What: Practitioner’s Group Coaching Session #6

So many of our community are fellow practitioners, either officially assisting and supporting others, or unofficially. Supporting you in supporting others here on Earth is something we do consistently in private sessions. And yet, group assistance and coaching can be incredibly supportive and even inspiring.

Some of the live chat comments from this experience:

I really loved and needed that message – Lynn

I’m having trouble zeroing in on what I want to put my energy. I love energy healing Reiki and EFT but I like having freedom of my own schedule. I love writing too so having difficulty deciding what to do – LH

I, too, am starting a side endeavor with opening an online art store. worried about managing my time. I know how to be a therapist and what is required from my practice but not a store. feel pressure to put art online with their light codes but unsure of response. out of my comfort zone. – Anne

I love the way you are encouraging the release of perfectionism. – Tiffany

…”and she doesn’t even know it” is when the tears started to flow. – Laurie

“Just being together is an upgrade!” – Connie

Also available for you in this replay:

  1. Are you increasing your sales with our specific strategy that helps interested customers go from “Maybe” to “Yes!”?
  2. Are you maximizing your original and authentic social media posts across various platforms?
  3. The common and tragic mistakes many Bringers of Light are making when it comes to monetizing their spirit-based business.
  4. Are you trying to gain financial success in a business area that is unlikely to ever be wildly financial lucrative, no matter what kind of a “manifester” you are?

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