, here.

And then, this reality does its thing, which isn't always operating consciously.

Many have poorly designed lives. It creates so much pain, for self and others. Some chose parents that wouldn't be allowed to adopt a pet. 😔

Esoteric concepts can't be proven. But that doesn't prevent organized religions and spiritual devotees from claiming their after life views.

I realized I had to share what I was remembering. Because it effects everyone. And if it's correct, I know I want to know.

Some don't and that's ok. I'll be over here, offering something to help you be whole and complete, for the benefit of self, of others that helps for life and for beyond life.

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So I guess I'm the lucky one who gets to tell you that the nonsense in this reality isn't over when we die. Yay me. But seriously, there are some things you want to know. Or you'll be back here unnecessarily, ok? ...

My helper as I work on some details for the new Workshop 😇 our shy boy Max ...

Why does a spiritual path require so much time, even lifetimes? Because most methods have you pointed outside of yourself... no wonder it isn't really working. Leaving many feeling insecure and unconfident ~in the light they are~ I tell you the truth, with methods that work. Because you deserve it. We all do. Want this to be the lifetime where you get it, your light, Source vibes? Great! Then let's get started. And actually finish this time. Go to and sign up. Your light. Now. #5d #spiritualawakening #spiritual #meditation #soul #higherconsciousness #higherself #healing #consciousness #transcend #truthseeker ...

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By far the most common mistake I notice in these confusing times
is an attributed meaning to some fact or to an event
that is too narrow, overly simplified and unjustifiably confident, suppressing the brain's ability to be curious
about the many other possible meanings for someone's choices, or for what an event means.

Many choices are made in this world without any specific, conscious intent.

Can you imagine somebody following you throughout your day writing everything down that you were doing and then determining why you did that or why you didn't do something else? It would probably be surprising to you. You'd probably be laughing at the deep implied meaning of some thing you did or said that was quite thoughtless and without any intention on your part.

When we place a magnifying glass on human behavior, experiences and events in this reality and we pretend that it has a certain significance, some special intent, some specific motivation then
we get things wrong...
all the time!

It's causing a lot of unnecessary angst, stress, compressed consciousness and societal division.

Tip: be health-fully skeptical around all interpreters of facts. What else could that fact or observed behavior mean, including
having no meaning at all? So many thoughtless decisions are made here. Some remarkable, some not. Who are you upset with and why? Are you supposing meaning, and might you be wrong about this? Space for possibly being wrong is a game changer for improved human relations, connection and truth.

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Most of the present approaches to enlightenment and spirituality stem from philosophies and spiritual frameworks that were created no sooner than the 1960s, and others thousands of years earlier. We may have done all we can with them. They may have taken us as far as they can. Compared to newer approaches I use with my soulful layers, these conventional methods are feeling tired, outdated, and taking way too much time. They also lead so many away from their income and even from their lives, requiring devoted study, and with results that seem fleeting.

Additionally, with so much division, discord and tension in the world, more than ever we need a tangible, sustainable connection to Source that is part of our everyday lives.

I talk to people every day who have sacrificed relationships, careers, and a sense of stability, for the purpose of being a devoted spiritual seeker. They felt like they needed to give up their lives in order to feel connected and “be spiritual”. It shouldn’t be this hard. Something is off. There is a system of spirituality and consciousness that is asking too much of us. Which might be ok if it worked! But that outdated system has a way of making its devotees feel like a child in a car on the way to Disneyland, constantly asking “are we there yet?” and these conventional spiritual teachers continuously promising “almost there, just another adjustment, something big is happening, stay tuned, get ready.”

This is not a way to live an enlightened life. This feels like a way to keep students locked in to endless courses, striving for more and more spiritual knowledge, preparing themselves for some big event, that never seems to come. I’m just going to say it ~ it’s codependent spirituality.

It’s also expensive. It takes too long. And so much of it doesn’t even make sense, when you let yourself apply that amazing brain to more consciously consider the methods, the natural, intelligent doubts are right there.

I felt this, too! I was supposed to be “neutral in the zero point frequency” to be “higher in my vibration” and closer to God. But then I let my brain do its thing for a moment and let (experience remainder at link in comment)

For anyone routinely making excuses for another's poor behavior 🌪 At some point, the healthiest thing one can do is be honest with yourself about the others behavior, acknowledge that it may not change, and then decide what you want that to mean for you. Would you treat them the way they are treating you? If not, then why is it ok with you that you are being treated that way? Why don't your feelings, emotions and well-being matter here? They should, right? Because there will always be an excuse. And at some point, the excuses may feel like just that (an excuse). It may involve confrontation. And it may be worth it. It may involve getting a professional's insight (counselor, therapist, etc). And it may be worth it. Because you matter, too. Just because it is complicated doesn't mean it is impossible, ok? Be honest, with you, about what the situation actually is. Get help to do that if you need it. With love, Jill #mentalhealth #gaslighting #relationships #trapped #stuck #healer #codependent #love #selflove #confused #narcissist #abuse #help #honesty ...

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"Who are my guides?"

It's a very popular question I receive in readings, especially from those newer to my work, often well-versed in spiritual methods that more regularly feel incredibly outdated.

"Who, what am I?"

That is the far more relevant question. Not answered with a list of abilities. Asked, explored, creating an answer in the process. By your lead.

What are you, here? What do you want to be here? Who are you soulfully and here?

That's an upgrade. It puts your self, your sense of guides, team, into your hands, into your being, into your life.

Co-dependent spirituality, chasing down messages, as if you aren't everything you need to be... is so so tired.

Be your light. Now.
By your lead.

My works supports the light you are,
undoing co-dependent, decades old methods of spiritual connection. It isn't skills based.
It's experience-based. Experiencing the light you are.

To be, live, explore, expand
the light you are
soulfully and here.

With love,
Jill #21stcenturyenlightenment