6 Steps for Questioning Beliefs

Having this system will help you become more discerning and improve intellectual honesty

Many are recognizing that their approaches to personal wellness, spirituality, healing and “ascension” aren’t providing the results they had hoped for.

For many, they have dedicated years of efforts to a particular belief, or method, or practice and kept wondering if they just weren’t doing it right, weren’t dedicated enough, or that they were missing… something.  In fact the lack of desired results is because those approaches just don’t work. 

Compounding the problem is that many of these approaches are tucked within spiritual beliefs which can be very tricky to question…  But we should. We should definitely question beliefs, even more so than other parts of thinking. They should be questioned more readily because beliefs are beyond our ability to prove… and they can lead to unhealthy, distorted, even harmful behaviors. So questioning beliefs is something I wish humans did more often! 

How do we question beliefs?

  1. By stepping back from the belief and recognizing that you are not your beliefs.  You are the holder of those beliefs.  Most belief systems won’t tell you that, making it even harder to question them.
  2. What does an ideal belief offer you and the others that hold them, believe them, live them?  This will help you realize the values you are looking for in your own beliefs.
  3. As rationally and as objectively as possible assess how satisfactorily your own beliefs meet those values?  Allow yourself to be incredibly honest with yourself. You may be very surprised at what you uncover in this process.
  4. Do you know of a belief system that better meets those values?
  5. Are you bold enough to create your own beliefs, that better meet your values?  Most people aren’t, and that is ok. Some are that bold. After all, the beliefs humanity holds, of all types, were initially offered by (or through, depending on one’s beliefs)… a human. And you are a human, too, yes?  Funny how this idea feels so unique, isn’t it?  Beliefs are presented as unquestionable notions that were handed to the rest of humanity by exceptional humans, that had capabilities and consciousness that others don’t have. But they had them then.  And some have them now. Human beings that offer new belief systems aren’t just in the past. They aren’t more special than you. They are just equipped in ways that allow them to think about things in a unique manner, offer new hypotheses on philosophical and/or esoteric topics in a fresh, intelligent, upgraded way. That is how I know myself and that is how many of you here know me. That isn’t me declaring me as more valuable than you. Rather that is me knowing my own value and being dedicated to assisting you in more easily knowing your value. Because all of us are of value inherently, and I do wish more humans knew that, personally.
  6. Iterate as needed, knowing you are the holder of your beliefs and that your beliefs in many ways shape who and what you are and who and what you will allow yourself to be.

I hope that is helpful!