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Receiving God’s love

Loving words and energies for those who feel closed to love, to light, to God, encouraging them to look for and receive the light of Source available here on Earth. Always.

Hello and cosmic hugs ~

It is sometimes in our darkest times that we forget
the light we are.
The light of Source.
The light that is within us, and within all life
no matter what.

Spiritual teachings try and remind us to go within. And yet, in those difficult times, the inside can feel incredibly empty.
Be open, then, in those times, to receive the signs
of the light
you are
the light of God.

You’ve probably done this for others a million times
often without even trying.
A smile.
A warmth in your eyes that says  “I see you.”
The love in your voice saying “Please” and “Thank you” or even just “Hello.”

In the dark times
please, also be open
to this light of Source
beaming through others, or through nature, or through beauty.

Let their radiance of Source
be personal
and meaningful
for you, meeting you right where you are, exactly as you are
knowing it may be something so small, subtle, unintentional and yet so perfect.

Be open. To light here.
To help you remember the light you Are
even when you don’t feel it
when you don’t feel it.

It is everywhere.
I promise.

And for those not needing to focus on being open to it, because you can feel Source love so radiant within you,
thank you. 
Thank you for letting it flow, show and shower into this world
through you
from you
as you.

Thank you.

And extra big hugs to anyone here who needed this reminder today. I do see you. As does Source.  And you are loved beyond measure.  Even now.  As you are.  Possibly feeling as closed as ever. 
now. And always.


On 10/10/2020
the Mary Magdalene 6 week online pilgrimage creation started.

The replay for our week 1 topic, “Mary Meets Jesus” is now posted filled with love, warmth, knowledge and inspiration for further growth in love as well as transformation to an upgraded sense of love on Earth.  In the replay you may feel as clearly as we did the most personal support for our Christ Consciousness that we could ask for …

This program has been a yes for so many beautiful beings and there is room for your special light, too.  The pilgrimage is offered in weekly live calls, pre-records posted each Wednesday and replays of everything, knowing that our busy lives don’t always work well with scheduled online dates and times. We are being offered a vibrant, full, overflowing of the Magdalene’s unique Source energy, through these events and replay recordings…

Week two’s live call is Saturday Oct 17 at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern/4pm London ~ replay will be posted within hours afterwards. 

The topic for week 2 is “Mary the Anointing Woman.” 

We have multiple purchase options, including one of a kind special offers. 

The timing for this pilgrimage has felt purely divine. I would love for you to be part of it.

Please email me if you have any questions.


Another exceptional recording transmitted in the form of our Practitioner’s Group Call, offered to our subscribing members.  The teams provided overarching support and also detailed advice and encouragement for those starting a spirit-based business, those expanding their business as well as those more fully embracing their soulful energies as a passionate hobby.  The recording is available here.

We’d love to have you join the rapidly expanding subscriber community – support for the most expanded light frequencies, created within us all.


In our last newsletter I mentioned that our eldest child, V, was diagnosed with Covid-19 in her college’s random testing system.  She remains well and asymptomatic, even at 8 days from her testing positive. V is still quarantining at home here, safely and comfortably.  So far, so good.

Thank you so much for your well wishes, blessings and love. 

We can feel it and are deeply grateful. 


For now sending love, gratitude and blessings for everyone’s health, wellness, and trusting our infinite light of Source.

~ Jill
Making sense of life, living and this realm.  Beyond religion, science. An updated ideology to base one’s sense of self within this reality, and beyond it. Website here

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