Our Top Strategies for Connecting to Your team and how NOT to

Welcome to this week’s live message from the team.  Topic is Our Top Strategies for Connecting to Your team.

Live message is each Tuesday at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern/7pm London with live video, audio and phone access. How to Connect with your Team, with specifics, some re-training of our brain and some divine revelations. Live your Light ~ now. Update: I invested in having an audio engineer fix what he could. It still wasn’t good enough because both live mics were on top of each other, leading me to do a voice over for big sections of this message. For a “free message” this didn’t out to be very free in terms of my time and money but I chose to do it because I LOVE what we all did with this message ~ knowing we all help create this work. Before: Sorry about the interference ~ somehow one participant’s mic was live :-( I know how to adjust it next time and apologize for the poor audio quality for some of it. With love, gratitude and blessings, Jill P.S. The bird safely flew away, after I left the sun room door open for awhile – phew! Events, private sessions, archived classes, travel, recorded interviews and so much more are available. I LOVE to create and share soulful resources. Thank you for your support. I appreciate You.
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