Question and Answer Call with Psychic Intuitive Jill Renee Feeler

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Questions/Chat related to call:

Hi Jill, I’m wondering how to best deal with the guilt of having to disconnect from a sibling. Specifically the guilt towards (and from) my parents. They are older now and only have 2 daughters. We have completely parted ways (due to betrayal) and this is very difficult for my parents at this phase of their lives. I see no reconciliation in sight.


13:02:58 From Heather : Are there any special energies linked to this solstice in 2021 we can become more open to and available for us?
13:03:48 From Alicia : Jill do you remember dying?
13:04:09 From Elaine : Finished week 3 of 21st century Enlightenment. I was thinking about being a Visitor and the ways you spoke about that cold give you the knowing that you are a visitor. I’m not feeling that, but you said everyone who is taking the course is most likely a Visitor. Can you help me further understand why I don’t identify with the feelings many of the group feels.
13:18:10 From Kim : Thank you Jill
13:18:22 From Melissa B : Hi Jill, my 15 yr old quit all sports/activities and only wants to play video games with friends, for some time now. He is truly addicted and the help I have sought has only made minimal difference. I want to snap him out of this and find a passion that could boost his confidence and capture his interest. I finally got him to tell me a single interest that would get him out of the house, and that is learning to shoot air rifles. Of all things, a gun activity is the last thing I would have selected! However, I do recognize that some forms of shooting are even an Olympic sport and there are clubs that teach youth proper handling and skills. So I am talking myself into taking steps to sign him up, but part of me is really reluctant to promoting kids playing with guns. Any perspective?
13:32:57 From Alicia : Yes
13:38:28 From Elaine : Jill, that was veery helpful. We’ve talked before about how I often don’t feel some of the intuitive, spiritual feelings many others have nor have experiences that I feel confident are spiritual. You always tell me that’s ok – everyone doesn’t feel those things, but there’s a part of me that believes that I’m missing something !!!!!
13:43:15 From Patricia : From Pat to everyone, is my lightheadedness caused by the frequencies coming into the earth
13:52:07 From Alicia : Ian reading Atlas Shrugged and loving it! Alicia
13:53:52 From Paige : Regarding the afterlife, do our loved ones come to meet us??
13:54:58 From Paige : Or are they part of the afterlife manipulation?
13:57:01 From Adriana : Hi Jill and everyone,
14:00:22 From Adriana : I have a question related to How does space hold energy? … for example: I went back to the kitchen sink and felt the energy of what I was thinking when I did the dishes earlier. It was as if the energy was there and I picked it up again … I had similar experience several times. :-) … could you and the team expand on that? 14:00:25 From Adriana : thank you
14:09:44 From melinda : Wow Jill you just blew my mind! I always felt that channeled messages were truth!
14:11:00 From melinda : Although I used discretion trusting who was doing the channeling
14:14:43 From Paige : Thanks Jill! Perfect
14:15:48 From Melissa B : Another afterlife topic. With the example of Whitney Houston, who could hear your advice on transitioning to her eternal self, can she go between her eternal self realm and back to visit the afterlife realm?
14:20:40 From Barbara : I was pretty dang disturbed by the Brett Weinstein podcast vaccine reveals. Especially about the potential damage to reproductive organs. Care to expand on how real these dangers are? Am keeping my heart open…
14:27:26 From melinda : Agreed. always trust your self, your gut, your instinct and your own insight
14:27:28 From Paige : But, we still have to respond with our ability 💗
14:28:18 From Paige : Trust your self always 🤣👏❤️
14:29:36 From Paige : Awwh so good!
14:51:34 From Barbara : Also found the active suppression of data on deaths and spontaneous aboortions concerning.
14:53:25 From Barbara : It was a tough listen but am glad I did. Thank you.
14:57:02 From melinda : Thank you Jill
14:59:45 From kirsten : XOXO

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